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Petition to Support Governor Sarah Palin


Tell Karl Rove you are tired of Washington's elite disrespecting Sarah Palin and her millions of grassroots supporters

To: Mr. Karl Rove, American Crossroads, P.O. Box 34413, Washington, DC 20043


Dear Mr. Rove:

Every time you disrespect Governor Sarah Palin, you disrespect the millions of grassroots conservatives and Tea Party activists who share her views. We are tired of the disrespect you and other inside-the-Beltway elitists show us when we are the ones who provide the manpower, make the phone calls and cast the votes Republicans need to win. 

While you and the rest of the Republican establishment have grown rich off the insider schemes you have concocted to make money off of political campaigns, Sarah Palin speaks for those of us who are hurting out in America's heartland. While you and your establishment Republican cronies have gotten rich whether Republicans won or lost, we are the ones suffering the consequences of another four years of Barack Obama as President. 

Mr. Rove, Sarah Palin is right; when Washington is so powerful that seven of the ten highest income counties in the country ring the city, it is time we allow ourselves to imagine an earthshaking change in Washington -- leadership that understands us little people, us "clinging to our God, our Guns, our Constitution and our grassroots," as Governor Palin put it. We stand with Sarah to imagine leadership in Washington, and in the Republican Party, that actually takes seriously the idea of government of the people, by the people, for the people. If you want our support and our votes then we demand respect us and those who speak for us, like Governor Sarah Palin.


Sarah's Strength and Mission

Sarah Palin is our answer for the leadership needed for our America to be saved. When all the male commentators were remarking about the passage of dear Margaret Thatcher, not one of them mentioned Sarah as a possible candidate for the Presidency. Not one of them mentioned the comparable strength of this woman, mother, grandmother, Christian, Governor, and Conservative leader. Shame on them! Sarah is the real deal; she is faithful and compelled to seek justice for the citizens and our great nation. True, the media has done an terrible injustice to her abilities, vision, and the truth she perpetuates according to our blessed Constitution. She has been mocked and battered by words and actions of small, narrowminded people. She seeks what is good and just for America and its citizens, and has shared her vision through presence and speech with throngs of supporters. I am one woman who supports her candidacy and hope and pray for best.

Sarah Palin

  •   I
    see so many negative comments trying to put Sarah Palin down. She has been
    the only one out there who has called a spade a spade ( No pun intended ) The
    left still fear her and rightly so. 
    Contrary to posts that always tries to indicate otherwise...At the
    time of her selection as a VP running mate, she had something like a 94% approval rate in Alaska. The
    MSM perceived her as dangerous to the democratic party, and began to hound
    her every move, even after the election. They obviously still considered her
    a threat and maintained their relentless attack . These irresponsible yellow
    journalism attacks by the media and the Democratic Party. and the resulting time and cost to the
    state in defending against same, was the reason for her resignation as
    governor of Alaska
    . This allowed the new governor to pursue business
    as usual. Even after her resignation the MSM continued their harassment.
    Why now was a private citizen being attacked at every turn ,if NOT still
    considered a future threat. Sarah
    Palin took on the establishment and spared no wrong doer from either
    party. She supports and defends the rights and privileges of the American
    people and the ESTABLISHMENT calls it going rogue.
    She is the
    brightest /most shinning hope we the people have in the near future...will
    it ever happen.??? I can only hope. Perhaps she was /is not ready to run
    for POTUS ,however, prior to the 2008 election, there were pundits who
    facetiously ,indicated she were probably more qualified for POTUS than any of the candidates running.
    That being ,because she had held
    the highest office in state government ,and with it the responsibility of
    making the final decision on much of what transpired in state government.

    i.e. "The buck stops here”, as Give them Hell Harry Truman has been
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Run Sarah Run!!

Sarah was trashed by the media when she ran with John McCain, but she did more for McCain than anyone gave her credit for. She drew bigger crowds, more enthusiastic and is still pulling them in. I would vote for her in a minute. Maybe she will join up with Rand Paul, wow what a team that would be. Dave Russell

Sarah and Rand

I believe Rand Paul would do well to "join up" with Sarah Palin, not the reverse.  In short, I trust Sarah more than Rand.  Don't forget that he is Ron's boy... and Ron has that kooky foreign policy wherein he believes evil leaders have te same feelings as we Americans.  DON'T YOU BELIEVE THAT FOR A MOMENT!  EVIL IS EVIL, AND WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS.  

You got Ron Paul wrong AH.

You got Ron Paul wrong AH. Bring the troops home, they have no reason to be there. Protect our own borders. Stop starting war's without our permission. Stop printing fiat money and spending what we don't have. Evil is hurting someone for your own good. Legalize hemp. If you don't agree with anything Ron stands for, put it in a post. Watch how fast you get shot down.

Ron Paul

I will put something in a post about Ron Paul, and you won't like it. He stood there in one of the debates and said that he didn't mind if all our enemies had nuclear weapons, referring to Iran and North Korea and like countries. He said that they should have nuclear weapons if they wanted them because they were sovereign nations and that you didn't get any respect if you didn't have them. I do not agree with that philosophy and never will. He believes that we should wait until we are attacked with nuclear weapons before we respond. I do not agree with that either. He believes that we should pay attention to securing our borders. I agree with that. He believes that the Federal Reserve should be audited and done away with. I believe that the Federal Reserve should simply be done away with. You can audit them later if you want to. He believes that the Government needs to be much smaller and that it should function solely within the guidelines set out by the Constitution. I totally agree. So, you can see that I agree with him on the domestic front but not on foreign policy. I don't know how much like Ron Paul his son Rand is, but I seriously doubt that he is a clone of Ron, and from what I have seen so far, I like him and I will vote for him again when he comes up for re election.

Ron Paul

I have lived overseas (was a student in Middle East) and I can tell you unequivicably that Ron Paul is correct with regards to his foreign policies. I.E. "Blowback", I constatnly heard while overseas that "Americans put in one million dollars but take out 5 million" They hate our interference, even the latest Boston Bombers are stating that they did what they did because of our wars in Iraq and Afganistan. How many citizens have condemned Bush for Iraq? There is a HUGE differance in culture over there and they feel that we are disprespecting their culture their relgion etc, which explains Ron Paul's calls or explaination about "Blowback" As to North Korea, not that I like nukes or their philosophy, but their nation is being starved-sanctions always hurt the "people" not the governments, as to nukes, guess how many nations already DO have them, and his statement about if they attack us, well,  we have means to stopping that (The Dome defense-or Star wars) before it hits, and then IT is a reason for war. But,  in all seriousness we need to protect our borders, we need to give Americans jobs, we need to straighten our own messess before we can ask someone else to allow us to straighten theirs. I do not mind being a good samaritan, or a good steward toward the earth and fellow men-but we have way to many homeless and starving here-including our veterans, and we have run out of money, Government was for the protection of it's citzens-not making laws to enslave us

Palin is the smartest kid in school

I respect her husband, Todd, for having the control for not slapping jerks like Sgshaw.

Sarah Palin

I think that Sarah Palin is one of the true Conservatives in the public eye!!  I used to like Karl Rove, but I think that power has gone to his head.  Conservatives don't need that!!!  It is bad enough that democrats think that way!!!  Politicians MUST learn that they work for "WE THE PEOPLE" and nobody else!!!  We WILL bind them down with the chains of the Constitution.  


I used to think Sarah Palin wasn't too bright. Now I see her travel the country getting paid millions to tell people what they want to hear. She is smart enough to know she can't win an election and is milking the ultra right wingers for every penny she can squeeze ou of them. Cha ching$$$$!


I really like this individual.  I do think she is smart and intellegent.  I really respect her highly and would vote for her and anyone she would recommend.  I do think the newspapers really got down on her and really did an awful job of knocking down her charcter.  I have been really impressed with her ability to stand up to all this and continue as she has.  Her family seems very inportant to her and how she stood up, backed her daughter was to me very remarkable.  I hope that she gets back into some kind of political position.  She is also a very pretty lady and that usually means that she loves the people she is around and deeply in love with her husband and family.  I know this for a fact because of the beautiful young lady that I love very much and was very luckly to marry.  She has blessed me with four wonderful children and now we have five beautiful grandchildren

I am originally from Michigan, after graduation I was commision in the US Army for 6 years, spent some time in Sunney Southest Asia.  After getting out of the Army I am now down in Plano, Texas.  I am an M.E. Engineer P.E. and will be retiring sometime this year.

I just put that in because I am not from her State or anywhere near but think very highly of her and family.

William O. Zorka