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Buy A Papa John’s Pizza For Freedom

Just as Chick fil A CEO Dan Cathy learned last summer, Papa John’s Pizza Founder and CEO John Schnatter is learning that telling the truth will always get you in trouble with liberals.

Papa John SchnatterSchnatter, a successful entrepreneur, a classic American success story and a “tell it like it is” kind of guy, was also a Mitt Romney supporter and fundraiser.

So it is no surprise that leftwing media talking heads and liberals in the blogosphere took umbrage when, back in August, Schnatter said Obamacare would result in a 10- to 14-cent increase for customers buying a pizza.

The immediate liberal reaction was not to rebut Schnatter’s numbers, but to call for a boycott of Papa John’s pizza.

This of course hits local Papa John’s franchisees, who may or may not share Schnatter’s analysis, a lot harder than it hits Schnatter -- but it showed how little liberals understand about the economics of the pizza business… or any other business for that matter.

Now Schnatter is in hot water again for stating the obvious: the implementation of Obamacare will cause employers to cut back on employment to minimize or avoid the Obamacare tax. You can read an article on Schnatter’s remarks at Florida’s Edison Community College here.

Neither of these comments were partisan politics on Schnatter’s part. They were Economics 101 – if you want to discourage an activity, tax it; if you want to encourage an activity, subsidize it.  Liberals seem to get that lesson in regard to smoking and tobacco products -- or carbon-based energy -- but it slips right by them on healthcare and pizza.

In response to Schnatter’s latest truth-telling, liberals have stepped-up their calls for a boycott of Papa John’s. But Schnatter’s “tell it like it is” honesty has earned him an unlikely ally – 16-year old Daniel Wetter.

Wetter has put together a cell of online conservative revolutionaries called “Rebooting America” that has organized Friday, November 16 as a national day of appreciation for the Papa John’s pizza chain.

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Using social media, such as a Facebook appreciation page (that you can find at, Wetter and his pizza and freedom-loving cohorts have quickly gained some 15,000 adherents to their cause, with the numbers building by the hour.

According to FOX News, Wetter said he hopes the activism will move beyond the appreciation day for Papa John's.

“This is not just about Friday or one group,” said Wetter, adding he already was a fan of Papa John’s. “I just had some pizza yesterday, and I’m going to have some more Friday.”

The other elements of the plan call for supporters to “like" Papa John's Facebook page and buy an extra pizza Friday “to share with someone that is struggling right now,” such as a neighbor who lost a job.

In the post-election analysis of why Mitt Romney lost, many establishment Republicans have pointed to Romney’s low numbers among young voters as one of the determinative factors in the re-election of President Obama.

Judging by Daniel Wetter’s activism, it seems to us that conservative ideas, like freedom and free markets and honesty about the cost of government, could have a pretty solid market share in the youth demographic – if Republicans will only talk about them and campaign on them.  Republicans would do well to get together over pizza with Daniel and his friends at Rebooting America to get a few lessons on how to tap into the enthusiasm for conservative ideas they display.

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