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Shouldn’t Obama Be Impeached For This?

It is a well-established principle of American law and our society that the government may not single-out citizens for special scrutiny or discrimination because of their race, religion, or political views -- and in some jurisdictions their sex, sexual orientation or “gender identity.”

ObamaIf the United States government singled-out law-abiding citizens going about their lawful business because they were of a certain race, and engaged in oppressive and illegal conduct against them, there would be a concerted effort to remove that government from power – by impeaching the officials responsible if necessary.

Why then are there no calls for the impeachment of President Obama and those responsible for the despicable and illegal, actions of the Internal Revenue Service against members of the Tea Party, “patriot” organizations and Jewish groups?

One might have explained away the lack of establishment media interest in the chilling details of the original revelations that the IRS was targeting the Tea Party and patriot organizations as the usual media double standard relating to all things Tea Party.

Thus, the IRS issuing an “apology” to the Tea Party and the story line that some low-level government employees had been counseled and received some unspecified discipline could be deemed sufficient according to the media’s “no blood, no foul” standard for dismissing complaints of discrimination against those it doesn’t like.

But the revelations that similar, indeed even more abusive, tactics were used against Jewish religious groups takes the IRS conduct, in a remarkably apropos phrase, beyond the Pale.

According to reporting by National Review Online and others, an IRS agent told a representative that the passionately pro-Israel group Z STREET and the applications of some Israel-related organizations have been assigned to “a special unit in the D.C. office to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies.” . . .

Further, as Kevin Williamson reported in NRO, “…at least one purely religious Jewish organization, one not focused on Israel, was the recipient of bizarre and highly inappropriate questions about Israel.

Those questions also came from the same non-profit division of the IRS at issue for inappropriately targeting politically conservative groups. The IRS required the Jewish organization to state “whether [it] supports the existence of the land of Israel,” and also demanded the organization “[d]escribe [its] religious belief system toward the land of Israel”.”

That some low-level government employees might abuse their power comes as no surprise to any American who has to deal with their local zoning, building inspection or business licensing officials.

That there’s a "special unit” in the D.C. office of the IRS to determine whether an organization’s activities “contradict the Administration’s public policies” is not just a shock, but a truly revolution-inspiring disclosure.

Such a disclosure also begs the question, “where does it end?”

Did those who oppose Obamacare, the Keystone pipline, Obama’s green energy initiatives and the multi-billion dollar stimulus bill also get special scrutiny because they “contradict the Administration’s public policies?"

If those who "contradict the Administration’s public policies" got special scrutiny, did those who support the Administration's public policies get special favoritism?

Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight, has said there will be a congressional investigation that will probe who knew what and when, and that’s a necessary first step.

What we want to know is -- what happens after that?

President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and various other members of the Obama administration have raised stonewalling to an art form. If Issa’s investigation shows that knowledge or direction of this Orwellian activity on the part of the IRS reached the White House, President Obama must answer for it -- and impeachment is the correct means of making him do so.

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He should also be impeached for the Libya attack, and Benghazi. We need more Americans on the hill to do it.

Flawed logic

Your logic is flawed. It would mean that I should get away with murder because that last murder trial cost too much. Ludicrous.


Apparently, you have forgotten the ridiculous amount of money which went into the last such stupid and embarassing episode in our history! 


Forget the money, the republicans doen't not have the political muscle to do it, if it was possible there is no doubt in my mind they'd have attempted already. So forget it Obama is in for the duration. Find something else to do your efforts are futile, like howling at the moon.

Get Over It

People, ever since Obama's been president every right wingnut came out of the woodwork. No matter what happens anywhere on the planet "It's Obama's Fault". I have no doubt you'll be calling to impeach him way after he leaves office. I can see right through your facade I call it " RACIAL BIGOTRY ". It's OK you're dying out, a new generation of Americans with alot more tolerance is replacing you. I only wish you would shut-up alteady

Get over it?

You know, I really get tired of hearing you liberals whine about race. Every time a serious matter comes up and corruption is exposed, you want to whine about racism. That's a marxist word, isn't it? These groups were targeted by the IRS and damage was done. This was done during an election when these groups needed their resources to educate the public. Instead, they spent their time and money processing IRS demands. Oh, and haven't you heard? It's always Bush's fault. Obama's too much of a baby to be responsible for anything. You want to hear something racist? OK, Here it is: He's a corrupt black politician just like most other corrupt black politicians. Only there's a hitch. He's only half black. Fact is, the white half is just as corrupt as most other corrupt white politicians! A fine example of a corrupt white politician can be found in Bill Clinton. But Obama's even more corrupt than Clinton. You Democrats can come up with the sorriest excuses for leaders. Your ideas are terrible and lack common sense. They have never worked, anywhere they have been tried. Now you want us to suffer them? You want to call me a racist? fine, then do it. I really don't care. I will oppose stupid ideas wherever I see them. And there have been a lot of 'em coming from this president.


Amen, brother.  It is not about race, religion or creed.  It is about attitude. And O and the Dems attitude is deplorable and un-American.

You have it backwards

You actually have it backwards. If the "new generation" of "racially-oriented" people want what 0 wants, then they will rule this nation in the future. No, wait, they will be the racial majority, but they will once again be slaves, this time to a government of their own race. Poetic justice.


As anyone who has ever had dealings with ANY Federal agency can verify, NOTHING is EVER initiated by a "lower level" official".... These are Civil Servants for Christ sake... they don't even go to the bathroom without checking with a "supervisor"....GUARANTEED the orders for this originated from the White House, the same as the "changes to the talking points" on the attacks at Benghazi originated in the White House....

Is Issa up for this?

Issa is a bull dog but the leadership of the House are a bunch of simpering, doddering cowards. Even if Issa produced a smoking gun showing that orders came down from the chief executive, Boehner and his girls would not do anything about it.

This is why everyone MUST contact their local congresscritter and tell them that they will not vote for them in the primary if they don't get rid of Boehner.  We need someone like Bachmann or some other person with a spine to be running the House.  Right now, Boehner is complicit in these criminal activities and the members of the House need to remove him for this complicity.

Keep Boehner

Surely, it's a typo you don't really mean you want Bachmann. Bachmann is best suited for UFO Magazine because she can come up with good conspiracy theories and it's not a stretch for her.

Issa, impeachment

I totally agree with you, the big problem is that there is no one with the backbone to start the impeachment process. Boehner is to busy Pretending to be speaker of the house & seems to be afraid of Obama  after the  shellacking Boehner took from Obama in his so called past negotiations!!!!