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Is Speaker Boehner Girding For A Showdown With Conservatives?

Speaker of the House John Boehner was handed the Speaker’s gavel by the results of the Tea Party wave election of 2010, yet he has spent his entire Speakership distancing himself from the Tea Party movement and doing his best to stymie their efforts to implement their policy goals of spending reform and smaller government.

Speaker John BoehnerIn the aftermath of establishment Republican Mitt Romney’s disastrous defeat in the recent presidential election, Boehner declared that “Obamacare is the law of the land” and seemed to throw in the towel on any further effort to defund or repeal a law that, even after Obama was re-elected, a majority of Americans still don’t like.

Given the loss of House seats and Boehner’s abandonment of the Obamacare fight, many conservatives -- including Chairman Richard Viguerie -- called for the Speaker to resign, or for a conservative to challenge him for the gavel. 

Such a challenge would not have been without precedent – principled conservative Mike Pence, soon to be inaugurated as Governor of Indiana, challenged Boehner for Minority Leader after the Republicans lost the majority in 2006 and then-Speaker Dennis Hastert left the Republican leadership.

But Boehner was re-elected without challenge and appears to be tightening his grip on the House Republican Conference.

Boehner and the more conservative House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, appear to have come to an entente cordiale, opting to nominate each other for re-election in a show of establishment unity.

Boehner also maneuvered his preferred candidate for House Republican Conference Chairman, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, past conservative Representative Tom Price of Georgia.

And Boehner also strengthened his position on the Republican Steering Committee, which decides Committee Chairmanships and assignments and provides the Republican leader with substantial patronage-style power.

What this means for conservatives who have been inclined to buck Boehner in the past is pretty clear: Boehner’s “get your ass in line” leadership style isn’t changing.

The first test Boehner will face as Speaker after the establishment GOP’s 2012 disaster will be the “fiscal cliff” negotiations with Obama and the Democrats -- and he has already signaled that “revenues are on the table,” which is Capitol Hill speak for he’s willing to abandon Republican principles and raise your taxes.

Conservatives have long-assumed that establishment Republicans, like Speaker Boehner, would be willing to go along with a tax increase to avoid having the government going over the fiscal cliff – that’s one of the reasons we thought Boehner should be replaced.

The big unknown facing conservatives in the House now that Speaker Boehner has consolidated his power is how much of that power is going to be focused on coercing conservatives into voting against their principles on the fiscal cliff, raising the debt ceiling and other establishment Republican follies. 

Given what Boehner has said since the election, we urge conservatives to hang tough on taxes and raising the debt ceiling, but we predict a rough ride for any House conservative who plans to stick to their principles.

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TEA Party impact

If the TEA Party is to be relevent, we need to return to the in your face practice that made us popular in the beginning. Through time the TEA Party has laid back on their confrontational approach to their elected officials. The TEA Party in a lot of locations through out the U.S. wants to be viewed favorable in the media. When we worry about offending people and wanting to be excepted we have lost the fight. We have to return to holding our elected officials accountable. Peace through strength was Reagans battle cry, It should be ours as well.

We are the government


    If we are going to save this country, we have got to rid ourselves of this defeatist mentality that the politicians are in POWER. They are our employees.WE are the government in this Republic!  Many of them have forgotten that. It is high time we remind them. We have abdicated our responsibility for far too long. We have allowed these people to think too highly of themselves and their temporary positions. There are seven things everyone can do immediately to change things. 1-Get involved in your local schools to stop the communistic curriculum they are indoctrinating our children with. (Google Agenda: The Grinding Down of America-chilling but true). 2- If you are a Christian, support Christ-centered Biblical teaching and strengthen your brothers and sisters in Christ and your community of voters through teaching the Word and prayer. 3-Contact your representatives on a weekly basis to promote conservative policies and encourage others to do the same. This will increase accountability and influence their decisions. 4-Run for office, starting locally and then working our way up. 5-Learn how the election results are handled in your community. I was an election official this time around and was appalled at the lackadaisical manner in which emailed ballots were handled. Far too much oppportunity for fraud and deceit. 6-Pray for this nation and God's forgiveness of our sins, national and individual. 7-Stop funding colleges, universities, movies, music, newspapers and cable channels that promote socialism, vulgarity, immorality and anti-Americanism.

Another stinking Big RINO,

Another stinking Big RINO, there is only one party anymore! The stinking Bilderberg party!