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Does Christianity Demand Open Borders For America?

Jesus and Ben Franklin: You Can't Serve 2 Masters

There is an overwhelming body of evidence that strongly suggests that well-meaning members of the evangelical Christian community have been taken-in and duped into supporting the Obama – Rubio amnesty for illegal aliens plan by a sophisticated political operation funded by far-left billionaire George Soros.

The Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) is the leading group urging evangelical Christians to support the Obama – Rubio bill that just passed the United States Senate.

According to research and reporting by Breitbart News, EIT’s controversial $250,000 ad campaign in favor of the Obama – Rubio bill, including the website, (which is a domain purchased by the National Immigration Forum) was paid for by that same George Soros-funded non-profit organization.

But the National Immigration Forum is not the only Soros-backed organization working inside EIT.

As Marjorie Jeffrey reported last week on the Institute on Religion and Democracy's blog, "[t]he [pre-vote] prayer gathering was informally led by Lisa Sharon Harper, Director of Mobilizing at Sojourners."

The founder of Sojourners, Jim Wallis, is a noted left wing political activist who has received significant funding from George Soros's Open Society Foundation in the past. Mr. Wallis is also a member of the EIT leadership team.

What’s more, Sojourners has taken an active role in framing the debate over how to manage America’s immigration policy as one not of government policy, but as one where the Gospel message is being twisted to justify the policy of open borders long-advocated by Soros and other beneficiaries of cheap labor.

Rose Berger, associate editor for Sojourners Magazine, even has gone so far as to pray publicly that "as we stand trembling in awe of your love and your power, let us also convey a holy fear to those in Congress. They have a choice to do what is right. Let them tremble if they choose to do what is wrong."

Despite, or maybe because of, its close ties to Soros money, the EIT has done its best to cover-up the sources of its Soros-based funding, even making a point to put out misinformation about the role of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in funding its controversial ad campaign.

As Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy reported, Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, a member of the Evangelical Immigration Table, and a senior editorial advisor for The Christian Post, spoke with Napp Nazworth of the Christian Post, who reported, "The money for the ads came from Paul Singer, a Republican hedge fund billionaire, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, and other leading Christian business owners, Rodriguez explained."

In response to inquiries from Breitbart, Blair Latoff Holmes, Senior Director of Communications at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce acknowledged that the Chamber has given to the National Immigration Forum for years, but flatly denied giving money to them specifically for the ads, or giving any money at all directly to the Evangelical Immigration Table:   

“The Chamber has contributed to the National Immigration Forum generally, and has done so for years. But we have never given to the National Immigration Forum for ads or given any money to the Evangelical Immigration Table. Whether or not the National Immigration Forum contributed to this ad, I don’t know – you will have to check with them,” Ms. Holmes told Breitbart.

As of this writing, no response or clarification from Rev. Rodriguez or EIT has been forthcoming.

Social conservatives with roots in the evangelical community should take a hard look at the source of funding for the EIT, National Immigration Forum, Sojourners, and other advocates of cheap labor, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens and ask themselves if this isn’t exactly the spiritual dilemma and answer proposed in Matthew 6:24: “No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.” (Aramaic Bible in Plain English ©2010)

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Christianity does NOT demand open borders for America

True Christianity honors the law and honors God in obeying the law. It's time the LIE from Soros and his ilk is exposed! Since when does "love" mean that it's OK to disobey the law? People! Stand up for what is right and honorable and godly! The Left will say we Christians must let all human beings into our country because that is showing love toward our neighbor. Is it showing love to allow people to anger God by breaking the law? How much more loving to tell people the TRUTH! That God has already paid the price for our sin through Jesus and now we are FREE to show our love and thankfulness by OBEYING His laws!

Think about it! What kind of "love" puts our children at risk from terrorists and other law-breakers?