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Yes, Jeb Bush Is Running For President

Conservatives who thought that the Republican establishment’s prayers would be left unanswered, and that Jeb Bush would NOT run for President, better think again. Jeb Bush is now running his brother George W’s playbook, and the first gambit is to scare all the other establishment candidates out of the race.

Jeb Bush“I have a voice, I want to share my beliefs about how the conservative movement and the Republican Party can regain its footing, because we’ve lost our way,” Bush told Matt Lauer on “Today” Monday.

The idea that conservatives actually look to Jeb Bush’s beliefs for guidance about how the conservative movement can “regain its footing” is laughable, if not absurd, to most grassroots conservative activists we know.

However, The Washington Post has already anointed Bush as the “prime mover” in the Republican Party, and we predict it won’t be long until Dana Perino of FOX News and other Bush alumns start pushing the line that only Jeb Bush can save the GOP from another presidential election defeat.

Bush has also released a new book, “Immigration Wars,” written with attorney Clint Bolick, and was ostensibly on the “Today” show to promote the book. However, the Republican establishment’s “great white hope” was talking about a lot more than immigration, and interestingly enough, doing a John Kerry on the hot button issue, at least for conservatives, of the so-called path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

Bush threw some very sharp elbows at fellow Floridian Senator Marco Rubio, who has his own following promoting him as a potential presidential candidate, and who was considered one of the leading, if not THE leading conservative until he blew a lot of his street cred with grassroots conservative voters by backing the “gang of eight” illegal immigration plan, that includes a so-called “path to citizenship.”

Bush very directly disavowed support for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, except for the ill-defined group brought to the U.S. as children by their parents who would be legalized under some iteration of the DREAM Act.

This was a direct shot at Rubio and the first verse in Jeb Bush’s version of the old Bobby Womack song, “Trust Me,” with which Bush plans to woo conservatives.

Been there, done that, and trust us, in Jeb Bush’s case -- the older grape does not make sweeter wine.

First he tells Matt Lauer he is against a path to citizenship, then in a later interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, he said that he could support one under the right circumstances – like John Kerry apparently for it before he was against it and back again.

Next week, Jeb will follow-up this week’s media blitz with a big speech at the American Conservative Union's Conservative Political Action Conference; what used to be the conservative movement’s premier national gathering. After that speech, and the attendant round of media interviews, we predict that Bush (whether he admits it or not) is in the presidential race until someone knocks him out.

No doubt some conservatives will think well of Jeb Bush for defending Terri Schiavo’s right to life, but any conservative thinking of supporting Jeb Bush for President need only to first watch Bush’s interview with Matt Lauer, and then the one with NBC’s Chuck Todd, to be reminded of what they are really getting in another Bush presidential campaign.

With that flip-flop in mind, conservatives need to ask themselves if they really want another content-free presidential campaign run by Bush family consultants, acolytes and horse-holders like Karl Rove, who must have their rice bowls filled every four years with millions of dollars raised from unsuspecting Republican donors who haven’t yet figured out that the Republican establishment’s elite don’t really care if conservative principles prevail, as long as they get paid and keep the power in the Party.

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another Bush

The GOP would be very, very foolish if they think they will win with another Bush! Was he a good govenor of Florida, sure, he speaks Spanish has a Spanish wife, so OK for minorities,,but with that said. ..With all the Bush bashing during George Jr.s run, with all the Bush bashing over the last 4 years, the blame game etc., do you really think he could possibly win??? Granted he will be a little stronger verbally than spineless Romney, but frankly Romney had more knowledge when it came to budgets and no way did he win, so if Priebus wants to gaurontee that Republicans will not win again for another 200 years, I truly advise them not to put up a "Bush", The time to put him up truly was during the McCain fiasco, Jeb should run for Senate and clean up and rescue his State of Florida, there are many places where he CAN be useful, but NO WAY could a "BUSH" ever regaing the Presidency, Can we please use candidates like the Judge Napaliatano, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, I'll even go Gary Johnson way before another Bush!


This early into the 2016 race and we're already trying to figure out how to lose it????? No Bush, No Time!!!

Herbert Hoover's Brother

Let me ask a question.  If Herbert Hoover had a brother (or son, grandson, or nephew with the same last name) who wanted to run for President, do you think that Hoover's namesake relative would have been elected, prior to let's say 1980?  There's your answer about Jeb Bush becoming President.  Relax because who's going to vote for him.  Remember John Connally?  He had a ton of dough, and didn't do too well, in the primaries.  Jeb will realize the same fate.

Jeb Bush for President

A wishy-washy person should not be considered for any leadership role, let alone the presidency. I am not for any kind of "free" road to citizenship. Our nation is the only country in the world that allows illegals a chance to become citizens. I can understand those who come in legally. They are usually the ones who work for citizenship by studying and taking the necesssary test. Giving voting rights to people who do not know anything about the consitution is dangerous. Illegals are here for the benefits and do not intend to contribute to the country. Does Jeb Bush know anything about the basics of economics? We know the liberal don't. The way to get more money into the government coffers, he to reduce taxes. That way the wealthy will hire because they will have more money to spend. In turn, individuals will spend more, which means the government collects more tax revenue. Also, the more people work, the more income tax revenue, without raising taxes. It comes in because someone has a job that earns income, which is taxable. In other words, no jobs, no tax revenue.


"After Bush I - George Herbert and his Clarence Thomas insult
and his Keating Five - the United States - was shaky but still strong

After Bush II - George Double-U - from Enron to the bankruptcy of the
financial system - the U.S. was also morally bankrupt

After Bush III - the US will, ever so fortunately, just be another

Another Bush?

We're not a monarchy.  I don't ever want to see another Bush, Kennedy, or Clinton ever again.  They've pretty much completed the destruction of America between them.

"Jeb Bush Is Running For

"Jeb Bush Is Running For President", another sure sign the Independent Party will maintain its momentum, lol!It will be interesting to see if he does for himself, what he did for his 'brother' in his brothers Florida Primary, (qualifying eligibility of voters)should he run!

Yes Jeb Bush Is Running For President

The Bush Family is why we are in this predicatment in the first place. But as conservatives this does not have to be the outcome. We were bamboozeld into going along with Romney as the "Only Person To Beat Obama" DON'T FALL FOR IT AGAIN. We Conservatives must be the ones who decide who will be our candidate or we will lose elections forever. We are already being told that we have to move forward, we have to lower our morals and standards and accept high taxes, citizenship for illegals, gay marriage and everything else the Dems are for in order to be relevant and inclusive. WELL GUESS WHAT? We will never be able to beat Dems when it comes to low morals and standards and love of country. BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ANY!!!! I continue to believe that there are more people in this country who value morals and values and strong families and strong religious beliefs than Dem's who booed God at their own convention. Look at the ratings for the Bible Series on History. We must find and vote for candidates with those strong morals and values and beliefs and who are able to articulate the benefits of conservative and religious values to the masses without off the wall statements. IT CAN BE DONE IF WE REMAIN STRONG!!!!!