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CHQ Readers Say Conservatives Must Takeover GOP

Tea PartyCHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie and other conservative leaders have called for small government constitutional conservatives to takeover the Republican Party.  Establishment media pundits have already begun to push the line that Romney defeat signals a rejection of the Tea Party and small government constitutional conservatism and that the Republican Party should therefore "move to the center." 

Only 5% of those responding to the online poll said the GOP is doing fine as is, and 70% are ready to join the battle to make the Republican Party the Party of small government constitutional conservatism. However, a significant 20% of CHQ readers agreed that the GOP should “move to the center,” signaling that conservatives still have some serious work ahead of them to make the Republican Party the Party of small government constitutional conservatism.

We asked: “What direction do you think the GOP should take to recover from the losses of Election Day 2012?”

You answered:

70% said “The establishment Republican Party has failed, small government constitutional conservatives must takeover the leadership of the GOP.”

22% said “The pundits are correct, the GOP should ‘move to the center’.”

5% said “The GOP is doing just fine as is, most Republican candidates who ran good campaigns won.”

3% were undecided.

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Repub takeover?

Didnt Ron Paul prove that real conservatives cannot take over the Republican Party?  Are you trying to fool yourselves...again?  Get this through your thick skulls.  The Republicrats OWN the 2-party elections.  Join a 3rd party or keep getting headaches!

Close the GOP primaries.

The GOP needs to have closed primaries in all States. Why? Because in States with open primaries they get Democrats, Libertarians and others coming in to vote for the least conservative, or as they see it "most moderate" or "centrist" candidate. Also, everwhere the GOP has adopted the caucus, dump it. Idaho tried it this time and the result was abysmal. Turnout was low because few people wanted to sit around for hours instead of getting in and out in a few minutes.

Check out the Libertarian blogosphere. All over they're boasting of how this time they "punished the GOP" by voting for Gary Johnson instead of voting for Romney *against* Obama. In "swing states" like Ohio the Libertarian and Constitution party vote, had it gone for Romney, would have sent Obama packing.

They didn't "punish the GOP" by helping Obama win, they've punished themselves and everyone else in the USA.

They helped the worst candidate get the nomination, then turned on him. Nevermind that Obama is antithetical to the majority of what Libertarians hold dear, aside from what the most far out libertine ones figure is their ideal on a few things. The LP needs to get shed of the libertine and anarchist nuts to become an organization that more people will see as being serious. They also need to come up with a "plank in their platform" on foreign policy that doesn't amount to "What policy? We'll be isolationist. Worked out great at the srat and middle of the 20th Century, right?".

The next GOP candidate needs to be solidly conservative with a determination to adhere to the US Constitution as the supreme law of the country. The Republicans need another Reagan. 'Tis ironic that the best GOP president was a Democrat until he first ran for public office. I suspect his several years as president of the Screen Actors Guild had something to do with his switch. ;)

Failed RINOism

Yesterday I sat heart-broken, stunned.. and even wept for a country fallen. I was ashamed of my country for the first time in my life. I vowed to leave the political arena and thought this nation had turned the corner to Socialism. Today with a clearer head I went through the numbers and it didn't add up. Barack Obama was never above the 50% approval rating and yet he captured over 50% of the vote. How? I thought about how he had USURPED the US Constitution by executive fiat, ordering the amnesty for MILLIONS while at the same time registering them to vote, all the while a do nothing Republican congress sat by and allowed it to happen. Conservatives were robbed by BOTH democrats and RINO's. I joined this site today because despite this election, we can take our party back and more over, we can take this country back. Only 21% of this nation claims the title of liberal. Our effort to get out the vote was absymal. Why? Conservatives aren't motivated to support northeastern liberals. The time has come to ditch those who supported and indeed, shoved these RINO's down our throats. Make no mistake, they will be back with Jeb Bush next time. We have to mobilize starting TODAY and build a third party now with a solid conservative base. Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Reince Priebus can all switch affiliations. IT'S OVER- No more.