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Will Grassroots Conservatives' Effort to Defund Obamacare Also Take Out McConnell?

Mitch McConnell
The effort to stop the further implementation of Obamacare that Utah’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Republican Senator Mike Lee got rolling is starting to gather steam at the grassroots, with conservative commentator and talk radio superstar Mark Levin, the Club for Growth, Heritage Action and Freedom Works all weighing-in to support of Lee’s effort.

Yet the Senate Republican leadership, especially Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, have been using every behind the scenes tactic they can muster to spike the effort of conservatives to defund Obamacare.

This ain’t rocket science, all it takes, as Senator Lee observed, is for Republicans to vote NO.

"If Republicans in both houses simply refuse to vote for any continuing resolution that contains further funding for further enforcement of Obamacare, we can stop it. We can stop the individual mandate from going into effect," Lee told "Fox & Friends."

Lee’s key point is that withholding money from further enforcement and implementation of Obamacare and would not affect the portions of the law already in effect, including provisions on pre-existing conditions and children being able to stay on their parents' plans until age 26.

Lee’s goal – and it is one we heartily endorse – is to take-out the individual mandate.

"We're talking about the individual mandate, the exchanges," Lee said according to NewsMax. "That's what Americans are afraid of. That's what's causing premiums to skyrocket. And that's what we've got to stop through this effort of don't fund it."

"This movement is going to continue to build because the American people understand the president is not following the law," Lee said. "The American people shouldn't be required to fund it."

"We already knew that Obamacare was going to be unaffordable. Now we know it's going to be unfair as well because the president is rewriting it not just once, but twice, by telling us that he's not going to enforce the employer mandate, but leave individuals on the hook," as NewsMax reported Lee putting it.

What we don’t understand is with a broad coalition of Republican Senators behind the idea  – from longtime Members like Chuck Grassley, to establishment leaders like John Thune, to “boat rocking” conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz – why hasn’t Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell signed on?

The reluctance of the Senate Republican leadership to draw a line in the sand and join conservatives like Lee, Paul and Cruz to stand against Obamacare is even more puzzling when one looks at the results of the latest CBS News poll on the issue.

The new CBS News poll found that more Americans than ever want Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) repealed.

According to the poll, 36 percent of Americans want Congress to expand or keep the health care law while 39 percent want Congress to repeal it - the highest percentage seen in CBS News polls. The poll also found a majority of Americans - 54 percent - disapprove of the health care law, 36 percent of Americans approve of it and 10 percent said they don't know about it.

The poll also found just 13 percent of Americans say the health care law will personally "help me" while 38 percent said they believe the law will personally "hurt me."

Setting aside that it is the right thing to do for the country, those numbers are running two and three to one in favor of Republicans gaining a political advantage by fighting implementation of Obamacare.

No one knows for sure why McConnell, Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson and others are opposed to Lee’s effort, because, as usual McConnell and the Republican establishment are operating from the shadows, using behind the scenes political pressure instead of actually engaging in an open debate based on conservative principles about the merits of the strategy to defund Obamacare, rather than the usual Capitol Hill Republican say one thing, do another culture.

Any Republican, starting with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who chooses to fund Obamacare should be primaried.

Republicans, by voting to fund Obamacare, are putting people out of work, driving up healthcare costs, and hurting families. Republicans are not listening to voters who hate the law if they fund Obamacare.

With 54 percent of those polled telling CBS that they disapprove of Obamacare and 38 percent saying they expect to be personally hurt by the Obamacare law, the advertisements in those Republican primaries, as Erick Erickson said, write themselves.

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Nothing puzzling about it on election day.

Goodbye McConnell

I hope all these obstructionist starting with McConnell go down. I've had enough of do nothing Republicans. They care more about staying in power and their ideology than they do about the American people who are losing economic ground because they hate Obama to the point they'd rather see the American people suffer. They don't care about making it feasible for the dispossessed who lost jobs, health care, homes, savings and so forth to improve their lives.
They spend their time with scandals and bogus issues such as voting 37 times to repeal our new health care plan instead of helping to improve it. So far it's repeal and replace but replace with what ?
You guys in here want us to jump on the bandwagon to repeal Obamacare but you offer no alternative zero nada zilch.
I hope that in 2014 you lose more ground, we need constructive electorates that will actually work in the spirit of cooperation for the betterment of our country and its people. In short you need to die off our country does not need your harsh ideology that ascribes only for the well do at the expense of our dwindling middle class and our working poor.
Stats already illustrate to us the wealth of the rich is growing exponentially while the working class's wages have remained stagnant for about the last 30 years.
In good conscious man is this what you're asking us to help you defend ?