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Establishment GOP Failing To Make The Case On The Debt Ceiling

Conservatives have heard time and again that the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill establishment really wants to cut spending; they just want to do it a little slower, or in different areas or through different means than what principled small government constitutional conservatives recommend.

Republican LeadersThe GOP’s establishment leaders will soon get their chance to make good on those claims as the calendar counts down to the day the federal government hits its borrowing limit. However, the signs aren’t looking very favorable for common sense to win and the federal government to be put on a path to a sustainable budget.

The problem for the Congressional Republicans is not that the public isn’t ready for smaller government – a large majority of Americans think the size and growth of government are the greatest threats to the freedom of the ordinary citizen.

The problem is Republicans aren’t even making the argument for their policy or strategy – if they even have a policy or strategy.

Until Republicans get over the idea that mere opposition to Obama is enough to win the argument, they are destined to lose -- and lose big.

Wisconsin’s Tea Party-backed Senator Ron Johnson’s comments in a recent Daily Caller interview succinctly illustrate the problem.

The senator said he’s hopeful President Barack Obama will “start addressing, ‘How do we save Social Security and Medicare?’ and what is his plan to reduce the deficit?”

When Daily Caller reporter Alex Papas then asked Senator Johnson if there is any realistic chance Washington will have a serious debate on entitlements, the Senator replied, “Yeah, there is, once the American people come to understand that these programs aren’t sustainable.”

We like Senator Ron Johnson -- he’s not a professional politician, he’s got good instincts and can generally be counted on to do the right thing -- but those comments may have been the biggest recipe for political disaster we’ve ever heard.

We hope Senator Johnson isn’t so naïve as to believe Obama and the Democrats have any interest in changing or “saving” Social Security and Medicare or reducing the deficit. Because they don’t.

Obama and the Democrats derive their power and their continued hold on office from dividing up the spoils the welfare state extorts from producers. It is not in their political interest to change the current system, unless the change is to increase spending.

They have zero interest in balancing the budget because a balanced budget means less of what keeps them in power.

If anyone is going to help “the American people come to understand that these programs aren’t sustainable,” it is going to have to be Republicans -- and they are making no discernible effort to educate the public on these issues, let alone build political support for whatever it is they plan to do. Again, if they even have a plan.

We’ve seen this scenario from the Capitol Hill Republican establishment a dozen times before. There’s brave talk of holding firm on spending, but when push comes to shove, there are plenty of establishment Republicans -- such as Florida’s John Mica -- who have as little interest in cutting spending as do the Democrats.

They will be whispering in the back of the closed door GOP Conference meeting that Republicans are getting killed by this or that interest group that feeds at the federal trough. Add that to the establishment media’s howls of protest about a credit downgrade and all the poor people or “priorities” that will be hurt if spending is cut and we predict another Republican cave-in like we saw in the debt ceiling debate during the summer of 2011.

All the brave talk about standing firm on the debt ceiling isn’t worth anything if Republicans don’t have a plan, start making the intellectual case for their plan and building the public support necessary for that plan to hold a majority in at least the House.

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There is no case here

The debt ceiling is not the avenue to go for spending cuts.  Congress authorized the mone to be spent, so they must honor their debts.  It's that simple.  Now, when it comes to the sequestration that is about to hit, there's your avenue.  Also, it gets me that for the last 2 years, the Federal Government has spent 167% of what it has taken in.  Has not the House of Representatives been in control for the last 2 years?  Have they not been under Republican control.  If the House starts the spending cycle, and the Republicans have been in charge, where have the Republicans been in the House?

GOP and Debt Ceiling

More than anything else, I consider myself a CONSTITUTIONALIST.  I believe neither REPUBLICANS nor DEMOCRATS have any desire to see this country run on a BALANCED BUDGET.  Both parties need the money to buy their way into office.  The only difference between the parties, is the BASE they attempt to appease.  The only solution: Americans must get informed and peacefully revolt.  

Arrest them all...

The article makes it sound like they care...They are all in violation of the Law (both parties) that requires them to PASS a budget, which they haven't done in 4 years. They need to be arrested and charged and FIRED for not doing the job they swore an oath to do... they need to go to prison, just like any other criminals who violate the law.Law enforcement officials need to round them up and put them away.....

Debt Ceiling

If you keep raising the debt is there really a ceiling?

Also, Republicans need to stop referring "defaulting on the debt if we don't raise the debt ceiling. Will some one that has access to these morons please explain it to them. The Term default is negative and wouldn't happen anyway If we borrow $.40 for every dollar spent, then that means we still have $.60 coming in to the Fed each and every day. It only takes about 6% of that to service the debt. So, they need explain that. There is more than enough to run the government on this. They will just have to not pay for any non-essential government programs. And if it's non-essential, then what the hell is the government funding it for anyway.