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Sarah Palin Nails DC’s Elite Media "Assclowns"

The annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner to raise money for its scholarship fund has devolved from a celebration of journalism’s best and brightest into a self-indulgent and self-referential “nerdprom,” where the pale shadow of Washington’s once-proud press corps shills for the media conglomerates that subsidize their mostly money-losing news operations.

Sarah PalinIn spotlighting actresses Rebel Wilson, Sofia Vergara, and Hayden Panettiere, instead of serious journalists who actually break news, Washington’s media elite have, in Sarah Palin’s memorable phrasing, become pathetic and out-of-touch “assclowns.”

Even distinguished liberal journalist Tom Brokaw said “Give me a break” when serial Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan turned out to be the celebrity highlight of last year’s dinner.

Brokaw went on to criticize the Correspondents’ Association for letting Hollywood’s celebrity culture infect the event. But more to the point, Brokaw criticized his former colleagues of the White House press corps for being “just a group of narcissists who are mostly interested in elevating our own profiles…”

What Brokaw said last year, and Governor Palin nailed this year, is that Washington’s media elite are sorely out of touch with their audience out in “flyover country” because they are so wrapped-up in themselves and the urban elite culture inside the Beltway.

And little wonder – thanks to the endless siphoning of tax dollars from the rest of America – the Washington, DC Metro area, where DC’s media elite live, is home to seven of the ten wealthiest counties in the country.

The media elite of the White House press are completely insulated from the reality that, as Sarah Palin put it, “The rest of America is out there working our asses off while these DC assclowns throw themselves a #nerdprom.”

It is hard to imagine such distinguished journalists as Robert C. Pierpoint and Bill Plante of CBS News, both of whom once served as President of the White House Correspondents’ Association, seeing themselves as “nerds” or attendees at a “prom.”

However, such is the self-absorption and vacuity of today’s youth culture-oriented White House press corps that the Twitter hashtag #nerdprom pretty well sums-up how they see themselves.

Then again, Pierpont and Plante probably would not have given President Obama a stroll down a Hollywood red carpet instead of tough questions and hard-hitting investigative reporting on the millions of new welfare and food stamp recipients added to the rolls on Obama’s watch and the intelligence and security failures that allowed the terrorist attacks in Benghazi and Boston.

Governor Palin expanded her commentary on the WHCA dinner in a Facebook post, saying, “Yuk it up media and pols… While America is buried in taxes and a fight for our rights, the permanent political class in DC dresses up and has a prom to make fun of themselves. No need for that, we get the real joke.”

And that real joke is on Washington’s permanent political class, but they still don't get it. As the TV cameras rolled and they strolled down the red carpet, instead of reporting on what Washington is doing to people in Sarah Palin’s America, the audience they have lost touch with was looking at the narcissists on the screen and saying to themselves, “That’s the Washington press corps? There was more dignity at my daughter’s junior prom* than there is among these assclowns.”

*Inspired by Tom Brokaw

If you agree with Governor Palin that DC's inside the Beltway media elite are out of touch with Americans in "flyover country" and that the Washington "nerdprom" was an insult to those Americans who are out there "working their asses off" and suffering under Obamanomics, please sign our letter to the White House Correspondents' Association.

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Indeed she did ...

Sarah Palin's attack on the DC elites is part of a larger fight.

In her speech at the NRA 2013 Annual Meeting, she asks:

“What can we do to nurture and support a people capable of living in freedom?”

Sarah Palin used her speech to not only rally the NRA membership to continue the fight for freedom, but to directly challenge the efforts of President Obama, the Hollywood and media elites, as well as the Washington political class to destroy our freedom.

Governor Sarah Palin Addresses NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

Take the time to listen to her speech. You will find yourself inspired and invigorated to keep fighting for freedom.

Sore losers shaking fists

Sore losers shaking fists from the background shouting into the wind. Humorless troglodytes. 

Don't Impeach Obama--Try him for TREASON

There are several petitions being circulated asking for signatures to have Obama imprached. WASTE OF TIME! The mpeachment process is easy; the trial is a virtual impossibility given the current makeup and sycophancy of the United States Senate. An indictment in the DC District Court is a real possibility. At least, it is a real beginning. Congressman Walter B. Jones of North Caroilina has started the ball rolling. If Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas and Chair of the House Judiciary Commitee does his job, some meaningful judicial action may be the result. At a minimum, a thorough investigation of the Benghazi debacle is a must. There are two notable defendants in that mess, Obama and H. Clinton.

TREASON and High Crimes!!!!!!!!!!!!! without a doubt

Benghazi is key and our closest opportunity to nail Bama and the sacrificial lamb, Hillary.

Sarah Palin's DC Assclowns are Beltway Elite

I don't agree with Sarah Palin's comments that these "DC Assclowns are  beltway elite."  There's nothing elite about homosexuality.  Homosexuals are for the end of Humanity.  They don't reproduce, they have a self imposed "Death Wish" for themselves and Humanity.  They OPPOSE the Natural Order, Natural Laws and the Universal Code, which is, always has been, and always will be, male + female.  If you are in OPPOSITION to the Natural Order, which is the basis for SANITY, then you must be the OPPOSITE:  INSANE.   We have a grossly disproportionate amount of homosexual govern-mental politicians, and that's why we are in a downward spiral.  If you OPPOSE the propriety of the continuation of Humanity, what busines do you have in government or it's systems at all?  Due to the devious, corruptive collaboration of homosexuals, more have become esconced in official positions and have directly contributed to their Negative Destructive Downward Spiral of government and it's institutions.  Their Negative influence can not produce Positive Results, it's geared for Self Destruction; it's the initiation of the "Death Wish."   This 3% of the population is causing quite a bit of Destruction.  If you want the Destruction to continue re-elect them.  If you want to put a STOP to it:     "Vote Incumbents Out!"



run run

Yeh Sarah run, run until you come to the edge of a cliff than jump.


It is a tough choice to make. Sarah will be pillarized at every turn.
I think if she gets the funcing she should go for it as a senator.
We need honesty and integrity in our political candidates.
She has it all and I will support her as best I can. I defended her at every turn of event.
She will take on the issues and stay on point.
I only hope she runs...For the good of the country...

AGREE We need Sarah

Not sure if Senate is best place for her but SHE WILL BE THE BEST JUDGE of the Spirits call to action.  Yes, she would be a great Senator but does that limit her?  She could make a lot of waves and be perhaps more protected from ridicule in the Senate but only if there is no better place Senate above House!!! At least in the Senate there is a later opportunity to be Senate Majority Leader and THAT brings more power to influence in favor of the constitution.