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Is Atlas Starting To Shrug?

In Ayn Rand’s classic Atlas Shrugged, society begins to crumble after the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists and business people withdraw their services from a culture that disdains success and rewards failure by empowering cynical politicians to confiscate the fruits of their labors and redistribute them.

AtlasAs Congress and Obama debate whose wealth to confiscate next as part of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, Rand’s characters seem to come to life during the television news to deliver a Fred Kinnan-like Labor Day screed against the Tea Party, a Eugene Lawson-inspired federal housing policy, and a caricature of Horace Mowen in the President’s box during his speech on jobs and the economy.

How many times since Obama came to power has withdrawing your services sounded like a good idea to you? That thought must occur pretty regularly to anyone who invests in the energy sector, provides health care, employs pilots and mechanics to service a corporate jet or simply works hard to make more than $200,000 a year in a small business.

And such a “capital strike” may very well be happening.

Today, economists, investment managers and business writers estimate that there is somewhere between $2 trillion and $5 trillion dollars of liquid capital sitting on the sidelines, not being invested. Companies are holding cash, rather than risking it in new equipment, facilities, research and development or expanding their labor force.

Who could blame an entrepreneur for holding back when every day the news seems to bring some new event or pronouncement from the Obama administration that reads like one of the more depressing chapters in Rand’s book.

If you don’t believe that Rand’s dystopian vision of an Obama-like America could actually happen, consider this statement from the President during the fiscal cliff negotiations: “We're going to have to see the rates on the top 2 percent go up. And we're not going to be able to get a deal without it."

And Obama’s ideology of loot the wealthy is spreading.

As Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute has written, lagging business investment is one of the chief problems slowing down the economic recovery, such as it is. What’s the answer to this problem suggested by Reuters' liberal business writer, David Cay Johnston?  Enforce tax penalties on companies that hold excessive cash reserves.

When the establishment media joins the fight on the side of the looters and advocates the government forcing businesses to invest -- even when it might be contrary to their fiduciary duty to their shareholders -- you can count on more job creators heading for Galt’s Gulch.

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It's hard to let go...

It's hard to let go, but we must.

Once you accept the truth, that the downward slide cannot be stopped, you face 2 choices. Either we transitiopn to a violent revolution, or we go on strike. Clearly it is better for us to simply go on strike.

For the last 60 years we've been watching Ms Rand's predictions come true one by one. In the last 4 years there's been an amazing acceleration of our decline for obvious reasons. The sooner we stop supporting the corrupt looters who are destroying our entire society, the sooner it will collapse, and the sooner we can start rebuilding.

There's no other way!


Is Atlas “starting” to shrug?"

No, Atlas has ALREADY shrugged. There is no turning back, no "taking back the country". America is gone in terms of constitutional democracy. Gone forever. There is no restoring America to some ideological functioning of our constitution. It is gone and has been replaced. 

Where are the producers going

I am waiting with baited breath to watch the flight of producers ahead of the idiotic socialist deluge that is now rushing towards us!  The thought that crosses my mind centers on whether they go incrementally to Red States first and then ultimately off shore.  Will they turn to countries such as Russia that finaly cast off the yoke of Communism or some truly liberal (in the classical sense) south American or Asian country?  In France, we see the monied aristocracy leaving in droves including industrialists and even grade "B" actors.  My guess is that we will start to see a similar exodus from the US over the next 5 years starting in 2015 (when the worst of Obamacare is in place and the steady drone of the Marxist centered, class warfare idealogues reaches a crescendo), the real question is where to find Galt's Gulch.  Producers of the world unite because you have nothing to lose but your god given talents and creativity!

Atlas Meteklas

Please folks get  a life. Our Democracy is safe and sound, our country, our people are still here, there is no apocalypse on the horizon or any doomsday.

Your attitude and people like you are the reason why nothing can get done in our federal gov. Those Tea Party people think they are doing us all a favor when in reality all they are doing is being obstructionists. They are the ones who are destroying our Democracy. Not to worry but in 2014 we are going to kick many of them out of office and replace them with moderate people who are interested in the preservation of our country and will tackle this debt in a responsible manner. Have a good nite's sleep the sun will rise again tomorrow.

I wish you were right...

Unfortunately you're not.

The handwriting is on the wall... It's too late to save this system now. The only way for America to survive as a free country is to return to the basic principles of our founding fathers.


There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!