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Forget GOP Primaries, Just Let Rove Pick The Candidates

The Republican establishment’s favorite political guru, Karl Rove, has announced that he is using his considerable fundraising muscle to form a new Super PAC called “the Conservative Victory Project” to influence Republican primary elections and oppose candidates that he deems “unelectable.”

Karl RoveRove and his establishment Republican allies cite the losses of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock in their respective Senate campaigns as proof such an effort is needed.

This is pure hogwash – both Akin and Mourdock made the comments that blew-up their campaigns AFTER they had won their primaries. There was no evidence going into the primary that either of them was “unelectable.” Indeed, the very fact that they each won a hard-fought primary against seasoned opponents is good evidence that, absent an attack of foot-in-mouth disease, either or both could have won.

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola had it pretty well right when he told NewsMax that, “I think there might be some money that is wasted because the question isn’t why Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost — we know why they lost,” said Chocola. “The question is really why did Heather Wilson in New Mexico, Rick Berg in North Dakota, Denny Rehberg in Montana, Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, George Allen in Virginia and Linda Lingle in Hawaii — why did they lose?”

We could add Mitt Romney nationally and Connie Mack in Florida as well, but you get the point – there’s no evidence that running as a principled limited government constitutional conservative automatically made a candidate “unelectable,” and a whole lot of evidence that running as a Bush-type establishment Republican did make one “unelectable.”

Indeed, the big successes of 2012 were the election of principled constitutional conservatives such as Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake and Deb Fisher to the Senate, the election of conservative Mike Pence as Governor of Indiana and the election of Tom Massie, Trey Radel, Jim Bridenstine, Steve Stockman and other limited government constitutional conservative “boat rockers” to the House.

They join such small government constitutional conservative leaders as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey, Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the 50-odd Members of the House -- such as Justin Amash, Tim Huelskamp and Walter Jones -- who stood for conservative principles and voted against the debt ceiling deal and other establishment Republican giveaways.

These limited government constitutional conservative successes portend that the end of big government Republicanism is drawing near.

Establishment Republicans and their allies in the establishment media, ever anxious to hold on to power, continue to try to blame “the Tea Party” and “radical” conservative voters who chose principled small government constitutional conservative candidates in Republican primaries for the election disasters of 2012.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It was the establishment candidates that got wiped out, while limited government constitutional conservative candidates, like Cruz, Fischer, Flake and Pence -- won.

In any logical universe, the architects of the 2012 disaster -- establishment Republican consultants such as Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Romney campaign senior adviser Stewart Stevens and pollster Neil Newhouse would never be hired to run or consult on a national campaign again and no one would give a dime to their ineffective Super PACs (such as American Crossroads or its new mini-me, the deceptively named “Conservative Victory project”).

Let’s tell it like it is: the Rove effort is merely the GOP establishment’s latest and hopefully last effort to keep the Republican Party a top-down Washington consultant-run organization, instead of the grassroots conservative political party it has been evolving into over the past 50 or so years.

Mitt Romney's loss, and the wipeout of the establishment Republican Senate candidates, was the death rattle of the establishment GOP. Far from signaling a rejection of the Tea Party or grassroots conservatives, the disaster of 2012 signals the beginning of the battle to take over the Republican Party and the opportunity to establish the GOP as the Party of limited government constitutional conservatism.

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What about Democrats

This concern about Karl Rove picking the candidates may be misplaced and obscuring the bigger picture. I say misplaced because I don't think Rove and his big money friends can do it and the bigger picture because we are overlooking opportunities to support "constitutional conservative" Democrats. There is absolutely no reason that a conservative couldn't win the nomination of the Democratic Party in any number of areas where the conservatives have lost opportunities by isolating themselves in the Republican Party. If we were to start small with the low hanging fruit in local government elections, in a decade or two this could be a significant force for the good.

RINO Rove?

This cracks me up!  Rove fails miserably in the general election with his "moderate" or should I say "big government" R's now he is trying to shift the blame from these failures on the Tea Party.  I am just going to watch in amusement as all of this unfolds. 


Karl, you had better watch what you wish for because sometimes wishes do come true and the shock comes when the chickens of "unintended consequences" come home to roost.  With that being said, give it your best shot!

Moderate Republican Hall of Fame


Ironic that the purpose of the Conservative Victory Project is to keep conservatives off the ballot

Time to take back the gop

The GOP is not dead, it has been absconded by estab pubbies.  The way to undo the establishment (e.g. democrat lite) pubbies is to take back the party, one Constitutional candidate at a time.  We have made headway doing this - trying to launch a third party will only detract.  It's our party, we need to take ownership back from those who use it as a cover for their nefarious dealings to enrich themselves.

Spot on!

Your view is right on the money.  If we are to make headway it will be at the grassroots level within the party.  Committee seat by committee sea on up the line.  Work stealthily and do what the Progressives did to the Democrat party only we are trying to save it and the country as opposed to destroying (like Rove is trying to do to the Tea Party).

We deserve a conservative alternative

We need to take over the GOP, or send the Me Too Republicans to join the Me Too Whigs.

Agreed; A 3rd Party Is Prefailed Idiocy

The Canadian equivalent of the Republican party split their power in half with a 3rd party and then lived under their Socialists rule for over 2 decades and are just now climbing back.

Lets take back what's ours.


Mourdock and Akin lost because nobody asked them the question about rape and abortion.  Had they been vetted and given the same answers they did in their debates they would have never passed the credibility test. Their answers to the questions were out of any stream, let alone the conservative main stream.  Someone should have at least prepared them to come up with a sensible answer to the abortion question.  

Winners & Losers

Any objective look at what's been happening over the last 3 years, will show that conservatives who have a clear message and are not afraid to BOLDLY speak out are the winners.  There are many examples, i.e., Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey, Deb Fisher, Jeff Flake, and of course Governor Scott Walker.  Yes, we lost Akin and Murdock, which if the establishment had rallied around them and mentored them instead of kicking them in the face, could have recovered and won.  The bottom line is, we've won a lot more than we've lost.

Rove and Disaster

rove, without a doubt, was the cause of most of the GOP's problems of the last 18 years  - his complete refusal to consider respecting the constitutional limits on the federal government make him as bad as any democrat.

At the core, the problem seems to be a lack of principle - No core moral ideology to help him, and those who follow him to stay on a morally consistent course.

If all we wanted was expediency - we could vote democrat, or socialist....

Republican Establishment

The GOP is dead,  it just han't been pronounced yet...It's people like Rove and the other like minded Republican "leaders" that have killed it. Evidence the announced candidates they offered in the last 2 presidential elections, If they were the best the GOP could come up with out of 300 million Americans. they don't ever have to worry about retaking the White House.They learned very little in 2010, when the grassroots organizations such as the TEA Party helped them retake the House and very nearly the Senate. Instead of embracing these groups, they chose to treat them with very nearly the same disdain as the Democrats, and, after this years election debacle, they chose to chastise the members of Congress with alliances to true Conservative voters. Instead, as evidenced with this move, they are bound and determined to save the "Good Ol' Boys Club" and keep selecting candidates they can control to keep business as usual in DC. It's time to abandon the GOP and withdraw all support (financial and otherwise) and form a new Party, with no ties to the GOP and give the Conservative voters a REAL choice in saving the Republic....


Also with little or no care about our headlong, careening into Socialism (or worse).  It really does smell of self enrichment, maintaining the failing status quo and the good only of the "establishment", country club elite! 

Tea party

Carl Rove looks like a mole, and perhaps God made him look that way for our benefit. Guys like him will never understand what the Tea Party is all about. We are conservatives who-unlike him- have a job to do to support our families. We cannot and will not get out on the streets every day. Perhaps if we have time on a weekend, and we can put itin our calendars well in advance, we can attend a rally, but otherwise, our every moment away from work is with our families- whom we get to spend too little time with already. But we do one thing and we do it well- we vote. One other thing we don't do is we don;t answer polls. So, despite everything Carl might try- he cannot predict us, and he might think us dead when he calls out and we don't answer. We're simply ignoring him. Frankly- we don['t have time for his type, and we don't join groups anyway. SO, Carl hneeds to beware what he is stepping in. And I'm discgusted that Fox News picked up a new contract with him, while letting Sarah's expire.

Bubble, bubble, toil and

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.  W won the POTUS election twice - that's electable. Whether he was even a moderately competent President is another debate.

In a weak economy, radicalizing Romney in defense, social issues, and even budgetary cost him the election in a weak economy.   Akin and other radicals lost as well.  Without Gerrymandering, the GOP would have lost the House as well.  That's the evidence.


Maybe if you close your eyes really tight, no one will see you.



Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

W won twice because he kept his statist, anti-Constitutional and amnesty intentions from us - that's a RINO and it's the difference between being competent and a Liberal traitor.

Adhering to the foundationally critical and proven concepts of good government provided to us by our Founding Fathers can only be 'radical' to traitors. That's fact.


Maybe if you open your eyes, you'll see the sword before it cuts the head off the traitor but, it's coming just the same.

Rove The RINO

Tell Rove to go to hell!  He wants to remain in control of the Republican Party and the purse strings. Now he wants to tell us what candidates to run. This is a fight for the heart of the Republican Party.  Rove does not lilke the Tea Party conservatives because they are a treat to his control of the Party.  If we run conservative candidates our chances of winning are much better.  We don't need two liberal parties; one is enough, thank you!