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Will CBS News’ Bob Scheiffer Be Candy Crowley ver 2.0 Tonight?

Tonight’s final presidential debate will be moderated by liberal Bob Schieffer, CBS News’ Chief Washington Correspondent and Anchor of Face the Nation. This is the same “unbiased” Bob Schieffer who once described a book he wrote that attacked Ronald Reagan as “accurate,” but “not entirely true.”

If you would like to get rid of biased liberal presidential debate moderators, such as CNN’s Candy Crowley and CBS News’ Bob Schieffer, please sign our petition.

Bob SchiefferThe presidential debates have rarely played a major deciding role in the election of a president. However, the liberal establishment and particularly the media elite who are Barack Obama’s biggest supporters are getting desperate about the state of his campaign.

In the wake of the murders in Benghazi, and Obama’s completely inept handing of the assault and it aftermath, the media elite have come to see foreign policy as one of Obama’s weakest areas.

That’s why the liberal moderator of the second debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley, stalled Mitt Romney’s attack on Obama by jumping in to support Obama’s false claims about the facts surrounding the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya.

Tonight’s debate may be their last opportunity to help Obama recover his fast fading prospects for a second term. So, we can look for tonight’s equally liberal moderator to follow in Candy Crowley’s footsteps and do what he can to tip the scales in Obama’s favor.

But forewarned is forearmed, and if Mitt Romney takes a few cues from Ronald Reagan, he can turn the tables on Obama and his liberal media allies.

Romney faces much the same media environment Ronald Reagan confronted in his one and only debate with President Jimmy Carter on October 28, 1980.

Voters already wanted to fire Carter for his disastrous stewardship of the economy and foreign policy debacles, but they hadn’t quite made up their minds about Reagan in part because the liberal media establishment had painted Reagan as a warmonger.

Reagan changed the dynamic of the last week of the campaign by making the debate about big ideas: he nationalized the election. He also came across as more likeable and a bigger man than Jimmy Carter -- and by doing so, he made his one and only debate with Carter a trigger event in that campaign.

When Reagan showed undecided voters who already wanted to fire Carter that there was a credible alternative, most broke his way and Reagan ultimately won the popular vote in a landslide 51% to 41%

Bob Schieffer knows Mitt Romney has been closing the gap and is now running even or ahead in key swing states.

Rasmussen Reports has Romney now ahead by 5 in Florida, 6 in North Carolina and 3 in Virginia. Romney is now narrowly ahead in New Hampshire, according to liberal Public Policy Polling’s latest survey. The Wall Street Journal now has the race tied nationally, while Gallup has Romney leading nationally.

One of the things that has buoyed Romney in the polls is his fighting Barack Obama to a near-draw on who can best serve as commander in chief.

Most media bias does not manifest itself in outright lies, but in the decisions the media makes about which stories to cover, and the questions asked.  Candy Crowley’s bias in the second debate came through loud and clear as she skipped any questions on Fast and Furious and the Obamacare mandate and threw Obama slow over the plate pitches with "Republican war on women" questions about the Lilly Ledbetter bill and contraception.

CBS News has given Obama positive coverage on many of the foreign policy and national security issues Romney has attacked him on, so tonight will likely be another two-on-one debate in which a liberal moderator joins Obama in a desperate attempt to change the downward trajectory of the Obama campaign. Also look for Schieffer to follow Candy Crowley’s cue to do what he can to manipulate the questions. 

Don’t be surprised if Schieffer repeats the phony claim that Republicans cut funding for embassy security when Benghazi comes up, and paints Romney as a warmonger if he criticizes Obama’s failed effort to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It will also be no surprise if Schieffer supports Obama should Romney attack on China trade policy and if Schieffer undercuts Romney’s claims about the deterioration of the relationship between the U.S. and Israel under Obama.

Tonight, Mitt Romney’s best defense against liberal media bias will be a good offense. Mitt will win and win big if he follows Reagan’s strategy of nationalizing the election and talks about the big conservative ideas on national defense and foreign policy -- or as Reagan put it, “to maintain that peace requires strength. America has never gotten in a war because we were too strong. We can get into a war by letting events get out of hand, as they have in the last three and a half years under the foreign policies of this Administration…”

If Mitt does that, he will show voters that he is a credible alternative to a failed President and that it is OK to do what they already want to do – fire Barack Obama.

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