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Female Attorneys General Online Beauty Contest: You Be the Judge is getting into the beauty contest judging business, just like President Obama. Obama recently raised some eyebrows on both sides of the aisle for referring to California state attorney general Kamala Harris as “by far the best-looking” in the country. Well, we want to get in on the winner-choosing fun, too.

First, here’s some background. It’s true that Ms. Harris didn’t seem to mind. However, the situation certainly dredged up some complex views on modern roles of women in the workplace and how men treat them in those roles. You might say it even made some stop and think, “Is Obama a sexist who’s inadvertently reinforcing that his administration is mostly a “Boys Club” where women are less influential?” Then there’s the fact that women in his administration make 13% less than their male counterparts, all while Obama ironically celebrates “Equal Pay Day.”

FemaleAGsBut all of this raises another important question: What about the other female attorneys general? There are seven female A.G.’s besides Ms. Harris, including Pam Bondi (FL), Lisa Madigan (IL), Martha Coakley (MA), Lori Swanson (MN), Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), Ellen Rosenblum (OR), and Kathleen Kane (PA). We can’t help but wonder if Obama’s trumpeting of Ms. Harris’ comely appearance bothered any of the other accomplished A.G.'s. To our knowledge, none of the other female A.G.’s have spoken up. We’re sure that you’re just as curious.

In response, CHQ is conducting a fun poll – an online “beauty contest” of sorts – where you determine if Obama was right, or if Kamala Harris can’t hold a candle to the seven other contenders. Each contestant’s name and state appear below their photo. Political affiliations were omitted by design to help ensure the poll is not politically skewed.

Why should the president be the only one who gets to pick a winner? Let’s follow our Commander-in-Chief’s lead (ahem) on this one. It’s a difficult task, as these brainy gals are all beauties, too. Go ahead, try to pick just one. Can we do it? Yes we can!

To vote, click here.

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Beauty or brains needed?

How attractive a female state adjutant general is has absolutely nothing to do with the necessary ethics and morals, ability and intelligence to do the job.  Any one who votes for them on the basis of attractiveness is doing a disservice to their neighbors and citizens and shouln't be voting.  

In the case of the Illinois AG, she is a radical liberal and a Marxist Socialist and not a friend of the people.

beauty contest

From the photos published, I would vote for Pam Bondi of Florida as the most attractive AG.

I would also not put much regard into Barack Obama's views on physical beauty. Obama is also known to have thought of Reggie Love and Larry Sinclair as physically attractive to him, so Ms. Kamala Harris must represent a certain kind of physical beauty in Obama's eyes?

Female AG's

I have to agree that she is an attractive woman but the comment about the looks of any member of government is inaproppriate in context of their position. That being said, the occupier of the white house showed his lack of tact and intelligence in uttering it.