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Is NJ Governor Chris Christie Thinking About 2016?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is often mentioned as a potential Republican presidential contender. Indeed, some observers think he is the establishment media favorite.

After all, what could be better for them than a campaign season full of Governor Christie’s trademarked tough guy ripostes to hecklers and Jersey “in your face” debate style?
Gov. Chris Christie and Obama
But don’t sell Governor Christie short as just another media created politician.

Behind the tough guy exterior is an incisive political thinker who weighs the odds and the impact on his political future of every decision he makes.

And right now, he has got to be weighing the impact of his choice to replace the late Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg on his chances in the 2016 Republican presidential primary elections.

Conservatives knew what they were getting with candidates like Romney and McCain. It is far from clear where Christie would come down on many issues conservatives think are important.

Governor Christie surely understands that. And he must understand that if he chooses another business-as-usual Republican politician to fill the New Jersey Senate vacancy it will answer a question many conservatives started asking when Christie began to talk about reaching across the aisle instead of standing for conservative principles: Governor Christie may be a brawler, but is he a conservative?

Appointing a conservative to fill the New Jersey Senate vacancy would go a long way toward answering that question – and at the same time, assuaging the concerns conservatives have about his record of campaigning for progressive Republican Mike Castle in Delaware, appointing an Islamist to the New Jersey Supreme Court and his apparent embrace of gun control and the green agenda.

Conservatives don’t always get to choose the Republican presidential nominee, but their support is vital in Republican primaries and essential to a Republican winning the White House.

Even if Chris Christie is not 100% in the conservative camp on every issue, if he appoints a reliable limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the Senate vacancy, it will show he is prepared to work with conservatives in a way that other establishment Republicans -- such as George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney -- never did.

Conservatives must help Governor Christie understand that if he chooses a reliable limited-government constitutional conservative it will help him in 2016 by showing us that he is prepared to walk with conservatives and ready to take action on the things conservatives think are important.

You can help make this point to Governor Christie. Call the Governor’s office (the number in Trenton is 609-292-6000) and invite him to walk with conservatives and urge him to appoint a limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the unexpired term of New Jersey’s senior Senator.

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