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We Won A Battle On Plan B, Not The War

Thursday night conservatives were jubilant when establishment Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner postponed consideration of his “Plan B’ bill to raise taxes when it appeared enough conservatives were prepared to stick to their principles, defy his threats of retaliation, and defeat the bill.

Speaker John BoehnerThis is cause for optimism, but it doesn’t mean we’ve won the war.

First, we predict the Speaker and his establishment Republican leadership team will not be idle over the Christmas break. Any conservative who indicated he or she was opposed to Plan B can expect to have their arm twisted by everyone who would like the federal Santa Claus to keep spending.

For most conservatives, politics is not a fulltime occupation. Like Cincinnatus returning to his plow after saving Rome, once a battle like defeating Plan B is won, conservatives want to go back to their businesses, churches and families – not so Washington’s insiders. Keeping the federal gravy train going is what they do all day, every day.

If we want Plan B to stay defeated, we must take a minute between now and Christmas to thank those who stood against it, and remind those who might have backed it that we conservatives are watching and their vote for higher taxes and more spending won’t go unnoticed come primary election time.

Second, as long as John Boehner and the establishment Republicans who back him are running the show in the House, conservatives are going to have to play defense against the Democrats and the bad ideas of their own House GOP leadership.

Here’s Speaker Boehner’s record on spending:

Federal Spending                         Speaker of the House
2007 Total Outlays = $2,728,686   (Pelosi)
2008 Total Outlays = $2,982,544   (Pelosi)
2009 Total Outlays = $3,517,677   (Pelosi)
2010 Total Outlays = $3,456,213   (Pelosi)
2011 Total Outlays = $3,603,061   (Boehner)
2012 Total Outlays = $3,795,547   (Boehner) estimate
2013 Total Outlays = $3,803,364   (Boehner) estimate

Since John Boehner became Speaker there have been deficits of a trillion dollars or more every year and spending has not gone down a penny. Indeed, it continues to climb at a staggering rate despite Democrat gnashing of teeth over the sham cuts to social programs and Republican lies about historic reductions in spending.

The only way we conservatives are going to go over from defense to offense in Congress to advance the conservative agenda, let alone change the trajectory of spending, is to get a new Speaker – one who will actually fight for the conservative principles that Republicans keep touting during campaigns, but have failed to deliver on since Boehner became the leader of Republicans in the House.

A strong coalition of principled conservatives came together to oppose Plan B, you can read their letter to Capitol Hill Republicans and the list of signers through this link:

Now it is time for us to take the next step and mount a real campaign to replace Boehner.

American Majority Action President and CEO, Ned Ryun, has called for GOP members to fire John Boehner as Speaker -- and we are 100% in agreement with what Ryun said when he called for the election of a new, conservative, Speaker.

“Speaker Boehner has been an abysmal failure as speaker, and his latest purge is the nail in the coffin for conservatives,” said Ryun. “Boehner has never won a negation battle with the White House or Senate – and he’s been nothing short of an embarrassing spokesman for the Conservative Movement. It’s time for him to go.”

I know you don’t need another “to-do” added to your pre-holiday list, but here’s one thing that is just too important to postpone until after the New Year: call your Representative (the Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121) to thank him or her for defeating Plan B and ask them to fire Speaker Boehner and vote for a principled small government constitutional conservative to replace him.

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Vote for a new speaker, a

Vote for a new speaker, a small-government , constitutional conservative. Don't compromise. The solution is to cut all the wasteful spending and get a balanced budget amendment. No tax increases on anyone.

Washington is broken and needs an enema

Most Americans believe that Washington is broken and needs an enema. The three amigo's must go (Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy). The entrenched establishment beltway boys have done nothing to advance the cause of conservatism, limited government. fiscal responsibility and individual liberty. The RINO statists have declared war on conservatism in both words and deed.

January 3rd is the date...It's time to take action. It's time to take back the party and restore the republic to it's rightful owners...We The People.

The Establishment RINO's were

The Establishment RINO's were responsible for proposing Mitt Romney against the wishes of true Conservatives within the party.   They wanted to continue in their personal enrichment at the expense of the taxpayers.  We Conservatives Love our Country and seek National wellness.  That trickles down to We the People.  Originally a State chose it's Senate representatives but that was changed long ago to allow them to be voted in.    That allowed for special intrest groups to rise in power.  When was the last time WE chose Our Presidential Candidate?   When conventions are controlled ( like 2012's) we Loose!  First ballot is rigged. This year the establishment poicked a reluctant candidate who tried to assuage the Conservatives by appointing Paul Ryan as V.P. but a;llowed for V  Boehner represents all that has gone Wrong within the GOPoter Fraud to take place, while remaining silent.  Plans for this were set forth when the attempt to seat Gore failed and they changed the manner for voting.  Electronics be damned. 

Who should the next Speaker be?

Boehner has got to go and it can't end up being Eric Cantor.

So who should it be?

Let The Fiscal Cliff Begin

Yeah, it's going to be painful, but getting the deficit down to around 100 billion a year is better than any proposal I've seen so far.

Let The Fiscal Cliff Begin

Yes, cut all wasteful, frivolous spending. Get a balanced budget amendment passed. Elect a new speaker who is a small-government, constitutional conservative.