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CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Week 8

It's never too early to start thinking about the 2016 presidential election. While you may change your mind later, tell us who you'd like to see as the GOP nominee this week.'s Weekly GOP Presidential Straw Poll is available exclusively to registered CHQ members. To register, click here. If you are already a member, please log-in by clicking here. You may vote once a week. Review the choices FIRST before adding a write-in candidate as we made additions.

Presidential Poll Nominees Week 7 

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Why is Mike Lee left off the list of possibilities? He has done better as a write-in than several who are on the possibility list. Now there is no option of a write in. If we want to see who might win, we should leave the options open at this point. Surely we don't want to leave the choices to back room leaders and get candidates like we have had. Is there even one conservative wanting to see McCain lead the ticket???

saving our republic

I could enthusistically support any of this weeks top 5, however I'd lean heavily in favor of palin for her experience as a governor and staunch supporter of true conservative values as well as Dr. carson. Any one who saw his speech that demonstrated his character and the backbone to call out with laser focus the error of this administrations direction, while facing the architect of that direction; and without fear of going against the grain of the supposed position of his fellow black americans-- as well as providing well thought out solutions; or at least tremendous starting points for action prove to me that he is a contender.
Ted Cruz is demonstrating his intellect and backbone as well.

If Republicans are serious about winning...

You have one, and only one choice off of this list. And that is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The lessons the GOP needed to learn from 2012 was:

1. Don't shove (and cheat) a candidate through.
2. Don't alienate a major bloc of voters within your own party.
3. Don't let someone without any out-of-party appeal win the nomination, unless he/she truly earned it.

I like Palin, and would likely vote for her. Most of my fellow Ron Paul supporters (aside from the "purists") would at least give her an honest chance to earn their vote. But nro out-of-party appeal.

Paul supporters are likely to at least consider Jim DeMint, but leaving the Senate kind of took him out of people's line-of-site.

Ted Cruz? Has a chance, but he is still relatively unknown. Maybe he's a better down-the-road option if it comes to that.

The rest? Either Paul supporters hate them, or they are too hated and toxic to non-Republicans. So you gift-wrap the election to (probably) Hillary Clinton in 2016. *shusder*

Thanks for the read on Paul supporters ...

...but if they were such a big block, then Ron Paul would have been president in 1988.

And 2008.

And 2012.

Yes, what the GOP did to the Paul supporters in 2012 was reprehensible. As was what they did to Sarah Palin, her supporters, and the tea party.

But Senator Rand Paul has no executive experience. Let him run for Governor of Kentucky and see what the difference is between being one of 100 and being The Man. For reference points on this, See: former U.S. House Reps, Bobby Jindal and Mike Pence.

Senators rarely make good presidents.

It's not JUST the ideology.

It's the ABILITY to execute and administrate.

Representatives and Senators do very little of either.

Which is one of the reasons Ron Paul was never president.

And saying we have "one and only one" choice for president is both fallacious and offputting. You won't win people not already on board the Paul train over with such emphatically extreme statements.

Some Palin supporters act the same way. With the same response from people who aren't already on board the Palin train. Such extreme statements are offputting and unpersuasive.

Remember, for example, how the GOP Establishment browbeat us with the extreme statement that "Mitt Romney is the only electable candidate"?

Were you persuaded by the obnoxious repetition of this meme?

I see by your comment here that you were not.

While Palin is my first choice, I would support some others, such as Jindal, Pence, maybe Perry.

In other words, governors who have proved they can administrate.

Sarah Palin for president

If she will run I am behind her "ALL THE WAY", as far as I am concerned she is the " best one" to turn our country around!! GO SARAH!!!!!!

GO SARAH!!!!!!

Palin/West 2016!