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Taking Over The GOP One Precinct And One Office At A Time

In the aftermath of Mitt Romney’s disastrous content-free campaign and the establishment GOP’s defeat in a number of Senate races, Tea Partiers and small government constitutional conservatives are asking, “what do we do next?”
My answer is that we have to step-up our efforts to take over the Republican Party.
Right now, the establishment GOP is reeling from Romney’s defeat and the failure of their leadership is obvious: this is the time to make the case for new leadership.
Of course, it would be great if we could start with the failed national Republican leaders, such as Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Prebus and Congressional leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell -- who should all resign, as they do in parliamentary governments after a defeat of this magnitude.
However, our two-party system allows them to cling to power even when they fail, so we have to start from the bottom up.
And that means YOU have to take the initiative to lead in this vital effort.
The first thing you can do is to identify and recruit quality people to get involved and join you in the effort.
There’s an old bit of political wisdom that says, “You can’t beat someone with no one.”
Perhaps the most important contribution you can make to the takeover of the Republican Party is to encourage small government constitutional conservatives to run for office.
The only way we can change the Republican leadership in Washington and our state capitols is by electing small government constitutional conservatives to office, and then training and positioning them to rise to leadership positions.
Sitting around complaining about the state of the Party isn’t going to get the job done.
You have to find small government constitutional conservative candidates to run in the Republican primary elections – against establishment Republican incumbents if necessary – and then support them in their campaigns.
We also have to get small government constitutional conservatives more involved in the Republican Party organization.
If you know someone who was a real star volunteer during the campaign, you should encourage them to get involved in their local Republican Party committee.
To do this, you must also get to know your local Republican Party officials. Are they small government constitutional conservatives or establishment-type Republicans?
If they are establishment Republicans -- or if they are friendly, but ineffective -- now is the time to make the case for new leadership.
Many Republican Committees will re-organize and elect new officers now that the election is over. If you are a precinct committeeman or committeewoman, now is the moment of decision if you have ever considered running for County Chairman or some other party organization office.
If you are not already involved in your local GOP, then now is the time to get involved.
There may be vacancies in the local precinct organization and you should volunteer to fill that important role -- or help recruit sound people to fill that basic building block of a successful Party.
Finally, you can help knock down the idea that small government constitutional conservatives should bolt the Republican Party for one of the third parties.
There is a peculiar tendency for libertarians and constitutionalists to turn on anyone who works to change the Republican Party from within and that tendency has reared its ugly head again in the aftermath of the Romney debacle.
This is not really a new phenomenon – it has been going on since the 1950s, when William F. Buckley, Jr. began arguing that conservatives should take over the Republican Party and others, such as author Ayn Rand, argued for a separate movement.
The result of following the Buckley strategy has been the fairly steady advance – with occasional halts – of conservative ideas and the election of many conservative-minded candidates by the Republican Party.
On the other hand, Libertarians, while they have gained some recognition and added to their numbers, haven’t actually been electing candidates.

Ron PaulCongressman Ron Paul, the premier spokesman for Libertarian ideals, acknowledged this when he said if he had run as a Libertarian, no one would have listened to his ideas. By running for Congress and President as a Republican, however, Congressman Paul has pushed the GOP to become more Libertarian -- particularly on economic issues -- and Paul was able to see some of his ideas incorporated in this year's Republican Platform.

Unlike those running as Libertarians, many of Ron Paul's supporters whom he inspired to run for office as Republicans have been elected and are now making a difference in Congress and the state capitols.
Yes, the defeat of 2012 was frustrating, and frankly scary for the future of our country, but conservatives have been steadily working the plan envisioned by “the Buckley generation” for over 50 years. We have made great progress in the Republican Party, and more importantly, in public opinion at large. Now is not the time to give up, now is the time redouble our efforts to sell small government constitutional principles through a new generation of leaders, just as we did in 1980, 1994 and 2010.

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"small government constitutional conservatives"

Everytime the GOP gets a "small government constitutional conservative" running for office, they run him/her out because those same SGCC's also support limited foreign policies. Right now, SOMEBODY in the GOP should be screaming about the CIA arming jihadist rebels in the middle east. Did we not learn that siding with our enemy's enemy as we did in WWII benefitted communism the most?  What we're doing in the middle east now is mostly benefitting Islamists. SOMEBODY in the GOP should also be screaming about the FBI digging up filth on the Petreaus et al based soley on salacious relationships and not criminal activity. Did the FBI write their own warrants? Or do they  consider Petreaus et al terrorists? Until the GOP stops adopting the "statist" quo and stuffed shirt social positions, they have no future.

Invalid Votes

The Constitution states that the State legislatures determine who the electoral votes go to. They DO NOT have to go to who the voters suggest. In fact, the liberals are using this exact portion of the law as a basis for their popular vote pact they are pushing.
There has been enough uncovered fraud in this election where the republican governors should invalidate the vote in their states until all registrations can be validated. How can there be so many counties that had OVER 100% voter turnout except for double voting? How can so many precincts have not a single Romney vote? Even NBC found illegal voters to be a major problem in Florida.

Taking over (or leaving ?) the GOP

The patron saint of Chicago politics said it: “Nice guys finish last” – Leo Durocher

So you offered us McCain and Mittens. And they were crushed by the passion, and the venom, of the machine. As for living on as what the Brits call “The Loyal Opposition”, fuggedaboutdit.

Then who will assume that role? May I suggest a marriage of the passion of the Tea Party to the principles and the discipline of the Libertarians? But first the former must rid itself of the hypocrites and fools that contributed to the demise of the Republicans.

How can you ask government to regulate who shall marry, or whether a pregnancy shall be carried to term, and not expect to get the nanny state of the elitist Bloombergs of the world? Abdicate if you will, the admonishing of your daughters to keep their legs together, and you will find your sons are told to put down that Big Mac. Ask government to intrude into bedrooms, but do not deny that it will tell you where and with whom your children will be schooled.

The outlier, to use a now popular phrase, was Reagan. But did any Republican since he show the cajones to tell Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”? The Libertarians have a fighter in Ron Paul, but his time has past. Who within the Tea Party has shown the consistency to resist the darker sides of what passes for humanity, the Obama statists, heirs to their fellow Socialists, Marx, Stalin, and Hitler?

So to you who bemoan yesterday’s results, I say gather your resolve for tomorrow’s opportunities. Offer not candidates who, like Perot, say “I ran a business” nor compromised combatants like Gingrich who pushed back at the media or Christie that pushed back at the avarice of the educational establishment. Find instead a Reagan for our time, one who combines courage with principle. Then this nation will see an opposition worthy of its trust.

Tom Beebe
November 7, 2012

Not sure we have enough time

I agree with your points, Richard.

Up until now, I have favored taking the party back.

Not saying we shouldn't work toward this, but I'm starting to think we may not have enough time before the whole shebang comes apart

Thank You Mr. Viguerie

"Libertarians.....haven’t actually been electing candidates." No, but we've done our part to keep RINO's (Romney) out of the office.

Thank you Mr. Viguerie for mentioning the White Elephant in the room, Ron Paul & his movement.  If the GOP wants to grow and gain young voters it will be from this established base. Make no mistake the old gaurd will either have to step aside or get in line with the youth movement.