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16 Principled Republicans Could Change The World

As The Washington Times observed this morning, there is a growing feeling among conservative Members of the House that Speaker John Boehner has to go.

Speaker John BoehnerWe called for Boehner’s replacement the day after the election in which Republicans lost seats in the House because establishment Republican leaders, like Boehner, ran a content-free campaign that ignored the conservative agenda and left Democrats free to launch their “war on women” trope and other specious attacks without rebuttal by the GOP.

The need to replace Boehner has gained urgency as the Speaker has fumbled the “fiscal cliff” negotiations with President Obama and the Democrats.

With Boehner as the lead Republican negotiator, you would never know that the federal government has a spending crisis and that it has been growing ever since Barack Obama took office.

Boehner has allowed the Democrats to frame the argument strictly in terms of class warfare and raising taxes on the wealthy. Cutting spending or deficit reduction never even make it into Boehner’s talking points, let alone on to the nightly news.

Boehner’s response to this and other conservative criticism is not to reframe the debate, but to attack conservatives and punish members of the House Republican majority who might have the temerity to urge a different course.

Representatives Tim Huelskamp, Justin Amash, Walter Jones and David Schweikert were all ousted from their committee posts because they voted and spoke against Boehner’s constant abandonment of conservative principles.

For his part, Huelskamp remains committed to his principles and told Boehner: “It was no secret when I was assigned to these committees two years ago that I would hold Washington to a higher standard when it comes to getting our fiscal house in order and restoring government to its proper size and role.”

Likewise, Walter Jones said, “I’m not going to sacrifice my integrity for anyone or any party…  It’s the price you pay. I didn’t come up here to be a puppet for anyone. And I think the public back in my district, which is the most important, has seen I’m willing to do what I think is right.”


What Boehner and the rest of the Republican establishment seems to have forgotten is that thanks to their failed leadership, if just 16 members of the Republican conference abstain from voting for Boehner as Speaker in January, he will be one vote shy of the 218 necessary to re-elect him as Speaker.

Just 16 principled Republicans could change the world.

The House switchboard is (202) 224-3121. Please pick-up the telephone NOW, call your Congressman and ask him or her to abstain from voting for John Boehner as Speaker -- or better yet, to vote for a principled conservative, such as Representative Tom Price of Georgia, Jim Jordan of Ohio or one of the principled conservatives who were punished for sticking to their principles: Tim Huelskamp, Justin Amash, Walter Jones or David Schweikert.

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And Mr. Eric? I thank you

I am greatly offended at the likes of Mr. Boehner. Mind you, that is not because i had such high hopes for what Mr. Boehner could have done. No.


It is the fact that we got duped again. We got hood-winked. We got bamboozled. We got get the picture.


It gets me so sick and tired that we are so pitifully gullible. JESUS does not want me gullible. Jesus needs me to be aware, innocent, shrewd.


Sore subject in 3 ..2 ..1: They have disarmed many of us through legislation. We have gone along because we are 'obedient'. Now many of us have no way to defend ourselves (hand-to-hand? what good is hand-to-hand if you get caught in the middle of gunbattle crossfire?)


The right to bear arms is not all many have backed away from. We have given up the right to teach our children as we know is true and necessary for them to grow "in the way they should go."


Let's talk taxes.


Back there in the 17th century and the Colony of New York there was a 8% tax on imports. Imported goods only? Oh and the Dear Sweet King, out of the goodness of his human-flesh-sucking-kindness to give us preferential treatment if the goods were imported from England and charged us only 5%. Don't forget the tax was on consumption, not income, and on top of that not all items were taxed. We didn't like that and raised a stink.




Compare the Founders to us today. I am a wimps. I wonder let's say via a "Quantum Leap" i found myself transported to wear Mr. Henry was speaking. Or standing next to General Washington or toe to toe against the army of Lord Cornwallis and as i'm shaken from my daze and seeing men on both sides hit with incoming fire and  hearing the words, "Here they come! Pick up that weapon man!" Would i die like a warrior protecting ...SOMETHING? or run like a blind mouse.


That has to change.


Today? We are taxed far worse than five or eight percent on things we consume. We dutifully go along (to get along?) ...because it's the law?


We need to get rid of some really stupid laws along with the stupid people who wrote them.


Nonetheless believe it or not i didn't start out with that on my mind.


I'd like to throw a little hug across the aisle (because sometimes i wonder if he is really democrat) to my friend (yuck yuck yuck, oh wise guy huh?) ...sorry,    Mr. Cantor. He claims he is jewish you know. He has got it into his mind that we (and i suppose that includes himself) should be friendly to the radical islamists. Hahahaahahahahahahaha.


Sorry i have to collect myself every time i put the picture in my head of Mr. Cantor saying something so ...(tapping) so (...more tapping ...still tapping ...) so         so ridiculous. Let me explain? If we were to continue on the path of 1- Islam acceptance, 2- Islam takeover, 3- Submission to slavery, the overthrowers would have no use for a jew. Since muslims hate anyone of Jewish descent, they would probably kill all the Jews and enslave everyone else (who doesn't resist of course). But how does one express that without sounding provocative?


At any rate, Mr. Cantor, you are wrong to 1- Reach across the aisle, and 2- Reach out to your historical enemy.


Now back on the main track: I've tried and tried and tried to say to Mr. Cantor that every time we 'compromise' we have been the only one 'compromising'. To further translate that: We 'compromise' = We back up. We wonder why this country is so pathetic? One word: Stupid, Moronic COMPROMISING.


I started out with high hopes for Mr. Boehner. Of course, GOD is the greatest Orchestrator ever. We could have done great things without the Supreme Court ...without the Executive Branch ...without the upper half of the Legislature. How? The Lower House controls the money to the whole dang thing but we blew it. Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor, Mr. McCarthy, all the Committee Chairs: One big fat smoochy thank you. GOD is the real Leader and we were supposed to be following GOD's lead. When and where did we think we had a better idea?




GOD just gave us ONE MORE CHANCE...


You cannot fail again.

Boehner and the de-evolution of the Republic

It is truly a sad day when a "leader" like Boehner can stab the conservative movement in the back like he and his toadies did recently prior to and immediately after the Romney fiasco.  He seems to hate us more so than the Progressives and socialists who have usurped whatever integrity that Democrat party once had.  Is this the beginning of the end of our great Republic whereas there is now no one in Washington that cares for the Constitution, the Republic or even protecting the interests of their constituents.  As we have seen, for Boehner and his ilk in the media, it has been very easy to scapegoat the Tea Party and Conservatives in general, blaming them for what has been an absolute failure of the "moderate/establishment" wing of the Republican party.  Obama must be laughing his backside off about this perceived lack of Republican leadership integrity and its willingness to attack those who would be his staunchest supporters in protecting our once great democracy.  Truth being that it was Boehner's leadership along with the cabal of "moderates", Democrats and the media that facilitated dismantling of 7 conservative candidates for President as well as a great American such as Allan West.  These candidates were destroyed at the hands of Boehner through a true act of treachery,  Keep in mind, it was they who gave us a flawed and failed candidate (albeit a nice guy) that went on to snatch defeat from the jaws of almost certain victory (Mr. Romney provided Obamacare's model as implemented in the Socialist Republic of Mass.)!  Nice job idiots!  What act of stupidity are you going to do for an encore?  Declare yourselves Progressives and citizens of the world then slavishly start worshipping at Obama's alter of deceipt and destruction all for the reason of being "allowed" to remain in DC.  For what its worth!

Speaker of the House

John Boehner cried on the House floor while imploring the other Members of the House to vote for PPACA - better known as ObamaCare.  A bill opposed by 70% of the American Public, and without any Constitutional Authority whatsoever.  He swore an oath to his God that he  would uphold the Constitution, and has been blatantly and regularly violating that oath.  No Republican Representative should vote for him to retain his position.  Peace, Robert Walker

John Boehner

Operative words here are: "Principled Conservative Republican!"

Replace John Boehner

It's past time to get rid of Boehner. Just because he has been in Congress longer than others is no reason to make him Speaker.  He is not a conservative and he does not have leadership skills.  Conservatism is not in his heart.  Dump Boehner!

16 principled Reps that could change the world

Thank you for posting this truth about gettintg rid of Boehner. No one and I mean not one of the pundits are talking about this opportunity that could change the World. This should be all over the radio, talk shows 'etc" but nothing ? Most all talk and want you to think they are conservative until a real opportunity comes about and thay all BACKOFF! Thank you HQ for letting conservatives know the opportunity exists to change DC big time and having the guts to talk about it !!!!