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Viguerie Offers $10,000 Liberty Prize: Asks For Plans For Conservative Takeover Of GOP

Today, I'm announcing “The Liberty Prize,” a contest for grassroots conservatives to submit a plan or ideas to take over the Republican Party, win the November 2016 elections, and govern America by 2017.

OptimismThe most important political battle in America is not between Republicans and Democrats or between conservatives and liberals. It is the battle for control of the Republican Party between establishment big government Republicans and limited government, constitutional conservatives.  It has become clear that establishment Republican and Democratic politicians have failed America because they have both accepted big government as the solution to every problem.

The urgency of this effort cannot be overstated.

With big government establishment Republicans, led by Karl Rove, launching a multi-million dollar PAC to control Republican Primary elections and the changes to the Republican Party rules rammed through the 2012 Republican Convention by Mitt Romney's inside-the-Beltway allies, conservatives must have a well-organized and well-thought-out plan to take control of the GOP from the grassroots up.  Otherwise, the Republican Party will continue its slow creep away from the conservative principles that elected Ronald Reagan in 1980, the Contract With America Congress in 1994, and the Tea Party wave Congress in 2010.

In asking for ideas on how to help save our country, I named the $10,000 prize “The Liberty Prize” because I want to encourage the grassroots conservatives of the GOP to liberate the Party from the control of the Beltway insiders who are pushing the Party away from the conservative principles that win elections for Republicans.  The entire $10,000 could go to one person who writes a great plan or it could be divided among persons who submit specific ideas to advance the project.

The winning plan/idea will be included in a book I'm writing to be published this spring, entitled, “TAKEOVER."

Plans should be submitted through the special website by Friday, March 8, 2013.

In announcing “The Liberty Prize,” I believe conservatives at the grassroots level have the ideas and principles, as well as the numbers, political skills, and talent to govern America, but unlike the liberals who control the Democratic Party, we conservatives don’t control the Republican Party.

In the 51 years I've been in politics at the national level, I've never been more enthusiastic about our prospects for success.  Out of the ashes of the Republican establishment’s 2012 defeat, without compromising our principles, we conservatives can rebuild the Republican Party into a strong and principled voice for the majority of Americans who believe in, and will vote for, candidates who stand for freedom of the individual, economic opportunity, and traditional values.

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Solve the Fiscal Crisis

I'm in favor of grass roots Constitutional change - to bring a single term, perhaps longer than the current term to both houses of Congress. Right now, nobody on the Hill wants to enact unpopular legislation in Social Security, Medicare, and Defense - and these are the only areas where change can alter the current course enough to save our economy. The Tea Party won't do it. The Fiscal Cliff/Sequestration won't do it. It has to be a solid fiscal plan, vis-a-vis David Walker's "Comeback America."


All we need to do is get this country back to it's roots and follow the demands of our founding fathers, obey the constitution and have an undying Faith in Our Creator. There is only one God and we need to heed his Laws and Humble Ourselves before him and he will heal our Nation. I believe there are several MEN who could probably do this and the two that come to mind almost immediatly are Rand Paul or Dr. Benjamin Carson. If a vote were held today I know who I would vote for, Benjamin Carson. But first we must deal with President Obama before he destroys this land of ours, and the only solution to that problem that I can come up with is to have HIM IMPEACHED, God knows he has committed enough crimes already, we just need some Very Brave MEN to STAND UP and have the COURAGE to do what needs to be done.

Larry Bittner  Gallant,Alabama

The obvious solution...

I'm no rocket scientist, but the answer is as obvious as the roster of present members of Congress. Make a list of the House and Senate Republicans, in order of most 'Big Government' to most 'Constitutional Conservative' Republicans, and work on getting the big government people out of there. This isn't going to happen in a election cycle or two, but this is what the Tea Party started, and it needs to be ramped up to the max. It shouldn't be too hard to replace some Democrats with Constitutional Conservatives, either.


Republicans need to quit trying to outdo the demoncrats.  They are not going to win over the demoncrats, but they do lose their base of voters.  What we need are men and women who are willing to articulate the devastation that demoncratic policies are wreaking on our nation and how the Conservative Republican policies will restore America's greatness.

Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President

Please make the check out to:

The Committee to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President.

Retaking the GOP from the Beltway insiders

Note date written:

Goodbye GOP

The patron saint of Chicago politics said it:  “Nice guys finish last” – Leo Durocher

So you offered us McCain and Mittens. And they were crushed by the passion, and the venom, of the machine.  As for living on as what the Brits call “The Loyal Opposition”, fuggedaboutdit.

Then who will assume that role?  May I suggest a marriage of the passion of the Tea Party to the principles and the discipline of the Libertarians? But first the former must rid itself of the hypocrites and fools that contributed to the demise of the Republicans.

How can you ask government to regulate who shall marry, or whether a pregnancy shall be carried to term, and not expect to get the nanny state of the elitist Bloombergs of the world? Abdicate if you will, the admonishing of your daughters to keep their legs together, and you will find your sons are told to put down that Big Mac. Ask government to intrude into bedrooms, but do not deny that it will tell you where and with whom your children will be schooled.

The outlier, to use a now popular phrase, was Reagan. But did any Republican since he  show the cajones to tell Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”?  The Libertarians have a fighter in Ron Paul, but his time has past. Who within the Tea Party has shown the consistency to resist the darker sides of what passes for humanity, the Obama statists, heirs to their fellow Socialists, Marx, Stalin, and Hitler?

So to you who bemoan yesterday’s results, I say gather your resolve for tomorrow’s opportunities. Offer not candidates who, like Perot, say “I ran a business” nor compromised combatants like Gingrich who pushed back at the media or Christie that pushed back at the avarice of the educational establishment. Find instead a Reagan for our time, one who combines courage with principle. Then this nation will see an opposition worthy of its trust.

Tom Beebe

November 7, 2012