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Petition Demanding Reimbursement for IRS-Targeted Conservatives

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” -- Thomas Paine

The Honorable Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader 
The Honorable John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
All Members of the U.S. Senate Republican Conference
All members of U.S. House of Representatives Republican Conference

The recently revealed illegal targeting of Tea Party and other conservative organizations by the Internal Revenue Service calls for swift action to right these outrageous violations of privacy, free speech, and freedom of assembly.

We the undersigned demand that legislation be immediately enacted to reimburse the hundreds of conservative groups and individuals targeted by the Obama administration's IRS for legal fees and damages caused by this politically motivated scheme. 

Legislation must be passed to not only make these individuals whole for the costs incurred, but to repair the bureaucratic whiplash these political and religious groups endured, and to ensure that this kind of illegal, unconstitutional activity is never allowed to happen again.

We urge you to take deliberate steps to secure compensation for the groups that were victimized by our overreaching, power-hungry employees of the Obama administration. Send a message, loud and clear, that we the American people will not tolerate misuse of government power to persecute law-abiding citizens.


IMPORTANT: Your name, address, and email address help us show conservative demands for action are real. However, providing your 'signature' and information more than once does not increase the impact of the petition. Want to make an impact? PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION WITH YOUR FRIENDS, CHURCH, AND FAMILY! Thanks!

Re: Demanding re-imbursement for IRS targeted conservatives

Really!!!!  More tax payer money spent on "Hurt Feelings", "Harrassment", "The SAME CRAP' that WE ARE PROTESTING!  That is TRULY the mind-set of our REPRESENTATIVES.  Give us TRUE representation.  We WANT LESS GOV'T. INTRUSION.  STRIKE DOWN SOME OF the LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS....We Want less TAXATION....less GOV't Spending!  Less and SMALLER Gov't.!