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Stop The Spending NOW

To:  Republican Members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate

From:  Patriotic Americans of Every State and Political Affiliation

The debt ceiling is an opportunity for Congress to put an end to all of the reckless “business as usual” spending, deficits and debt that can only end in the ruin of this great country.

Don’t cave-in to promises that spending will be cut in the future; it never has been and it never will be unless Members of Congress take a principled stand against deficit spending now.

Don’t cave-in to the liberal mantra that taxes must be raised to solve our debt and deficit crisis.  We must cap spending NOW because as long as a dollar of tax revenue or borrowing power is out there it will be consumed by Washington’s “business as usual” politicians.

Don’t cave-in to another round of phony paper “spending cuts” that never materialize; cut entire programs, not just a few dollars in funding, and enact real structural budget reforms that will take the federal budget off autopilot and force politicians to get control of federal spending.

The future of our country and the Republican Party are on the line.

Republicans in Congress must stick to their principles and use the debt ceiling to end the trillion dollar deficits and stop the unbridled growth of government that is destroying our economy and our freedom. 


Surgical spending cuts

Obama claims that "surgical" spending cuts can solve the nation's fiscal problems - and he is correct - but the surgery needs to be the amputation of the gangrened and poisonous programs that have driven inflation and taxes through the roof.

Eliminate the DEA, FDA, TSA, CIA, FBI, Dept of Education, BLM, Social Security and Medicare

Admit that it is completely impossible to fulfill the promises made by unprincipled politicians in days past and let start fresh.

For those who did pay in to Social Security and are dependent on it now - We can afford as a nation to maintain benefits, but for anyone younger than 60 - you should have been awake for the last 40 years - you are on your own.

Courage on the part of the members of the House of Representatives is the ONLY chance we have of surviving as a nation.

I agree runaway spending must

I agree runaway spending must be stopped with what ever it takes.  Raising the debt ceiling with out spending cuts is just asanine.

Runaway Spending

Why doen't anyone bring about looking into the Ohammedical program.  We are not ready for it and cannot afford it.  Start over another time.  Hopefully the amesty for illegicals will be gone.

spending cuts

One of the first places to cut is white house expenses his wifes staff should go her vacations she should have to repay for them and he should be restricted to travel for Goverment use only .