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Letter Urging Marco Rubio to Halt His Support of Amnesty

To: U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Dear Senator:

You've lost our support!

Senator, your support for the Gang of Eight amnesty plan, a bill that is contrary to our conservative values, is evidence that you mislead voters into believing that, if you were to be elected, you would fight for the rule of law and border security and oppose the kind of legislation you are promoting today. 

Whereas, Senator Marco Rubio has disappointed his entire conservative voter base with his troubling push of amnesty for illegal aliens in the Gang of Eight immigration legislation.
Whereas, Senator Rubio has misled the public about the bill's costly and explosive contents, or has not read the bill,
Whereas, Rubio has lost my support by endorsing a "free pass" for illegal aliens -- a policy that is fiscally, culturally, and legally irresponsible. 

Now therefore we, the undersigned, call upon Senator Marco Rubio, to withdraw his support of any legislation granting amnesty to illegal aliens, or suffer the loss of our support in the 2016 election.

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This amnesty plan is a go-nowhere plan. You want your plan accepted.... SECURE THE BORDERS FIRST!!We in AZ have criminals selling drugs in the street... driving without a license OR insurance creating all legal abiding citizens the added expense of extra insurance to pay for them. They steal hospital and medical care, all welfare services (despite loud denials from the illegal organizations) and our taxes are rising faster than a helium balloon. We have a "liar, liar, pants on fire" president who only wants to bribe them with more phones and services for their votes. SECURE ALL BORDERS, STRENGTHEN E-VERIFY, DEPORT ALL EXISTING ILLEGALS, then come with a plan!!! We have to push against them to get basic services PAID BY AMERICANS FOR AMERICANS!!! What about this situation don't you understand????