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GOP Silent As Obama Kills Defense Of Marriage Act

Last week we noted that President Barack Obama has become America’s lawbreaker-in-Chief and few actions exemplify Obama’s propensity for ignoring the will of the people as expressed by the laws Congress passes than his recent executive orders and actions on same sex marriage and federal benefits for same sex couples.

Traditional marriageThe Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) blocks the federal government from extending spousal benefits to same sex couples.

However, on Monday, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expanded a list of benefits to the same sex spouses of service members as well as to the unmarried partners of homosexual service members.

The changes will take effect once training on the new rules is completed, Panetta said according to NewsMax.

As NBC News reported, all of the new same sex couple benefits had previously been denied by the Pentagon. They are automatically available to heterosexual military spouses.

NewsMax reports that the benefits include child care and member-designated hospital visits. They also include military identification cards, which give same sex spouses and partners access to on-base commissaries, movie theaters and gyms.

How can Obama do that in light of the legal strictures imposed by the Defense of Marriage Act?

Easy, as principled conservative Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma observed in a statement condemning the new Obama policy -- you just create a new class of beneficiary.

“In a weak attempt to not violate the Defense of Marriage Act, the administration is using a play on words by saying ‘same sex domestic partners’ can have access to benefits instead of ‘spouses.’ We are on a slippery slope here,” Inhofe, the ranking GOP member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement.

As Inhofe put it, Obama’s new same sex partner benefits rule essentially creates a new class of military service beneficiary that will increase costs and demand for the “limited resources that are currently available for military families, active and reserve forces, and retirees.”

This, by-the-way, is blatant political pandering to homosexual activists since the new benefits extended to same sex partners are denied to cohabiting heterosexual couples.

Obama’s latest action to advance the radical homosexual agenda in defiance of the Defense of Marriage Act is further proof that the Democratic Party has been completely taken over by far-left secular progressives.

At their 2012 national convention, Obama and the Democrats threw down the gauntlet to Republicans on the social issues – and so far, establishment Republicans are MIA in the fight and have shown little enthusiasm for taking up the challenge.

You couldn’t find the social issues in a national GOP ad or campaign during the 2012 election.

Yet the Democratic Party regularly tells voters loudly and clearly that it means to use the power of the federal government to fundamentally change American society in a way that is totally at odds with the faith of millions of traditional Catholic, evangelical Protestant and Jewish voters.

To the elite GOP establishment insiders who ran Mitt Romney’s campaign, and who hold sway with many Capitol Hill Republicans, the cultural issues are the stuff of undignified Bible Belt candidates and television preachers.

These urban elite Republican insiders have long underestimated how profoundly unsettling the Democratic Party’s direction under Barack Obama is to millions of Americans who subscribe to the Biblical definition of marriage and the family, and for whom the right-to-life is an essential teaching of their faith.

Yet this is exactly where Obama looks to make the most profound changes to American society.

Conservatives are starting to recognize that the Capitol Hill GOP isn’t likely to give Obama much of a fight on the social issues, which gives him plenty of “running room” to implement his radical secular liberal agenda to change American society.

If we conservatives want to prevent that from happening, we are going to have to be the leaders on the cultural issues. That means we are going to have to drag the GOP kicking and screaming into the arena to fight the culture war Obama and the Democrats declared last summer and that they are currently prosecuting to victory -- because, so far, the Republican establishment won’t fight back.

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As usual...Leftists who

As usual...Leftists who support the end of DOMA choose to ignore the ramifications of Obama CHOOSING which laws to enforce or ignore. The base of the argument to stand and enforce DOMA is the fact that the Church sanctions marriages and the government is out of bounds in forcing Churches to "accomodate" special interests. Nobody is saying there can't be a marriage between same sexes...if they choose to...BUT...we...who have religious convictions WILL stand and say there is no place for a government to FORCE Churches to accomodate any special group that the Church is religiously bound NOT to recognize. These same Leftists will scream about separation of Church and State when it suits them...yet are front and center to force Churches to bow to the same State when it is in their selfish best interest.

What WAR

As usual with a flair for the dramatic and over the top comments, Obama did not declare war on anything or anyone. However, you must concur politicians have to be prodded to enact anything, it's the activists who are busy at work here. I'm not surprised Republicans would rather not get involved.

While you propose to speak for bible believers, how do you address non-believers, as you should know by now there is a large segment of our population who do not adhere to antiquated believes which are no longer relevent in our day and age. 

I understand people like you who cannot or will not adapt to such social changes, the  GOP understands and sees the tidal wave coming their way. They are not equipped to stem the tide, perhaps, if he even cares, the GOD of Moses will stamp them out as he did previously at Sodom & Gomorrah, and we all know how well that worked out.  

Same Sex Marriage / Domestic Partnerships

It is difficult for me wrap my head around all that is going on in our country right now.  How is it that 3% of the population is gay and yet their is this great push by the progressive/liberal lawmakers to coddle them?  State after state has voted on this issue and have passed laws that basically say that "Marriage" is between one man and one woman.  How can our lawmakers and especially our President disregard the will of 'We The People'? 

More importantly how can 'We The People' keep standing around and doing nothing (or very little) about it.  Is there spomeone out there smarter than me that can outline the process to immediately remove from office those that we have elected to represent us and are not doing so?  If they are not doing so, they need to go!

HEY ELECTED FEDERAL OFFICIALS, every contest has a winner and loser and you cannot please everyone.  The gay people of course are not happy with the "Marriage definition as between one man and one woman", so can we simply go with the majority vote?

Also, can we somehow get our lawmakers to stay focused while representing us.  The pressing issues never were healthcare, immigration, gay marriage or gun control!  Jobs and Economy or make me a one term President, PLEASE Mr. President!  Then term limits and laws passed are for all Americans, elected officials should not have different retirement, healthcare or anything else for that matter!

There are many things the GOP can bust Obama on

So this particular issue just seems like a waste of time, and leaves a golden opportunity for growing the party on the table. If the Republican Party was smart, they would use small-government solutions here. Marriage status sanctioning is Constutionally reserved for non-federal levels of government. Push to get this back to the states, reference Article I Section 8 and Amedments IX and X, and hammer Obama on his unconstitutional power grabs, cronyism, and fiscal irresponsibility.

DOMA vs Constitutional Federalism

The best way to divide the tenuous, maybe nonexistent, coalition wandering in Republican and Tea circles is to digress from the cause of: liberty, free markets, sound money, and constitutional government.

Simply put, without religious rancor, DOMA is contrary to the reserved powers of the states. Also, realistically, DOMA may be real popular with Southern Baptists but will do little to attract the fast growing group independent of the two major parties.

Obama Defying DOMA

I agree. The reason the GOP is silent on the issue is that in my opinion, most of them would not have a problem with same sex marriage and full homosexual rights if that will help them be more mainstream and give them the ability to get elected without all of us "pesky, back woods, local, yokel, social conservatives". I believe that most of them only profess belief in traditional marriage in order to get elected. They are also under this misguided notion that americans support same sex marriage which since the election polling showed was heavily democratic does not, in my opinion reflect the views of the vast majority of americans who actually believe in and have moral convictions. That is why we must keep the fight going ourselves because government of both parties is not on our side and when you cannot even say that homosexuality is a sin without being labeled a hater and a bigot and intolerant and not one politician says anything we have a big problem. Once again I say to you all out there, these politicians that refuse to fight for the principles and beliefs we share and they profess to have, should not be welcomed at CPAC or any social and fiscal conservative functions and organizations or we will become like african-americans (and yes I am a straight, religious, conservative, female, african american and can say this) a group of voters that can be counted on only because we have no where else to go.


Though these people who are demanding the unnatural right to marriage that has since the beginning of mankind been reserved for two people of the opposite sex, and are challenging our societies moral norm, their problem is not with society, but with the Living God, who is the only one who has the authority to establish acceptable societal behavior.  Like it or not it is not their peers that they will have to answer to, it is the Living God that will hold them accountable for their rebellion against His Word.  Same sex marriage is but one more nail in the coffin or our nation.

Culture War

The GOP also didn't lift a finger to stop expanded taxpayer funding of abortion for women in the military signed by Obama at the beginning of the year.

One Party System

The GOP is just the right wing of the coming NWO to be established in the USA