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CHQ Readers Will Not Surrender Their Guns

President Obama and Democrats in Congress have called for sweeping new gun controls. The state of Illinois, Obama's AmericaObama's home state, recently considered legislation that would ban the possession, delivery, sale and transfer of semiautomatic handguns and rifles, meaning residents of Illinois would have to surrender any guns that meet the legislative criteria.

If our admittedly unscientific online poll is any indication, it will take a lot more effort than liberals anticipate to confiscate the guns of law abiding Americans. 93% of those taking our online poll said they would not surrender their guns if such a law were passed, while 6% said they do not own a gun. That left less than 1% agreeing that they would surrender their guns if a law was passed requiring them to do so.

We asked: “Would you submit to a gun confiscation law if it was passed in your state or by the federal government?”

You answered:

93% said “No, according to the Second Amendment I have no obligation to surrender my guns to any state or federal government authority.”

6% said “Does Not Apply to me since I do not own a gun.”

Less than 1% were undecided.

Less than 1% said “Yes, the law is the law and I would obey such a law if it passed and was upheld by the Supreme Court.”

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Take my guns?

Sure, they can take my guns ... after they've taken my ammo; one bullet at a time!