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Boehner Freezes Out Conservatives At His Peril

Many in the media seem to think that establishment Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner’s troubles as a leader began when he punished a few junior members by stripping them of their committee assignments for sticking to their principles and voting against the House leadership once too often.

Speaker John BoehnerIn reality, Boehner has long had a problematic relationship with conservatives and he has made it pretty clear that he just plain doesn’t like conservatives both inside and outside of government.

Despite being handed the Speaker’s gavel by the millions of grassroots conservative activists of the Tea Party movement, Boehner refers to conservatives as “knuckle-draggers” and told reluctant House conservatives to “get their ass in line” when he was putting together the so-called compromise that has created the “fiscal cliff” from which he is now trying to extricate himself.

This attitude has hobbled his ability to lead and has led to a destructive split in the House Republican conference that is doing real damage to the Republican brand.

The roots of Boehner’s antipathy toward conservatives are somewhat obscure, but many attribute it to conservative criticism of his leadership of the House Republican Conference in the 1990s when Republicans lost seats in the 1998 election and his work with Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy to pass the detested “No Child Left Behind” education legislation advocated by President George W. Bush.

Another major part of the problem is Boehner’s staff, which consists of long-time Capitol Hill establishment Republican political operatives, such as Chief of Staff Barry Jackson. Jackson has worked for Boehner off-and-on since Boehner came to Congress, leaving to serve as Karl Rove’s deputy in the Bush White House and later to run the Bush Office of Strategic Initiatives after Rove’s departure.

The bottom line is you can’t find an alumni of a principled movement conservative organization in Boehner’s senior staff, but you can find plenty of former lobbyists and Bush White House alums.

Whatever the reason or excuse, Boehner has systematically sought to neuter conservatives by excluding them from the inner counsels of the House leadership.

The result is that Boehner’s House leadership team is dangerously out of touch with the principled conservatives in his own House Republican Conference and with the grassroots conservative activists and donors who influence rank and file members of Congress back in their home districts.

Had Boehner been listening to these conservative members of his own House Republican Conference -- and their grassroots supporters -- he would have realized more than a year ago that their number one priority was to reduce the size and scope of the federal government.

Boehner’s real problem isn’t the math of the federal budget or a shortage of votes among Republicans in Congress for conservative policy solutions – it is his own lack of commitment to the principles the Republican Party allegedly stands for.

And it is this lack of principle that is his fatal weakness in any negotiation with President Obama and the Democrats. They all know Boehner is much more likely to cave and attack conservatives in his own Party than he is to stand and fight for the principles Republicans allegedly share.

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fiscal cliff

As a life long Republican, I'm having my doubts about continuing. I'm joining the independents.  If both sides don't at least accept the president's last ditch offer for temporary extension I'm afraid the Republicans will only get 3% of the vote next time after screwing the rest of us 97%.  I'll be cutting up my party card and sending it to them with no future $ support.  They can get it from the 3% they are protecting at our expense.


John Boehner HAS TO GO

After John Boehner purged four  new conservative Republicans, his behaviour displayed Party discipline and not not that of a principled lawmaker. He MUST be one of the RINOS in the GOP and he must go.  These RINOS who had been in Washington, for decades and years MUST be replaced with NEW faces that stood up for what they were elected for by their constituents.  If Boehner doesn't exercise conservatism and uphold what the Republican principles stand for, he MUST be replaced .  He can't articulate the issues that should be fight for, he's body languade displays WEAKNESS.  One BAD remark he made awhile back concerning Obama's ineligibility suit (posted at the website on : Post & Email) , when he remarked: "the President's case is SETTLED".  Of all people, WE, The People knew, that Obama was not VETTED and both Parties KNEW all about this';  yet NO ONE among th Republicans pursued to take action against OBAMA or the DNC.  The Republican Party, should have a leader with SPINE and GUTS to fight for what is constitutionally required.   



Boehner, JEB and 2016

I see Boehner as a bellwhether for the 2016 general elections. If his fraction wins out, JEB will enter and probably control the primary process for Republicans. If Boehner failes, JEB will probably still run, but without his more fiscally conservative grassroot support, even with Sen. Rubio on his ticket. 


ex animo


Say What?

“get their ass in line”.....................I wish that two faced wimpy crying thug from, who Cares about Ohio, punk would say that to my face.  This party is a joke and so are little people like Boehner and the rest of the current Republican Party including that overweight Big Mouth from my social, illegal immigrant state of New Jersey. 

The best way for us real Republicans and Tea Party people who care is to move to states that need additional Republican voting people and take back this country forever and keep it safe and that means to get the Hell out of states like New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin and other northern welfare states.


Say What?

Some day soon Tea Party folks will figure out they only represent a small fraction of voters (15-20 percent). The rest of us will figure out a way to compromise for the good of the country. If far right wingers continue to do nothing but obstruct they will be be cut out of the national governing process completely.

No Place to Hide


You examplify the problem with your party. It's this sense of entitlement, your believe that you and only you are the rightious ones who should run our country is nothing more than a dilusion and a falsehood. The very fact that Obama with his platform has been re-elected by the majority of Americans clearly escapes all of you. Just to endulge you, I will agree with you you should move to republican states ha-ha for sure you'll never win another presidential election. You'll just wallow as much as you are now.

If I sound like I take pleasure in your misery, well I must confess I do.

America is for all Americans not for factions or just for republicans. Most of us do not agree with you, when you and if you finally realize you have to live with us, you have to share, you have to compromise. I know these are dirty words to you. Until you can accept these precepts you will remain in a  miserable state. Oh, Merry Christmas


Without question, Boehner must go... If he's the best "Leader" the GOP has to offer. the Republican Party should disband now to save further embarassment. He has shown neither the fortitude nor the inclination to confront Obama or the Democrats throughout his tenure and has wasted the efforts by the grassroots organizations that allowed the GOP to retake control of the House and very nearly the Senate in 2010. With "Leadership" like his, the GOP can forget EVER retaking the White House...

Confrontation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They got elected to legislate. That means negotiations between the parties, it means compromise, no one is going to have it 100% their way as you advocate.

Boehner is your leader he is the one having to confront the reality he is up against a re-elected president who ran on letting the Bush tax cuts expire. This is a fact you're having a very hard time acknowledging.

Can't you see it matters not who leads your party he (Obama) has the veto power.

Instead of blaming and vilifying Boehner you should encourage him to negotiate for the good of our country.

Don't you believe in our country first?