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Signs Point To Big Support For A Conservative Challenger To Senator Alexander

The results are in from last weekend's canvas by the Real Conservatives National Committee's BEAT LAMAR project -- and they are very encouraging to any conservative contemplating taking on establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.
Beat Lamar
Some 76% of Republican primary voters canvassed in Tennessee by the BEAT LAMAR project on Saturday said they want a conservative candidate to challenge incumbent Republican Senator Lamar Alexander in the 2014 Republican primary. This was the most significant finding when BEAT LAMAR volunteers conducted their first test of state-of-the-art door-to-door voter canvassing technology in two locations in Tennessee—Spring Hill in metropolitan Nashville and Collierville in metropolitan Memphis

BEAT LAMAR co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy worked with volunteer canvassers in Spring Hill, and co-founder Lorie Medina worked with volunteers canvassing Collierville.

“These preliminary results confirmed what we knew already,” said Leahy. “Republican primary voters in Tennessee are conservative, and they want to be represented in the United States Senate by someone who reflects their constitutional views that our republic should be based on principles of limited government."

Leahy cautioned, however, that these preliminary canvassing results should not be considered as a poll. “Our sample size of respondents was small,” he said. “In this test we knocked on 130 doors, and obtained 50 responses to our brief set of questions. What was interesting is that we obtained the same results in two different parts of the state. 79% of Republican primary voters surveyed in Spring Hill want a conservative challenger to Alexander, while 73% of Republican primary voters surveyed in Collierville want a conservative challenger to Alexander.”

“Surprisingly, “ said Leahy, “25% of Tennessee Republican primary voters surveyed told us they did not vote for Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election. Most of those respondents either chose not to vote for President or supported another candidate. Interestingly, one respondent told us he voted for Barack Obama and Lamar Alexander. That’s not surprising, since a 2013 study by Congressional Quarterly found that Lamar Alexander votes with President Obama 62% of the time, more than any other Republican Senator from the South.”

The BEAT LAMAR project provides volunteers across the state of Tennessee with the technology tools and guidance to conduct door-to-door voter canvassing efforts in their own neighborhoods. Volunteers interested in joining the BEAT LAMAR project can sign up at . “Our goal,” said Leahy, is to knock on the door of every one of the 750,000 Republican primary voters in the state of Tennessee before the August 2014 Senate primary election.”

Leahy expressed confidence that a conservative challenger to Alexander will emerge. “Our plan is to conduct candidate forums throughout the state of Tennessee in September. We are confident that a conservative challenger who will stand with Ted Cruz in the United States Senate will receive our endorsement then.”

BEAT LAMAR is a project of the Real Conservatives National Committee, the conservative ground game Super PAC. As an independent expenditure political action committee, The Real Conservatives National Committee does not coordinate its activities with any political candidate.

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Conservative canidate

Please, just make sure you get a true Tea Party type conserviative. Not another Rubio! Please!