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CHQ Readers Divided On Whether Obama Won Or Romney Lost

Santa ClausThe establishment media pundits have begun to analyze the election to try to explain how Obama was re-elected. Some say it was because the changing demographics of the country make Obama's liberal agenda the majority opinion, some say it was his superior get-out-the-vote effort, others say it was because Romney failed to run on the conservative agenda, others say it was because Romney failed to "move to the center." 

When we asked CHQ readers to weigh-in it was closely divided, with 49% of those answering the online poll choosing answers that laid responsibility for the loss at the feet of Governor Romney’s campaign, yet 27% credited Obama’s message and liberal agenda with being more appealing than Romney’s.

We asked: “Why do you think the election turned out the way it did?”

You answered:

27% said “You can't run against Santa Claus -- Obama's liberal agenda appeals to a majority of Americans.”

24% said “Romney failed to nationalize the election and campaign as a conservative.”

15% said “Romney failed to define Obama as a radical liberal.”

14% said “Obama's liberal campaign team was better than Romney's establishment GOP team.”

10% said “Romney failed to "move to the center" and came across as too conservative.”

7% said “Obama won a narrow victory with a better get-out-the-vote campaign.”

3% said they don't know.

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Although “Romney failed to nationalize the election and campaign as a conservative",that is a misleading statement unto itself.He never was a conservative.He was a draft dodging chickenhawk who lied constantly throughout his political career.The reason he lost is because he was a piss poor candidate to begin with.The Republican party has been infiltrated by the globalist scum and anyone who thinks otherwise is daft.Seriously,that was the best guy they could come up with?Here is an old surefire winning Republican recipe that I got out of granny's cookbook;1 pinch of war veteran,a heaping teaspoon of conservative,and a clean record.What,no one left who fits that bill except for Ron Paul?It also helps if he is not in a cult that offends Christians.He is Obamas cousin for crying out loud.He was a walking talking red flag and the smartest thing that the republicans could have done is reject him right from the get go.Oh well,I guess you have all the time in the world to get around to figuring out this really complicated stuff.