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Mark Willis Announces For RNC Chairman

A while back we thought that the disastrous and corrupt reign of Reince Priebus as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee might be ended by Reagan biographer and longtime conservative political strategist Craig Shirley running for Chairman. Alas, Shirley chose not to run.

Republican PartyHowever, according to reporting by, Mark Willis, Maine's Republican National Committeeman, has stepped forward and offered some hope that the current top-down Republican National Committee “leadership” might be replaced with a truly grassroots-driven Chairman.

And it appears Mark Willis is a true grassroots Party leader, not beholden to the inside-the-Beltway crowd that has alienated Tea Partiers and driven the Republican brand into the ground over the past decade.

He was elected as Maine's Republican National Committeeman in May of this year, and lives with his wife and two children on a twenty-acre coastal farm in Dennsyville, Maine – well outside-the-Beltway.

Willis has already proven his commitment to our country by serving as an Army counterintelligence agent in Haiti and Bosnia in the 1990s.

According to reporting by Beitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy, Willis is a smart guy.  He has a Bachelor’s degree “in international relations, a Master’s degree in information systems management from the University of Maryland, and a law degree from George Mason University. He worked for ten years as a senior software engineer at the U.S. Army Security and Intelligence Command and is currently employed by a Fortune 100 company as the technology manager of an application development security team.”

Willis also “serves on the Dennysville (Maine) School Board and is Chairman of the Town of Dennysville Republican Party.”

A principled small government constitutional conservative, Willis was elected as a Ron Paul delegate to the Republican National Convention at the January 2012 Maine caucuses, but was one of the ten Ron Paul delegates who were stripped of their credentials at the Tampa Convention based on the Romney campaign's contesting of the caucus results.

This was one of the many things Priebus and the clique running the RNC did to alienate small government constitutional conservatives which arguably cost Mitt Romney the election.

Excerpted below is an interview Mark Willis gave Breitbart that offers some hope that if elected he might turn the RNC around before it is too late for the Republican Party and America.

You can read the entire interview with Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy at

Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy:  “What is your specific plan to turn things around if you're elected  RNC Chairman?

Mark Willis: I have eight specific points in my plan.

First, we at the RNC need to be transparent in our competitive bidding process. I would adhere to the 2009 Resolution in Support of Good Governance. I would conduct competitive bidding for all contracts and put out RFPs (Requests for Proposals) for all contracts over $100,000 in value. Then I would exercise oversight on contracts that have been granted, thoroughly reviewing them to ensure the RNC receives the highest quality services and results from all of its contracts.

Second, we must repeal the RNC rules adopted in Tampa. If not repealed, these rules will cut the grassroots out of the Presidential election cycle in 2016 completely.

Third, the RNC needs to re-establish its relationship with the GOP grassroots by encouraging a decentralized approach with more autonomy for state parties and a climate of adopting ideas for the party from the bottom up versus a heavy-handed, top-down approach.

Fourth, we need to win the technology war. We need a chairman who understands technology and knows how to implement basic industry standards to ensure victory using up-to-date technology systems in 2014 and beyond. I have more than a decade of information systems management experience and I understand the process of managing technology projects.

Fifth, we need to welcome everyone back to the Republican Party who may have left us. We need to embrace and respect them, and we need to embrace and respect independents and disillusioned Democrats who are beginning to look at the Republican Party.

Sixth, we need to fight for conservative values.

Seventh, we need to hold our party leaders accountable.

Eighth, we need a new management style in the RNC. My overall management style is one where honesty and integrity are the key values. It's a management style that listens to and encourages members to bring forth bold innovative ideas. I expect the truth from everyone, and I give everyone a fair chance with an equal opportunity to excel.

Mark Willis’ eight points certainly cover many of the reasons we think the Republican National Committee has become a corrupt and failing institution, as well as an actual impediment to electing conservatives to office.

Despite the Republican Party's dismal performance in the 2012 national elections, incumbent Chairman Reince Priebus claims to have more than enough votes to win re-election. If that’s true, it just shows how far the Republican National Committee has sunk into the clutches of DC’s insider elite and is the best argument we can think of for a long term, well organized effort to take over the RNC by principled small government constitutional conservatives who will return power in the GOP to where it belongs – at the grassroots.

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We need to find another candidate

Mark Willis may be fine, but we need a candidate that can relate to more voting members than Mr. Willis.  I'm talking geography here.  Is there no candidate from the center of the country (like the current Chairman) that voting members from all corners of the country can relate to?


Any Willis can't be totally bad. If he lives up to what he says (unlike most who get involved), I'm all for him. Maryann Willis

If elected with these 8

If elected with these 8 points as a guide I might contribute to the RNC otherwise all my contributions will go to true Conservatives.

Mark Willis is EXACTLY the kind of leadership the RNC needs.

The people that have been running the GOP, as either RNC leadership, or as "face of the franchise" types running for high-level offices are the types of people that have pushed people like me away from the party.  The "insider" types that care more about who's "turn" it is as opposed to who represents the bases of the party well.  The big-government apologists who have no core or guiding principle beyond bankrupting this nation in the name of  "War and security."  Not exactly conservative.  

If the RNC removes their heads from their rear ends, and rally behind Mark Willis, they will FINALLY show people that the party isn't just a "country club," and actually gives a damn about the people who put Republicans in office.  And Mark Willis is EXACTLY the type of leader that would compel me to pay dues, participate in meetings, and so forth.   

I'm THRILLED, Richard, to see you bring this up, and whatever influence you have within the party, I hope you're able to convince the people who will cast a vote that the party dies with Preibus, and becomes the #1 party in America with Willis.