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GOP Threatens to Stop Being The Party of Stupid

Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus recently threatened that the Republicans would boycott any 2016 primary debates moderated by NBC and CNN unless the networks pulled the plug on their plans to air a documentary and a miniseries on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to our friends at The Washington Times, Priebus leveled the threat in separate letters to Robert Greenblatt, chair of NBC Entertainment, and Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide, calling on them to “cancel this political ad masquerading as an unbiased production.”

Priebus said the programming appears to be a “major network’s thinly-veiled attempt at putting a thumb on the scales of the 2016 presidential election.”

You mean it took him this long to figure that out?

The Republican primary season debates are generally baby seal hunts in which liberal reporters and commentators club Republican candidates for President in a ritual Democrats would never tolerate during their nomination process.

Here are some examples of the kind of “questions” Republicans get from the liberal establishment media figures who will be chosen by the networks to “moderate” the 2016 debates:

Back in 2000, Public TV’s Jim Lehrer moderated all three presidential debates.  In the third one, as the Media Research Center pointed out, “a town hall debate, Lehrer approved mostly liberal questions from the ‘uncommitted’ audience. Eight questions came from the left, only two could be counted as conservative, and five were requests for information without an ideological tone.”

In 2011 Republican Michele Bachmann was asked by CNN’s Candy Crowley (who moderated one of the three presidential debates in 2012), "We have a poll where the majority of Americans said you all need to compromise on this debt ceiling, you all need to raise the debt ceiling, and it out to be -- the deal ought to include a combination of tax increases and spending cuts. You are opposed to both raising the debt ceiling and that kind of compromise. So doesn't that put you outside the mainstream?" (CNN’s Candy Crowley to Rep. Michele Bachmann, August 14, 2011 State of the Union.)

And that’s the key to how liberal bias at the debates, and in the media at large works. 

It is not so much that reporters will lie or make up things to make conservatives look bad – it is the premises of the questions and even the questions themselves that accept an underlying belief in liberal policy choices.

It is the old political joke about asking a candidate “When did you stop beating your spouse?” that today has morphed into “Why do you want to starve poor people by sending food stamp programs back to the states?”

Imagine a debate between the candidates for President in which Sean Hannity, Michael Barone and Laura Ingraham asked the questions.

Such a debate will never happen because the Democrats don’t feel the need to pretend that conservative journalists and commentators are “nonpartisan” or to pander to the conservative media the way establishment Republicans feel compelled to pander to the national media.

And lest we forget, in 2007, caving into the demands of, the Democratic candidates for President all pulled out of a debate sponsored by FOX News because of what MoveOn claimed was FOX’s Republican bias.

Conservatives are fed-up with the Republican National Committee handing-over the primary season agenda to the liberals in the establishment media every four years. Anyone who is smart enough to be Chairman of the Republican National Committee ought to be smart enough to see that the way to defeat the Democrats is to avoid letting liberals like Anderson Cooper, James Lehrer, Martha Raddatz, Candy Crowley and Robert Schieffer set the Republican agenda for the 2016 presidential election through the questions they ask during the primary season debates.

All Preibus is doing by threatening to pull out of debates sponsored by NBC and CNN is threatening that the GOP will finally stop being the Party of stupid.

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Hannity, Barone, and Ingraham are not journalists

I disagree with putting forth radio talk show hosts as debate moderators. I agree with having bonafide reporters/journalists do that, and there are plenty on the right who could do so... Chris Wallace, Shep Smith, Major Garrett, Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, to name a few.

Prince Rebus

I blame him personally for the suffering of Americans. There is no forgiveness there. If you are a registered Republican, then you should have equal representation for your choice of candidates without interference from the party.I want him fired. The left will spin this as weak candidates can't answer tough questions and he should know that as well. Republicans do have the right to ask for guidelines such as having an equal conservative to liberal panel, but this man should have known about this before he was the chairman. If the party leader were to at least appear to be magnanimous in accepting contrasting points of views then he would insist that the panel include an independent/other picked by the party. My pick for at least one of the conservative panelists would of course include Allen West. Important questions get asked, ratings go up, almost everyone is happy.