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Amnesty Only A Priority For A Failing President

Obama Latino Rally
As House Republicans gather today to discuss immigration “reform” and amnesty for illegal aliens it is worth examining where these issues stack-up with the average American family and voter.

The answer, according to The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, is not even in the top ten issues – in fact it barely made the bottom of the top twenty issues in Pew’s “The Public’s Policy Priorities for 2013,” ranking at 17 in the top 20 list “priorities.”

Why then would House Republicans be so foolish as to squander their political capital and enrage their constitutional conservative Party base by passing anything remotely resembling the hated S. 744, the Obama – Rubio amnesty for illegal aliens bill that recently passed the Senate.

One reason was suggested by our friend Pat Buchanan in a recent column.

“For a generation, when forced to choose between Middle America and corporate America, on NAFTA, most-favored nation for China, and free trade, the GOP establishment opted to go with the Fortune 500. In the GOP the corporate conservative rides up front; the social, cultural and patriotic conservatives in the back of the bus,” said Buchanan.

In Buchanan’s analysis, “Marco Rubio today leads Senate Republicans in doing the bidding of corporate America, which, in payback for its campaign contributions, wants amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens… Agribusinesses need more peons. Restaurant chains want more waitresses, dishwashers, busboys. Construction companies want more ditch-diggers. Silicon Valley demands hundreds of thousands more H-1Bs — foreign graduate students who can be hired for half what an American engineer might need to support his family.”

Amnesty for illegal aliens and expanding immigration through “reform” of the H-1B visa and guest worker programs are great for the cheap labor wing of the business community, but terrible for the families and future of working Americans.


Of course there is another even more unpleasant reason suggested by a number of CHQ members and one of our guest commentators in the column “Marco Rubio’s Coup d’Etat is America’s Coup de Grace.”

The thirst for raw political power.

In guest columnist Augustus Sinclair’s analysis, “Rubio’s calculus appears simple and is breathtaking in its audacity: Get the comprehensive bill passed as quickly as possible.“

“Marco Rubio will then be in prominence at the bill signing ceremony with President Obama. The establishment media will herald Rubio as the Republican Party’s savior. His image will be on the covers of all their magazines, newspapers and websites. National Poll numbers will show him leading all other Republican contenders for 2016.

"At that moment the shills for the National Chamber of Commerce, the cheap labor opportunists and the inside the Beltway party hacks of the “buy the Hispanic vote” wing of the Republican Party will begin their campaign to neutralize and discredit the outraged conservative base.

"Rubio is really a conservative," they will say. "He's another Reagan! After all, didn't Reagan sign an amnesty bill? And look, he'll erode the Democratic Party's advantage with the Hispanic vote."

That, in Sinclair’s view, is not only a “pathway to citizenship” for tens of millions of illegal aliens; it is also Marco Rubio’s pathway to the White House as the favored candidate of the Republican establishment and the cheap labor wing of the business community.

Finally, of course, there is why Obama is for making amnesty a top priority when the rest of his agenda is crumbling around him.

S. 744 grants vast new powers to the federal executive branch, insulates it from Congressional direction and oversight and brings millions of new clients for the welfare state from illegal ineligible for benefits status to legal eligible for benefits status.

For a Democratic President that has added 10 food stamp recipients to the rolls for every job created during his term in office what’s not to like about S. 744?

Plus the passage of an amnesty bill solidifies the alliance between the Democratic Party and radical Hispanic advocates of the Latinization of the United States. These radical Hispanic groups oppose English as the official language of America and are really attempting to split the U.S. into two separate cultures: one based on constitutional principles and American exceptionalism and the other one based on socialist principles with their basis in the South American and Mexican political experience.

House Republicans must wake-up to the threat to the future of this country and their own political futures posed by the false urgency behind the passage of S. 744 or a similar amnesty proposal.  The real priorities of American voters and their families remain jobs and the economy, neither of which are advanced by caving-in to the demands of the cheap labor wing of the business community or the political ambitions of Marco Rubio and Barack Obama.

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Garbage, garbage, garbage.

Another baseless, untruthful article. Again demonizing the people you don't agree with. You know very well the bill is no panacea, it's a long arduous process that 'll take about 13 years hardly a walk in the park.

I've noticed you're rejecting my last two responses probably because I call you out. If you really believe in what you write you would sign your name all I want to see is the courage of your convictions.

Everything you write has a right wing slant to it.,you're not objective nor unbiased thus it's not credible.
That's why I ridicule your articles you're just a novice.