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North Koreans Win By Strengthening Neocon Hand

The military-industrial complex and their neocon supporters on Capitol Hill must be standing up and saluting every time North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un issues another bellicose statement or dire threat to attack the United States and its nearby allies, such as South Korea and Japan.

North Korea nukesWhile no threat against America should go un-investigated, and the North Koreans could certainly do great harm to South Korea if they attacked, there is no evidence that the North Koreans have the ability to attack the U.S. directly from North Korea.

What they are looking for according to many analysts is not a fight or a war, but the attention of the U.S. and other potential economic benefactors -- and ultimately a pay-off of some sort for their renewed good behavior.

Thus, when we scramble our B-2 bombers and send stealth fighters to South Korea in a public display of force, we are just playing into the hands of Kim Jong-Un -- and in the process helping to justify neocon claims that spending at the Pentagon can’t be reduced.

In the neocon narrative on North Korea’s latest threats, we must maintain every relic of the Cold War in case they are needed to repel North Korean aggression against the South or even an attack against U.S. forces or the continental United States.

The problem is, the cost of maintaining outdated, outmoded forces far out-weighs their deterrent value against North Korea, and robs the military of the funds it needs to develop and deploy weapons that can deal with the actual capabilities of the North Koreans.

For example, we know they can’t hit the continental United States with a missile fired from North Korea, but they do have well-developed shorter range missiles that might be deployed against us via ship. Or, perhaps they have other so-called asymmetric ways of attacking us that only the Majors working on the scenarios in the bowels of the War College have thought of.

Flying a B-2 halfway around the world is no deterrent to those kinds of attacks, but it makes Obama (and his new guy at the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel) look tough. It also helps justify a large, technologically-oriented military establishment.

Perhaps that is part of the North Koreans' diabolical plan: to strengthen the hand of neocons on Capitol Hill (such as House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon of California) who are opposed, not just to sequestration, but to any reduction in spending at the Pentagon.

Were neocons to prevail, and continue the unsustainable deficit spending, it would not only deprive the U.S. military of the funds necessary to counter the asymmetric threats the North Koreans actually do present to America, It would also speed us along the road to national bankruptcy – and that’s not just a win, that’s a “two-fer” for the North Koreans and the rest of our adversaries.

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N Korea

For a change I agree with you. According to one of our Koeean students the N Koreans are doing this for home consumption. Our neocons and their friends in the military industrial complex should get real and find something else to think about. Someone should tell them Stalin in dead. Time to put the Cold War to bed. As for N Korea the Chinese will take care of them. We have better things to do with our money than turn countru (you name it) iinto a Jeffersonian demoocrary by force of arms. Besides it doesn';t work.