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Conservative Post-Election News Conference

Conservative leaders analyze the election and suggest where we should go from here.

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No Salvation In "Politics".....


 “Politics” will not save us. Our country is turning into Hell because the church in America has forgotten God (Psalm 9:17) and refuses to kiss His Son (Psalm 2.) See, please, 2 Chronicles 7:14ff for the way to get our land healed.

John Lofton, Recovering Republican



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Ron Paul

Ron Paul did not win with republicans because he is a libertarian. So you have your 3rd party . Republicans do not support abortion or homosexual rights.  They believe in a strong defense and stand behind Israels right to defend itself. I question Ron Paul on these issues and these issues make him a libertarian because he says any thing goes. He believe that one person has no right to tell another person how to live. That a person should be free to do as they wish, as long as they are not effecting any other person..Moral relativism. So Ron Paul is the Rhino.

A Tea Party National Leader

I agree with the assessments of all the speakers.  Actually, Mr. Viguerie summed everything up perfectly in his opening remarks.

What is missing, in my opinion, is our commitment to search for a national leader NOW who has the ability, or the willingness to learn how to speak, like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan.  May I suggest Sarah Palin?  Don't forget how Sarah won the hearts and minds of so many Americans in 2008 -- just a suggestion.

Further, we need to unite all splintered conservative groups into one grand Tea Party group nationally -- NOT to form a new party, but to overwhelm and take over the current moderate Republican Party.   

what we should do

Anyone who supports the tea party usually wins, unless really big money is in play. Knowing that it is obvious that we conservatives must unite all across the country, pull our resources, and back good people who will then replace the boehners and others who only worry about the next election, and who work with those across the aisle enabling the leftists to keep their agenda moving Let's get out in the open, in the face of the dems and repub rinos, and the democrat communist. Sarah Palin is OK with me, and when then rino repubs get behind her and the tea party she would definitely help America in any office she is placed in. Let's do it.

Not Palin

Palin supported all the RINO's including the Texas Governor Rick Perry, J.  We were aghast here when we she came here.  He talks a good game but when it comes down to walking the game --he disappears.  Yes, she did win hearts and minds in the beginning. 

And if you, for one moment think you will change the direction of the Repubs just look at what happened to Ron Paul.  Sorry to tell you but most Repubs are just RINO's and that is assuming that they were even interested in the Constitution.

If you want to Restore the Republic you will have to find another way--probably a 3rd party.  The roots of the USA did not grow out of the Demopublicans.

Dot Pate

Republicans and a third party

I am with you on the third party.   I have already let the republicans know that that was the last time if pulled the lever for some one to vote against some one.

It's all so, so predictable

Our nominee had to be a true conservative that can speak about conservatism in a convincing way....from his heart and soul. One that can bring others into the fold. One that inspires, not one that runs away from it.  Romney was the weakest candidate we could have put up against the Marxist....he was just a chameleon... a serial flip-flopper with no core convictions.  No real conservatives truly believed he could win.

Once again, the RNC/Washington establishment elites and pundits have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The chameleon from Massachusetts now joins the other "moderate" failures...way to go RNC....way to go!!

Now we'll here the elites proclaim that it was the "conservative" message that killed our chances...those dastardly "Tea Party" can hear it already begin from the puppet masters. 

It's all so, so predictable....and so, so sad.

Tea Party/3rd Party

Since I realized 30 years ago I am conversative (22 years military)I have always noticed, with the exception of President Reagan, that Republicans can't articulate or embrace conservatism. I have asked why can't we go 3rd party. Always same answer, "It won't work! Have to change it from within. Well, that ain''t working either! So what do we do because I am tired of voting for these nimrods because it's better than the altenative. Now I am from Texas so we have a fairly good conservative record but we are also bring in a lot of the liberals from the NE beacause of our business clomate, so whoo knows how long we have before they screw it up dowwn here. Any thoughts on 3rd party approach because I am open to about anything right now.

3rd Party

IMO it would take too long to get enough votes to win anything.  So, in the meantime, the Democrats have destroyed the country.  Perot, who at the time had a big showing, got less than 20% as I recall.  People who won't vote for the "lesser of" candidate have helped the current person in the White House to get elected two times.  They didn't like a Mormon, wanted to "show" how right minded they are, whatever drives those people is not in the best interest of the country.  It might not always be as critical as it has been the last two elections, but we now have a true anti-American in office.  I know the Republicans don't stand up and some of them are worse than RINO's, but I still think it is the only vehicle we have.  The Tea Party is brand new in the overall scheme - 4 years old.  Think of the impact we had in 2010 and frankly, saved the House in 2012.  And it is a slow business taking over the GOP, but I truly believe that is the only choice we have except handing the country over to the nut jobs for 20 years at which point, there will be nothing left.  We will be fortunate if we can recover from the damage already done.

Don't believe we have a chance as of now for a 3rd party

Give up the no abortion issues that keep being used against you.Wake up and changed some ,if it was your dauther that had been raped by her brother and then her life was in danger ,what your you want.I was on the front lines many years ago concerning abortion.I had free doctors ,food,places to stay and yet got turn down and threaten,but some took offer.Most didn't,it wasnn't easy.Wake up!

For twwarnick: Agreed!

No 3rd party for now! Stay in the GOP and move it to the responsible, small government, constitutional, free enterprise right! Give it the best shot we can and if the establishment RINOs continue to fight the future, let them go it alone.

Third party

Say what you want but I have been waiting 50 + years for the emergency of a third party and each cycle has only been further away from the Constitution. There should be no parties. Parties divide the country. Parties keep us in the same progression i.e. toward dictatorship or the rule by men rather than rule by the morality of the constitution.  We need to forget about the party concept and elect only those who are willing to abide by the constitution and the governments proper role in the process of governing. Government is not our leaders, politicians with their parties are not our leaders. We're our own prince, it is we who must rule this nation not some one sitting in a tax payer funded office telling us what we can and cannot do. The constitution is above all laws in the US. Any politician who violates their sworn duty to abide by and defend the constitution is not fit for any office, and in fact is a tratior to the United States and ought to be treated as a traitor. We need to have only those who swear their allegience to the Constitution of the US and abide by the constitution sitting in any kind of government office. Both present major parties are guilty of harboring criminals and traitors of the US. There ranks ought to be weeded out and replaced with patriots who will put the will of the American citizen ahead of all politics of their party.