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Rove Team Uses Language Of The Left To Smear Conservatives

Establishment Republican political guru Karl Rove’s new “Conservative Victory Project” is not trusted by many – if not most – conservatives. Now, Rove’s effort to be the one to decide what Republican candidates are “electable” or “unelectable” has suffered a serious setback when his top press spokesman smeared Brent Karl RoveBozell, a prominent conservative critic of the effort, as a “hater” with “weird axes to grind.”, along with many other conservative organizations and their leaders, has questioned the motives and track record of Rove’s massive establishment Republican Super PAC. These critics correctly pointed out that Rove’s Super PAC backed a long list of establishment GOP candidates (who went down to defeat in the 2012 election) over limited government constitutional conservatives -- and they have been asking pointed questions about how the effort was going to work and who was going to fund it.

The criticism of the Rove effort to decide what Republican candidates are “electable” or “unelectable” has been broad and deep among conservatives, with CHQ, Erick Erickson of the influential conservative blog RedState, The Club for Growth’s Chris Chocola and Brent Bozell, Chairman of the Media Research Center and ForAmerica, among others, weighing-in against the idea of Rove picking winners and losers in Republican primary elections.

When given the opportunity to rebut (on the "Mornings on the Mall" program on WMAL-FM in Washington DC) the sharp criticism directed at Rove’s effort by Bozell, Jonathan Collegio, chief spokesman for Rove's American Crossroads organization chose, as Larry O’Connor of Breitbart put it, to make things worse, if not personal.  "Bozell is a hater and he also has a long sordid history hating Karl Rove.  He has weird personal axes to grind," said the spokesman for Rove's Super PAC.

Conservatives are “haters” if they oppose Karl Rove’s establishment Republican power grab?

The establishment and liberals have, to use Collegio’s phrase, “a long sordid history” of labeling conservatives as “haters” for opposing same sex marriage, open homosexuals in Boy Scouting and in the military and other liberal social engineering causes.

We didn’t realize American Crossroads and Karl Rove had entered this liberal pantheon, but apparently they are now above questioning in much the same way that other liberal causes in need of forced acceptance by the rest of society are.

After Collegio’s smear became widely known, Breitbart reports one conservative insider remarked "that kind of language and tactic directed at a conservative is the kind of thing you'd see from Touré on MSNBC not from a fellow conservative serving a person with the profile of Karl Rove."

We agree, and Collegio’s perfunctory “if I offended” apology strikes us as both insincere and failing to apologize for his real offense: using the language of the left to smear an individual who, day-in, day-out, contributes mightily to the conservative cause.

A statement is now being circulated demanding Collegio's resignation in light of his comments smearing Brent Bozell as a “hater.” If Karl Rove and the donors behind American Crossroads really want to unite the right, they will act on that demand sooner rather than later and stop smearing conservatives with honest questions about how they plan to use their multi-million dollar organization to decide who is "electable" and who is "unelectable."

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Surprised? You shouldn't be!

What ever made you think that Rove, and his ilk do not revile conservatives as much as the lefties?  Show me where he directed heavy PAC money for a substantioal amount of true principled conservatives, in the primaries?

Carl Rove

I am sick to death of Carl Rove's arrogannce! He doe s NOT speak for me, or any other Conservatives that I know. If he thinks that what we need in the next election are more of the same RINOs, then he is way off the reservation! In fact, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and several other RINOs need to be voted out ASAP! Half of this country claim to be Conservatives, and these guys just are NOT! They have sold us down the river, in order to "make nice" with Obama and Harry Reid, while the LIBS laugh all the way to the bank! Rove is one of them! Tea Partiers of the country UNITE!! I for one will NOT be sending any of my hard earned dollars to his organization. I would rather send it to individual Conservative candidates and causes that I know will use it wisely. Rove is making a very nice living off of his RINO endeavors. Disgusting!