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Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty to Debut at CPAC

New group of conservatives forms to highlight the flaws in America’s death penalty

Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, a national network of conservatives questioning the alignment of capital punishment with conservative principles, will debut at CPAC (March 14-16). 

CCDP logoLocal conservative leaders from Montana, Kentucky, Texas, and Kansas will be in attendance. National figures Jay Sekulow and Richard A. Viguerie are also supporters of the group. 

"Conservatives should question how the death penalty actually works in order to stay true to small government, reduction in wasteful spending, and respect for human life," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.  

Roy Brown, former Montana House Majority Leader and a republican candidate for Montana governor in 2008, helped found Montana Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty several years ago. Brown was enthusiastic about expanding his grassroots effort, and will attend CPAC as part of the new national effort. 

“We came together to shatter the myth that conservatives blindly support the death penalty,” said Brown. “Many of us have thought a lot about this issue, and we wanted a forum to speak to each other and to speak collectively about the need to re-examine capital punishment from a conservative perspective.” 

Brown continued, “It might be easier to allow the death penalty to continue if it were less expensive than life in prison; if the courts treated rich and poor equally; if it truly was a deterrent and if everyone that was executed was guilty. But the death penalty is none of those things.”  

Richard A. Viguerie, known as the “Funding Father” of the conservative movement, also supports the new group. “Conservatives have every reason to believe the death penalty system is no different from any (other government programs) which we conservatives know are rife with injustice,” Viguerie said. 

Across our nation the number of death sentences is dropping and polls are showing support for capital punishment at an all time low. According to Richard Viguerie, “This trend is not limited to bleeding-heart liberals and crime coddlers.”  

Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty will be at booth 712 in the CPAC exhibit hall.  For more information contact Jon Crane at 203-982-4575 or email  [email protected].  

About Us
Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a nationwide group of conservatives questioning whether capital punishment is consistent with conservative principles and values due to the system’s inefficiency, inequity, and inaccuracy. Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a project of Equal Justice USA, a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization working to build a criminal justice system that works. For everyone. To learn more go to

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Crime and Punishment

There is an ongoing hue and cry regarding the Second Amendment. If we but followed the tactics of our Puritan'Pilgrim forebears, we could solve two problems with one solution. The Pilgrims make judicious use of the Public Stocks, the Whipping Post and, of course, the gallows.The stocks were used to publicly humiliate certain types of offenders. The Whipping Post to Punish severely offenders who had commited more egregious offenses. The gallows were reserved for those who commited capital offenses. If we as a nation would but return to the remedies used by the Puritans, there woud be no need to argue the Constitutional Question of Gun Permits and its associated baggage. Just to make my position clear, I am a Christian, Constitutional Conservative. I am absolutely in favor of the Death Penalty, the Stocks and the Whipping Post. I further recommend the Trial and, upon a guilty finding of Treason and Murder, the Hanging on the gallows of one Barack Hussein Obama.

Death Penalty

You might want to consider Obama as a candidate for the Death Penalty for his failure to act during the Bengazhi debacle. I jut now sent this message to the WH email for Obama. Yo! Idiot, you have neither the qualifications not the brains to be the President of these United States. When you have the unmitigated gall to state, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a nation of Christians.” And then you go on to say, “We are a nation of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists…” You are so full of BS. That means Bovine excrement dummy. Muslims have contributed absolutely nothing to the United States except turmoil, hatred and crime. They all possess the mob mentality and the egregious behavioral standard of that false prophet muhammad, or mohammed or mahomet or whatever moniker you chose to apply to the most murderous wannabe leader of a bunch of uneducated and hateful scumbags to be found anywhere on this planet. You are and have been so far off base on virtually everything upon which you pontificate. Furthermore, you lie when the truth is obvious. You are so full of hatred, arrogance and so full of self, even those sycophants you believe to be your (ahem) friends, hate your self-serving guts, your pomposity, narcissism and egotistical smart alec behavior and your nose-in-the-air pose reminiscent of Mussolini. Your so selfish spendthrift ways are an abomination and that creature you call “Wife” has the taste and manners of Bagdad whore; flamboyant, over-dressed, gaudy and thoroughly tasteless. I advise you to resign before the Congress summons up the courage to seek an indictment against you and several others equally culpable in the Benghazi debacle. Of course you and they will be indicted for Treason and Murder and will seek to have you hang by the neck until you are dead! I so Pray to the one True God.

To the Imposter in the White House

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)


326 F Nantucket Lane


Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

"death penalty not a deterrent" LOL

Dear Mr. Viguerie, I must say that I am truly embarrassed for you, if you indeed are one of the naïve folks who go around saying that you are not for the death penalty because “it is not a deterrent to crime”. Please let me explain why I think such statements and thoughts are so naïve and embarrassing.


 By all accounts we in the USA are (or were) a just and civilized society. We democratically elect people to represent us in our government. These representatives are duly tasked with determining what actions are not permissible in our civilized society, and thus make such actions illegal or criminal. When a citizen is accused of committing one of these impermissible actions (ie. crimes), they are given due process and equal treatment under our laws, and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

  When a person is found guilt of a crime after due process, they are forced to pay a penalty. These penalties can come in a number of forms, from simple monetary fines for things such as parking illegally, to community service time for such things as driving under the influence of alcohol or littering, to jail time for such things as burglary, to life in prison for such things as assault with intent to kill, all the way up to the death penalty for things such as mass murder, rape and sodomy of children, or killing of police officers while committing other crimes. These various penalties are handed down for two simple purposes, and two simple purposes only.

1) The first purpose is purely punitive, to punish the person for the crime they have been proven to have committed.

2) The second reason is as a deterrent, to deter that person from committing that same crime again.


 Example 1: If you and I decide at the last minute to go to a local football game and I park illegally and am given a $50 parking ticket. That $50 ticket is given to punish ME for parking illegally, and to deter ME from ever parking illegally again. The parking ticket is not given to me to punish some “John Doe” living 10 states away from me that has never even heard of me, nor is it given to deter some “John Doe” from ever parking illegally.  “John Doe” is innocent until proven guilt in our Country, and our Country is not so stupid or naïve that it tries to deter a person from committing a crime, by punishing some other person. Duh..anyone who says “the death penalty is not a deterrent” should agree that you can not deter person A, simply by punishing person B, duh..


 Example 2: If John Doe rapes and murders children and after due process is given the death penalty. That death penalty is not given to John Doe to punish you or I, nor is it given to deter you and I.  Remember you and I are considered innocent until proven guilty, and we as a society are not stupid enough to make laws thinking that we can deter people from committing crimes simply by punishing other people. This is where most liberals and other unfortunately naïve people get confused, just because you and I are smart enough to see that criminals get penalized for their actions, and it deters us from being criminals, does not mean that we as a society have made laws to deter some people by penalizing other people, we are too smart for that, at least I hope so.


 If you were to state that “we should not give out parking tickets or other monetary fines because it is not a deterrent”, I would not argue with you. There are millions of cases in this Country alone where parking tickets have been given out, and it did not deter the parking criminals from going out and parking illegally again and again.

If you were to state that “we should not give out community service time because it is not a deterrent”, I would not argue with you. There are tens of thousands of cases where community service time has been given out as a punishment and a deterrent, but the person has committed the same crime again and again.

 If you were to state that “we should not give out jail sentences because it is not a deterrent”, I would not argue with you. There are many thousands of cases where after serving a jail sentence the offender has gone back out and committed the same crime again.

If you were to state that “we should not give out life in prison sentences because they are not a deterrent”, I would argue with you, even though there are a few cases where a life in prison sentence was handed down, and not carried out, and the offender went back out into society and committed the same crime again.


  When it comes to the death penalty though, I challenge you to give me one recent US case… no that is too hard. I challenge you to give me any US case… no that is still too hard. I challenge you, and anyone else, to give me one case in all of world history where the death penalty has been carried out that it did not serve as a deterrent to that person ever committing that same crime again. I will even let you use the case of Jesus Christ, who although given the death penalty, and then rose again from the dead, there are no accounts that he ever went back and messed with the money changers in the Temple, the crime for which he was given the death penalty.

 You see, not only IS the death penalty a deterrent; it is a 100% deterrent, and the ONLY deterrent we have in our criminal justice system.


 FYI… There have been several people released from death row after being found not guilty (no person is ever “innocent”) of the crime they were convicted, but there has never been a single case in US history where the death penalty was carried out on a person not guilty of the crime they were convicted of.