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Robbie George’s Principled Leadership

American Principles Project founder  Robbie George almost effortlessly describes the inextricable link between strong, traditional families and the health of our economy – indeed, our nation. It makes one yearn for more political leaders to be taught by him, as was Senator-elect Ted Cruz, who is already proving himself to be a strong force for constitutional, small-government conservatism even before being sworn in.
Most establishment Republicans eschew the social issues of traditional marriage and abortion, and tell their conservative base that we need to focus on other issues such as the economy. Professor George, though, explains how and why the social issues are the basis for a healthy and strong economy.
The ConstitutionHis logic is irrefutable. The traditional family and free markets are the basis for economic success. Liberty is the fuel for that engine, and freedom goes hand in hand only with a moral people. Our nation is strengthened by strong, traditional families; it is strengthened by a moral respect and responsibility for ourselves and others.
When Professor George explains all this, you wonder how any establishment Republican would want to suppress expression about the social issues.
George has been providing intellectual leadership for the conservative movement for many years. With the formation of the American Principles Project, George is putting that leadership into action.
APP’s mission is to “reinvigorate and restore those principles that made our country great. We take pride in leading the conversation, defending and promoting the universal truths that we are all ‘created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’”
APP recently held its first Gala at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington before a packed audience. Fox News’ Bill Kristol emceed the night featuring George, APP president Frank Cannon, its chairman Sean Fieler and, as reported previously at CHQ, headline speaker Ted Cruz.
As Ted Cruz told the APP crowd that night, “We didn’t win the argument [for conservative principles in the 2012 election]. We didn’t even make the argument.”
Establishment Republicans played a feckless rope a dope on social issues the past two presidential elections. Especially in this past election, President Obama and his progressive machine exploited that by making their views on social issues the only ones expressed. After resounding losses, establishment Republicans still want conservatives to cover our heads with our backs in the corner. But you can’t win the debate by staying out of it.
Professor George, who mentored an undergraduate Cruz at Princeton before he went on to become a magna cum laude Harvard Law School graduate, works among the intellectuals who can’t seem to wrap their heads around the simple, timeless brilliance of our First Principles. They don’t want to. It ruins their narrative.
We can say the same about too many establishment Republicans, or at least we can say that they are ill-equipped at backing their conservative lip service with principled action that shows they really understand conservatism. Their big-government policies are proof.
This is why we need the American Principles Project and the intellectual giant Robbie George. They are providing the leadership that the establishment Republican Party is not.

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