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IRS Targeting Investigation Creeps Toward Obama White House

IRS Scandal Update
 A few weeks ago Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform defined his investigation into the targeting of conservatives by the Obama IRS this way: “This was the targeting of the president's political enemies, effectively, and lies about it during the election year, so that it wasn't discovered until afterwards.”

As the Obama White House and their allies continue to try to spin their way out of the scandal brought on by the unconstitutional targeting of conservative organizations and individuals, Representative Issa’s dogged investigation has revealed that the facts point toward Obama's political allies at the IRS as the ones who set the targeting in motion and with one of Obama's two political appointees at the agency now in the cross-hairs, the investigation continues to creep closer to the Obama White House.

During a July 18 hearing, Carter Hull, a tax law specialist with 48 years of experience at the IRS, told investigators that Lois Lerner, the former head of the Exempt Organizations division, demanded he send some of the reviews of tea party groups to the IRS chief counsel’s office in Washington. The chief counsel is one of only two political appointees in the IRS.

Ms. Lerner, we should remind you, is the IRS employee who tried to assert her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination after making a statement that she did nothing wrong during one of the Committee’s first hearings on the IRS scandal.

However, the really interesting item to come out of Thursday’s hearing was the confirmation of the involvement of the IRS chief counsel, one of two political appointees at the IRS.

The IRS chief counsel is William Wilkins, whose office was “closely involved in some of the applications” for tax-exempt status.

According to the 2009 announcement of his appointment to the IRS, Wilkins was a registered lobbyist with Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr since 1988. At WilmerHale (the firm's new name after 2003), he was a part of the Tax Practice Group, where he practiced a wide range of tax law services, including “counseling nonprofit organizations, business entities, and investment funds on tax compliance, business transactions, and government investigations.” Before his lobbying career, Wilkins was staff counsel for the Democratic side of the Senate Finance committee, from 1981 to 1988.

It seems very strange and another one of those odd coincidences that seem to surround all Obama scandals that a highly partisan Democratic Party insider would be appointed chief counsel at the IRS just as the Tea Party rebellion was gathering steam.

Even stranger is the notion that one of only two Obama appointees at the IRS was apparently deeply involved in setting-up the criteria for which groups were to be targeted, but there wasn’t any political motivation or consideration behind those criteria.

But the strangest thing of all is the assertion, as Carol Platt Liebau put it in a post on Townhall way back in May, that William J. Wilkins, a well-trained lawyer with a history of counseling 501(c)(3)'s, would have learned of the political targeting of groups and not informed The White House.

We already knew that the IRS Commissioner made hundreds of visits to the White House, we already knew that the White House and top IRS officials mischaracterized who was responsible for putting the targeting in motion as “rogue agents” from Cincinnati, we already knew that hard core liberal Lois Lerner was involved in the decision to target conservatives, now we know that Ms. Lerner overruled the IRS professional staff and demanded that conservative applications should get extra scrutiny AND we now know that one of only two Obama political appointees at the IRS was deeply involved in the decisions about which groups to target and the development of the targeting criteria and that as early as August 4, 2011 Obama's man at the IRS knew of the previous targeting of conservatives and allowed the practice to continue – and indeed it continues to this day.

Despite the spin from congressional Democrats and the White House that the IRS targeting of conservatives investigation is a political witch hunt, Issa is starting to connect the dots and they are leading inexorably toward the Obama White House.

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Lois Lerner

Ms. Lerner certainly didn't think it up on her own and then send out that edict. She got it from someone who probably got it from further up the food chain and so on until it came from the original source. They will need to keep digging.
It's just like the Benghazi business - someone high up the food chain and most likely at the very top of it gave the order to stand down. How many people have the authority to give that kind of order? Huh?

And Mr. Wilkins reported to?

I said right from the beginning that the stacking order for those involved in this scandal had to go through James Messina and David Axelrod before reaching the President. Is there any doubt?