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The GOP Won’t Win Without The Tea Party

Ronald Reagan had the insight – perhaps genius is a better term – to build his winning political movement on the three-legged stool of economic conservatism, national defense conservatism and social conservatism.

The political power of the marriage of the California free-market oriented entrepreneurs, conservative defense intellectuals, and socially conservative pastors and social commentators who led the Reagan coalition wasn’t obvious in the beginning.

However, it worked because each of these constituencies believed that, even when they didn’t get everything they wanted, Ronald Reagan would never take their issues off the table.

Tea PartyIn 2010, a fourth leg was added to the Reagan coalition – the small government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party Movement. As a result of adding this fourth leg to their coalition, the GOP was swept back into control of the House of Representatives, brought within striking distance of a Senate majority, and a re-energized Republican Party elected thousands of down-ballot candidates.

Unfortunately, unlike the wise Party leaders who built the Reagan coalition -- men such as Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt, Lyn Nofziger, Dick Allen, Ed Meese, Marty Anderson, and Judge William Clark -- instead of solidifying the four legs of the new coalition, in 2012, establishment Republicans did their best to alienate and marginalize the new conservative voting bloc of the Tea Party movement.

To Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, who was handed the Speakers’ gavel through their votes, Tea Partiers are “knuckle-draggers” who should “get their ass in line” and go along with raising the debt ceiling and other policies that violate their small government constitutional conservative principles.

Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus, who came to the RNC chairmanship representing himself as the bridge to the Tea Party and grassroots conservatives, openly disparaged Tea Party favorites (such as Sarah Palin) and presided over changes in Party Rules expressly designed to dilute the influence of the grassroots constitutional conservative movement.

All of this led Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, to charge in a Newsmax TV interview that “the GOP, the Republican Party, took the Tea Party issues off the table” during the 2012 election.

Martin went on to note that, “In 2010, the Tea Party delivered the largest change in the House of Representatives in 60 years – and they [Republican leaders] haven’t even cut a penny yet. And, now, they’re backpedaling on a deal that they made 14, 15 months ago."

Martin summed-up where many small government constitutional conservatives are coming from, and what probably kept many of them home on Election Day 2012, when she said, “At this point, we have learned we can’t depend on the Republican Party.”

This is the polar opposite of how the Reagan people built the winning coalition of the 1980s.

Establishment Republicans trying to defend the failures of 2012 may argue that Reagan wasn’t able to deliver everything each of the three legs of his coalition wanted.

The big difference between how Reagan managed his coalition and how the establishment has treated the Tea Party is that in Reagan’s time, each leg of the coalition understood that their voices were being heard and respected -- and that they had a seat at the table at policy discussions in the Reagan White House.

Their issues were never, as Jenny Beth Martin said, “taken off the table.”

Of course, another part of Reagan’s appeal to each of those constituencies was that he didn’t have to turn himself into a pretzel to pander to them.

Social conservatives, economic conservatives and national defense conservatives all understood that Reagan actually believed in his positions on their issues, and, as scholarship on his writings has revealed, he had spent years refining his thoughts and rhetoric on those positions.

Unlike Ronald Reagan, Romney was always a hard sell to at least two legs of the coalition -- social conservatives and the small government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party -- because no one really believed he subscribed to their principles... or any principles.

When the social conservative movement rose in the late 1970s, the Reagan people made sure social conservatives found a natural home – and a warm welcome – behind the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. Instead of alienating and dismissing them, Republican leaders of today should have done the same when the Tea Party movement came into being.

Reagan’s genius in binding together a winning coalition provides a tried-and-true model for today’s Republican leaders.

The first step in following that model should be to get rid of those responsible for the alienation of the Tea Party -- Reince Preibus, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell -- and replace them with leaders who are smart enough to know a winning coalition when they see one, and who actually believe in and will fight for the principles of all four legs of that winning coalition.

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Yes, “going over the fiscal cliff” is definitely desirable:

1. Increased taxes should be called “the restoration of Clinton taxes.” Let the Democrats take the blame for it.

2. The restoration of Clinton taxes will have the highly beneficial effect in that many who do not pay taxes now will have to pay. We can not have a society where the higher earner strata are in involuntary servitude to non-payers because there is no penalty for the majority of non-payers in increasing taxes. Increasing the tax base is the best resistance against increasing taxes generally. Let everybody have some skin in the game.

3. Taxing the rich will produce just a fraction (8%) of what is needed to balance the budget. Taxing the middle class as well will produced about 25%. Democrats should be reminded that when the Bush tax cut was passed, it was called “tax cut for the rich” and we were told that the middle class would get nothing. Now letting the middle class keep this “nothing” has become so important. The fact is that the middle class is the one with the most money.

Why The States Must Secede To Save America

Why The States Must Secede To Save America | Declaration of Independence 2.0: Restoring the Republic.

This is about restoring the Republic

tea party

I guess it's stalemate.  With morons like Walsh, Mourdock, etc. they won't win either!

Ron Smith

Why not a 3rd Party ?

Why not a third Party ? The Republican establishment has abandonded conservative America. Why not give conservative America an alternative ? If the candidates the GOP offered up in the last 2 elections are the best they can come up with out of 300 million Americans, they can stop thinking about ever retaking the White House. The GOP establishment has forgotten the 2010 election and what grassroots conservatives accomplished for them. Without the TEA Party's efforts, the House would STILL belong to the Democrats Their gratitude... ? They've spent the last 4 years distancing themselves and showing the same disdain for them as the Democrats. The result...? Conservative voters are abandoning the GOP in droves and the undecided voters distrust them so much, that they will vote for anyone but a Rrepublican candidate. The GOP is dead... give consrvative voters a TRUE conservative alternative. Stop worrying about what having a 3rd Party will do to the GOP... they don't deserve the support...

Tea Party

Tea Party is a creation of the Koch bros. It's not a mass movement.

Yea! - get more conservative and thus more marginalized. Really smart. 

Promote another war, abolish birth control, reduce tax on rich, think of medical insurance and unemployment as a gift,


Regarding  the  "Tea Party" / Repubican  Party  schism,  i  believe  that  the  Tea Partie  members  of  Congress  should  form  their  own  caucus,  not  to  begin  a  3rd  party,  but  to  act  as  a  lever  and/or  a  wedge  WITHIN  the  Republican  Caucus.     The  Tea Party  caucus  need  not  be  official,  and  need  not  meet  or  coordinate  within  government  offices.   They  can  meet  anywhere.   And,  MOST  important,  the  Tea  Party  should  stick  to  the  issues  upon  which  it  was  energized,  specifically,  Small  government  and  lower  taxation.     Otherwise,  the  Tea  Party  members  could  lose  some  credibility  and,  thereby,  their  effectiveness.   They  should  start  by  using  "easy"  targets.   The  Department  of  Education  is  totally  unnecessary.   Education  is  a  State  responsibility.   And,  all  appropriations  to  fund  DOE  should  simultaneously  be  cut  from  the  Fed  budjet,  thereby  leaving  those  revenues  for  the  States.   Then,  other  targets  that  also  duplicate  State  responsibility,  such  as  elections,  should  be  so  cut.   The  list  of  'targets'  is  long  and  would  keep  the  Tea  Party  caucus  in  business  for  a  long  time.    This  caucus  would  also  energise  the  people  of  the  various  States  to  force  their  own  States  to  clean  up  their  act.  

Tea Party must divorce the GOP

The GOP has NEVER supported the TEA Party.  3rd party is the only way, unfortunately that will make conservtives a minority for many many years.  The country doesn't have many years - so draw your own conclusions.

The GOP can't win without

The GOP can't win without LIBERTARIANS.

Goodbye GOP The patron saint

Goodbye GOP

The patron saint of Chicago politics said it: “Nice guys finish last” – Leo Durocher

So you offered us McCain and Mittens. And they were crushed by the passion, and the venom, of the machine. As for living on as what the Brits call “The Loyal Opposition”, fuggedaboutdit.

Then who will assume that role? May I suggest a marriage of the passion of the Tea Party to the principles and the discipline of the Libertarians? But first the former must rid itself of the hypocrites and fools that contributed to the demise of the Republicans.

How can you ask government to regulate who shall marry, or whether a pregnancy shall be carried to term, and not expect to get the nanny state of the elitist Bloombergs of the world? Abdicate if you will, the admonishing of your daughters to keep their legs together, and you will find your sons are told to put down that Big Mac. Ask government to intrude into bedrooms, but do not deny that it will tell you where and with whom your children will be schooled.

The outlier, to use a now popular phrase, was Reagan. But did any Republican since he show the cajones to tell Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”? The Libertarians have a fighter in Ron Paul, but his time has past. Who within the Tea Party has shown the consistency to resist the darker sides of what passes for humanity, the Obama statists, heirs to their fellow Socialists, Marx, Stalin, and Hitler?

So to you who bemoan yesterday’s results, I say gather your resolve for tomorrow’s opportunities. Offer not candidates who, like Perot, say “I ran a business” nor compromised combatants like Gingrich who pushed back at the media or Christie that pushed back at the avarice of the educational establishment. Find instead a Reagan for our time, one who combines courage with principle. Then this nation will see an opposition worthy of its trust.

Tom Beebe
November 7, 2012

Tea Party

 “At this point, we have learned we can’t depend on the Republican Party.”

3rd Party anyone?

3rd Party

I say it is high time to stop fooling ourselves. The GOP needs to go away. I'm all for supporting a Tea Party or another of the lessor know parties. The Republicans did nothing, in my view, to stop Obama. They allowed fraud and illegal money to be used with even a peep out of them. To me that say they support these thing.

Heck, early on the GOP leaders came out and stated Romney would not win. I highly doubt I will ever vote for a democrat or a Republican again, even if they are the only choices. Neither party respects the Consitution.