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Rubio’s Immigration Bill: Suicide for the GOP

Senator Marco Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” immigration bill will be a disaster for low-skilled American workers.
Sen. Marco Rubio
Blue-collar and lower middle-class white workers were precisely the group that did not show up to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. These were old Reagan Democrats and Independents Romney and the GOP were counting on.

Approximately 8,000,000 white voters who were expected to vote for Romney did not show up in 2012.

Obama won this election by 5,600,000 votes.

You do the math.

Romney could not inspire blue collar white workers to turn out to vote for him because he offered them nothing worth voting for.

Let’s face it — “We did build that” was a really dumb campaign theme.

It appeals to business owners.

But most people don’t own businesses.  Most people are employees.  Most people work for businesses.

The unemployment rate has been hovering around the eight percent level now for four years. The labor force participation rate is at historic (Great Depression) lows because low-skilled workers are too discouraged to look for work.

Among those without a high school diploma, the unemployment rate in May reached 11.1 percent, and for blacks without a high school diploma, it is more than 24 percent.

So now we are about to dump 11,000,000 or more new low-skilled workers into the labor force.

Corporations (Romney’s constituents) love this bill because it means lots of new low-wage workers.

Cheap labor is good for profits, good for the stock market, good for Wall Street — not good for employees and working families.

So the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill just reinforces the stereotype of the GOP as only caring about corporations and the rich — and not caring one wit about working America.

Liberals have very cleverly duped Republican Rubio into being the face of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill. Democrats probably can’t believe their good luck to find a dupe like Rubio to sell their program.

This means the GOP will be blamed when the disastrous reality of this legislation becomes apparent to approximately 100,000,000 blue collar and lower middle-class American workers who should be the backbone of the GOP.

So this bill is political suicide for the GOP for two reasons:

1) The GOP will be punished by approximately 100,000,000 workers on the lower rungs of the jobs ladder for the catastrophic economic consequences that will flow from Rubio’s immigration bill (which is actually being written by the White House); and

2) Does anyone really believe these 11,000,000 to 16,000,0000 legalized illegals are future voters for the GOP?

Of course not. 80 percent of them (at a minimum) are future voters for the Democrat Party.

That’s why Obama and the Dems want this bill so badly.

Obama won in 2012 by 5,600,000 votes.

Add another 7,000,000 votes to his margin of victory and we end up with a permanent one-party socialist state.

The Republicans Party truly is the stupid party.

Make no mistake.  The purpose of this legislation is to create tens of millions of new voters for the Democrat Party 10-15 years down the road.

If this “Gang of Eight” immigration bill passes the House, the GOP deserves to go out of business.

Plus, the GOP’s obvious and open pandering to Hispanic voters is no way to earn their respect or their votes.

Americans of Latino descent (like most Americans) want a strong America and sensible policies that will make America stronger and richer. They will respect us if our policies and programs make sense.

Every poll I’ve seen show the immigration issue well down the list of concerns among Hispanic voters.

Like everyone else, what interests them is jobs and a healthy economy.  Like everyone else, they just want the country to work better.

So why not instead push a smart immigration bill — one that gives preference to people who can bring something of value to the table?

We don’t need more “low information voters” who are looking for welfare handouts and free stuff from the government.

What we always need are more scientists, techies, engineers, doctors, business leaders, and achievers.  Let’s create a brain drain on the rest of the world by encouraging the world’s brightest, richest, and most productive people to move here.  We could target the China’s smartest people.  Incentivize them to move to America.

We did this to Hitler, by the way. We actively recruited Germany’s best scientists (Leo Szilard, Rudolf Peierls, Hans Bethe, and scores of others, many of them Jewish refugees) to work on the Manhattan Project.

But if you have nothing to offer America, you don’t get in.  That’s basically the Swiss immigration policy.

Now that really would help the U.S. economy — and help America become great again . . . because America’s greatness depends on the quality of the people who come here.

We need to have an admissions policy for America that is more like Harvard’s.  American citizenship is not a right.  It’s a privilege that must be earned. You are admitted for citizenship (and quickly) if you can show why you, by  becoming an American, will make America a better, richer, and stronger country.

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This amnesty travesty is a

This amnesty travesty is a game changer: if Republicans vote it into existence: the Republican party will be replaced by the Tea Party; and I'll be with them.
Republicans; are you listening??
It's that serious!!!

Flawed Immigration Bill

I understand Senator Rubio's compassion for those who risk their lives to get here from Cuba, since they are escaping the oppression of Communism and real threat of death were they to be deported once having arrived here, but the rest of those coming here across the border as illegals such as the ones entering from Mexico have been instructed by their Presidente how to go about circumventing our laws in order to get and remain here illegally in the first place and that has got to be stopped since we are a nation of laws and our system must be respected. Does Senator Rubio really want the reputation of all Hispanics to be tarnished because of the illegal behavior of that group? I speak as a native born American with a Hispanic heritage on my grandmother's side where last names include Gimenez and de la Rosa so I understand the desire to support those of our common ethnic background. Part of that support involves enforcing respect to our laws so that our people may no longer suffer such damage by association to our collective reputation.

Immigration Bill

Close the border first, then we talk about a path to citizenship. The bill should have one provision in it at this time, "Secure the border, then write separate bills to process illegals". Today, if a bill passes that contains steps to citizenship, regardless of timelines, liberals like Chuck Schumer will began demanding that illegals must be given the right to vote immediately. Rubio does not understand how liberals operate. To liberals it's not about immigration reform, it's all about generating more Democratic voters. This bill has the potential of destroying the Republican Party as amnesty did to the state of California in 1986. If Texas goes blue the Republican Party is finished.