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Cuccinelli’s Race For Governor Of Virginia A Conservative Bellwether In 2013

The Electoral College hasn't even met to confirm the dismal results of establishment Republican Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, and already many conservatives are talking about the 2016 presidential election.
It is understandable that Republicans would want to put Romney’s disastrous campaign in the rearview mirror, but there is much work and many opportunities before us conservatives between now and 2016.
Ken CuccinelliChief among our opportunities is the 2013 Virginia Governor’s race that pits principled small-government constitutional conservative Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli against establishment Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.
Cuccinelli, a rising conservative star, was the first of the state Attorneys General to fight Obamacare.
Cuccinelli was also the driving force behind Virginia’s 2012 constitutional amendment to protect property rights -- Question 1 on the ballot -- that passed with over 74% of the vote.
But perhaps most importantly, Ken Cuccinelli is the kind of principled small-government constitutional conservative who will get out and articulate conservative ideas and policy in ways that the vast majority of Americans can understand how they apply to them.
If there is one thing that Republicans should have learned from the disaster of 2012, it is that it is not enough to say you are for conservative ideas or principles – you’ve got to actually believe, articulate and campaign on them to win.
Cuccinelli did that in one of the most heavily Democratic areas of Virginia to win not just one, but three terms in the State Senate.
And he did it again when he ran for Attorney General.
But conservatives have a lot of work to do to get Ken Cuccinelli into the Governor’s mansion in Richmond.  Given not just that Romney and George Allen lost in Virginia, but that Barack Obama won for a second time there, I can think of few elections in my lifetime that have more significance for the conservative movement. If ever a governor’s race was the ultimate showdown of establishment Republicans versus the conservative movement, this is it. 

Cuccinelli’s race is also the first chance following 2012 for the Tea Party to demonstrate its permanency in politics.
First, we have to beat back the Republican establishment who are backing Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.  Clearly, they understand the significance of this showdown, and will throw their resources into this race.  Cuccinelli’s win would go a long way to discrediting their mean-spirited attacks on principled conservatism and conservatives.
Bolling and his special interest allies in Richmond have already started attacking Cuccinelli. And conservatives should expect those attacks to continue right through the General Election because the establishment, even those who claim to be Republicans, isn't really interested in shrinking the size and scope of government. Ken Cuccinelli is. He is also a student of history. He understands the proper roles of government and the law, and why lawful government is supposed to protect our liberty.

For these reasons, it is important for conservatives across the country to contribute to Cuccinelli’s campaign, and contribute as much as they can. Every race that Ken has won he’s been outspent. In 2013, however, he will be up against big money like never before – and this time, his opponents will include the mainstream media that are determined not to let a principled small-government conservative win. 

Ken needs money, not only to overcome the establishment Republicans’ money advantage, but to be able to deal with the unfair, scurrilous attacks that will be leveled against him by the mainstream media because he is principled.
Between now and 2016, there is going to be a knockdown drag-out fight for the soul and direction of the Republican Party – and Round One is going to be the 2013 Virginia Governor’s race.
Ken Cuccinelli is mounting a strong campaign, but there is a lot of work to do between now and the May, 18th, 2013 Virginia State Convention in Richmond. Cuccinelli’s victory will only be assured if conservatives get behind him and make his nomination a national bellwether signaling that the GOP has recovered from the defeat of 2012, and that the Republican Party is the Party of small-government constitutional conservatives.

Please go to the Donate Now link at Ken’s website and make a contribution today.

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I Just Read It...Wow!

Bolling is dropping out.  Also, Terry McAuliffe is thinking of running from the dark side.  Cucinelli is a shoe in so long as he doesn't make comments like "Legitimate Rape" or "God's Will" if a child is conceived as a result of a rape.

Hooray for Ken

Talk about an ideal conservative candidate. Think Ken would have a problem with signing Grover's pledge? Of course not. I recommend Ken contact Scott Cooper the state coordinator for the Tea Party in Virginia. Changes are coming that will allow more support for campaigns and candidates.

There is a facebook page for the Cuccinelli campaign

Defending Liberty, Except When He Doesn't

"He understands the proper roles of government and the law, and why lawful government is supposed to protect our liberty."

Ken wants to protect liberty, except when people don't use their liberty the way he thinks they ought to use them. Like many conservatives, I believe we must protect and defend liberty, but we must recognize part of liberty is freedom for our fellow citizens to make choices we don't neccesarily agree with. I have moral qualms about many social issues, but who am I to take away someone else's liberty and freedom simply because I disagree with the decisions they would make for themselves?

It's hypocritical to take a stand in defense of liberty, then turn around and fight a crusade against granting our fellow citizens the liberty to marry the people they love and the liberty of women to make decisions about their own futures. Liberty is liberty, it cannot and should not be diluted whenever it's convenient. Defend and protect liberty, even for those with whom you disagree. It doesn't mean giving up on your beliefs, you still have the liberty to advocate for your beliefs and persuade others to make decisions you agree with, but liberty and freedom isn't an ala carte buffet.

Ken may be a great guy, but he's spent a great deal of his time in office pursuing restrictions of liberty on his fellow citizens. Not only is this hypocritical and wrong, it's also a distraction from the most important issues our commonwealth and nation are facing. I understand Ken feels strongly about restricting the liberty of people who disagree with his worldview, but I'd rather elect a Governor who feels strongly about creating jobs, restoring economic prosperity, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

Cuccinelli for Governor

You are right on and we have contributed Ken for Governor and will be delegates at the May Convention.

Cuccinelli for Gov.

I have already signed up to be a delegate to the GOP convention.  I am also trying to get other Conservatives to do the same.  We need to PACK the convention in order to overcome the establishment.  I have no reason to believe that Bolling is not a nice guy and would do an okay job but we NEED Ken Cuccinelli to help fight everything the current administration is doing.  I have also volunteered for his campaign.  I don't really have any spare time or money right now but hopefully will have more time and money later.  

Hope you will stress how important it is for us to get the convention packed with Ken's supporters to your readers. 


Mary Ellen McWilliams