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Ted Cruz: Principled Opposition To Rubio Amnesty Bill

Senator Ted Cruz, the boat-rocking limited government constitutional conservative Senator from Texas, provided another one of his patented cross examinations of a smoke-blowing government official at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Senator Ted CruzCruz, the son of legal immigrants from Cuba, asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about border security measures – the so-called “triggers” – contained in the “Gang of Eight's” immigration bill.

Specifically, Senator Cruz asked, “If there are no objective metrics, if it is simply the subjective assessment of a host of factors, how can we have any confidence that the border will be secured and that any trigger will be meaningful?”

Although she bobbed and weaved like Mohammed Ali, the secretary failed to provide specific, measurable ways DHS would verify border security if the immigration bill was made law and millions of illegal immigrants were given legal status.

You can watch an excerpt of the exchange here.

Secretary Napolitano’s non-response answers Cruz’s questions about how the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill would work, and prompted Cruz to release the following statement after the hearing:

“We must have a clear definition of what metrics must be reached in order for the border to be secure. I am not satisfied with answers offered at today’s hearing, as it remains unclear how the provisions in this bill will help achieve a secure border.

“As it stands, the border security component – which numbers only 58 pages of the 844-page bill – largely cedes authority to the Department of Homeland Security to determine when and how the border would be secured. However, today's hearing revealed that the last clear metric for border security - 'operational control' - reflected that in 2010, DHS had secured 873 miles of the more than 2,000 mile border.

"When that metric did not demonstrate success, DHS decided to simply abandon the metric. In order for a metric to be real, it must be meaningful. Currently, there are no objective metrics in place to ensure any triggers in this bill will be meaningful, all while the pathway to citizenship component remains contingent on this undefined border security.”

And that is really the crux of the matter.

Even if you accept the notion that it is a good idea, or necessary to “legalize” millions of illegal immigrants – and we don’t – then the border security measures being used to sell the idea to skeptical citizens and lawmakers must be meaningful and real.

As Senator Cruz pointed out, “Currently, there are no objective metrics in place to ensure any triggers in this bill will be meaningful, all while the pathway to citizenship component remains contingent on this undefined border security.”

Congress has been down this road before.

As Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint observed, the “Gang of Eight” bill is very similar to the amnesty bill passed in 1986 which granted citizenship to 3 million illegal immigrants, less than one third of the number that might qualify for “legalization” under the current language of the Rubio plan.

One of the “sweeteners” to obtain the votes necessary to pass the 1986 bill was a Congressional promise to fund and build a border fence.

Sound familiar?

Today, 27 years after the passage of the 1986 bill, the border fence isn’t built and the penalties against hiring illegal aliens remain largely unenforced.

To the “Gang of Eight,” comprehensive immigration reform is all about the raw politics of trying to use the future of America to bribe Hispanic voters into supporting one political party over the other, with America’s taxpayers and workers covering the tab.

We agree with Jim DeMint’s principled call for conservatives to oppose any immigration bill that rewards the 11 million illegal aliens who broke our laws getting into this country.

Ted Cruz’s principled and common sense questions pointing out the flaws in the “Gang of Eight” bill is another signal that help is on the way to Representatives Lamar Smith, Steve Stockman, Louie Gohmert and others who are prepared to fight the “Gang of Eight” plan in the House.

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Constitution,Bill Of Rights

Mr. Ted Cruz.  I remember seeing Signs all around Irving ,Tx. just before you were elected. I didnt know who you were at that time.  Now I do!  You are a great senator. I am proud to live in the state you represent. I came from chicago when obama was being elected. The great state of Texas is now my home. I promise to support you and the Constitution till they take my cold hands off my shotgun.


The plain fact of the matter is that border security has been used as a bargaining chip for decades to leverage what would otherwise be dead bills into life. In every case the promise of increased border security has never been followed through on in any meaningful fashion. Even as I type our borders are being furthere erroded by corruption of our BPS personel. The inducements used to persuade those officers to look the other way as drugs, illegals and contraband of every conceivable nature will never be thwarted until the war on drugs is ended.

What is more, allowing 11 million illegals legal status in order to rpovide cheap workers for the right and cheap votes for the left is a recipe for disaster. On the chain migration figures alone allowing these people legal citizenship status will invite a population explosion of well over 100 million in population over the next 20 years. We haven't the schools, the roads, the water, the power grid capacity, the health resources the ANYTHING to deal with that explosion and we certainly do not have the money to upgrade what is there to what will be neded either.

Exploiting 11 million people to keep wages low for the right and voter turn out high for the left is not an American solution to anything good. Until the rest of this nation's workers are back into decent jobs and the debt is under control this whole issue needs to be dismissed entirely.

Ted Cruz has my support!

America is much the better because the wise voters in Texas realized that the establishment's favored candidate was NOT the winning candidate!  I can't get enough of his down-to-earth FACT-based questioning of these government officials who are unused to someone actually holding their feet to the fire instead of allowing their lies to stand uncontested!  GOOD for you, Senator Cruz!  Keep up the good work...We the People are with you all the way!  (and if your path ends at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...we'll be there for you too!)


Another Bush vs Clinton run??  Wow, that is dejavu.........and NOT in a good way!

No more "dynasty" candidates!  I have had it with these yahoos!

Illegal Immigration

The proposed amnesty bill is crazy.  We are not ever interested in letting Homeland Security decide what is adequate for border security.  We want specifically, a fence which can't be breached, together with constant monitoring of some type.  Actually, nothing will stop the inflow of illegals across that border as long as we give them jobs (even though we have 20 million unemployed), free education (in their language), medical, etc., and then give them citizenship while the rest of the world waits their turn. We should not give amnesty to all Illegals and instead develop a plan to return some according to each type of situation.  Their has to be some penalty when they have broken our law.  How much more do you think this country can stand?  You have sent about half our jobs overseas because thats the only way our industries can survive in competition with the rest of the world.  You have developed no plan to correct that situation and instead elect to give the remaining jobs that are available to people coming across the border.  You can't stop drugs, human trafficing, and other crime from coming across the border and you can't even admit that Islam is manufacturing terrorist and our president won't even let our law enforcement use the words or terminology that describes a terrorist.  I am over 80 years old and I have never seen such incompetence in our Government and I have lived from Roosevelt til today.  Can we not fix anything in this country?

Leadership from Texas

Thank God Texas has Ted Cruz to represent not just Texas but the USA! Finally someone to help Paul, Lee and others with a little backup.

Rubio is a sell out and conservatives/Tea Party needs to quite giving him cover!!!!

Rubio's not a sellout ...

... Rubio was MADE by Jeb Bush in Florida. You know who Rubio is BECAUSE Jeb Bush helped him in Florida. In exchange, Rubio will help Jeb Bush get ANYTHING he wants done accomplished.