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Final Four Showdown

More than 2,500 readers took up the difficult task this week of choosing the most attractive female attorney general out of the field of eight in our online poll. Readers overwhelmingly voiced a preference -- not for Obama’s confessed crush, California attorney general Kamala Harris -- but for three other lovely female attorneys general. But no one A.G. received a majority.

In fact, four of the attorneys general received the highest percentage of votes: Pam Bondi of Florida received slightly more than the three runners-up, including Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania and Lori Swanson of Minnesota. What about Obama’s pick, Kamala Harris? She came in fourth place, just one percentage point away from Ms. Swanson.
Final Four Female AGsA final four match-up will start today and end in a final round of the top two candidates. Vote and post your comments now.
This poll brought record numbers of visitors who were eager to have their say. Reader Joseph C. Moore commented, “I have to agree that she [Kamala Harris] is an attractive woman, but the comment about the looks of any member of government is inappropriate in context of their position. That being said, the occupier of the White House showed his lack of tact and intelligence in uttering it.”
We purposely refrained from including each A.G.’s party affiliation in the poll to keep it focused on the basis of Obama’s comments—beauty. However, politics, as well as those modern views of women and their aesthetic appearance’s role in the workplace, still crept into the debate.

Reader jcr39 chimed in, “How attractive a female state attorney [sic] general is has absolutely nothing to do with the necessary ethics and morals, ability and intelligence to do the job.  Any one who votes for them on the basis of attractiveness is doing a disservice to their neighbors and citizens and shouldn't be voting. In the case of the Illinois A.G., she is a radical liberal and a Marxist Socialist and not a friend of the people.” And to that, we say, good for you, jcr39 for speaking your mind.

That’s what this forum is all about -- but this poll in particular is just a fun exercise to point out liberal hypocrisy when it comes to charges of "sexism." Ms. Madigan’s political faults are not a focus here. We invite readers to lighten their mood and try to have fun with it. Even though the president was not joking when he commented on Ms. Harris’s appearance, our point with this poll is to give the market a chance to decide. After all, it’s not really the president’s job to pick winners and losers for us.

Which two attorneys general will move on to the final round? You decide.

Click here to cast your favorite in the Final Four A.G. Showdown.

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