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Knock on Doors to BEAT LAMAR: Alexander Likely to Vote YES on Amnesty Bill

Michael Patrick Leahy, co-founder of the BEAT LAMAR project, announced on Tuesday that the door-to-door campaign to canvas Republican primary voters to defeat Senator Lamar Alexander that begins this Saturday, June 15, comes just in time.
Sen. Lamar Alexander
“On Monday, NBC reported Lamar Alexander is likely to vote ‘YES’ for the Gang of Eight bill, which now even its sponsor Marco Rubio concedes will not secure our borders before it grants amnesty to as many as 30 million illegal aliens. This comes as no surprise to Tennessee’s conservative voters, who have long known that Lamar Alexander is no fighter for constitutionally limited government.”

“Everyone knows that Lamar Alexander’s public stance that he is ‘reviewing’ the 1,000 page Gang of Eight bill is mere pretense. Any principled conservative who reads the details of the bill, which contains numerous crony capitalist handouts, is very expensive, and will not secure the border, would immediately and loudly proclaim his or her opposition to it.”

“Lamar Alexander is no conservative. He’s a member of the nation’s ruling political elite, and he wants to keep hold of his power and prestige, no matter what the cost to the people of Tennessee.”

On Saturday, the BEAT LAMAR project will welcome grassroots volunteers to two locations in the state at 9 am for brief training and some door to door canvassing. Project co-founder Leahy will meet volunteers at the O’Charley’s parking lot in Spring Hill, which will be the base of operations for canvassing in Maury County. BEAT LAMAR co-founder Lorie Medina, and Memphis Tea Party activist Lynn Moss will meet volunteers at 10 am in Collierville, which will be the base of operations for canvassing in Shelby County.

“Our purpose,” said Leahy, “is to build a conservative ground game capability that will be ready to spring into action when we find that Ted Cruz style candidate who we know will support constitutional conservative values in the Senate, unlike Lamar Alexander."

"In October, we’ll hold candidate forums in five areas of the state—Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Tri-Cities. We’ll invite any candidate who wants our endorsement to make their case in these forums. Based on the candidate’s track record, personal character, and adherence to constitutional conservative principles, we’ll pick the one candidate who emerges as Tennessee’s version of Ted Cruz, someone who will stand with Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah in the Senate.”

Volunteers interested in obtaining directions to Saturday's meeting locations can text BEAT LAMAR to 90210.

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