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Cruz and Palin Vie for Top Spot in CHQ Straw Poll

Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin at CPAC 2013
Texas’ limited government constitutional conservative Senator Ted Cruz has surged to within one point of longtime CHQ Republican presidential straw poll favorite former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in this week’s online balloting. (You can cast your vote this week through this link.)

Palin and Cruz now hold the top spots at 32% and 31% respectively, but the real story may once again be further down the ballot, with Utah Senator Mike Lee beginning to book write-in votes, while the notable establishment Republican candidates, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, were once again shut out.

The fact that Christie booked no votes while his recent media nemesis, Kentucky’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Senator Rand Paul, continues to run a strong third to Palin and Cruz speaks volumes about what conservatives are looking for in a 2016 Republican presidential candidate – and it isn’t a candidate who lists “compromiser” among the reason to vote for him.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no doubt Governor Christie is a brawler, but is he a conservative and does he fill a void in a field that must ultimately produce a candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton or some other Democrat?

True, Christie has implemented some conservative policies as Governor of New Jersey, but as we look the record over, like Mitt Romney, another Governor of a liberal eastern state, Chris Christie’s record is one of following a typical establishment Republican path that avoids the larger conservative agenda in favor of business-friendly policies.

In our opinion it is their authenticity as conservative “boat rockers” that keeps Governor Palin and Senators Cruz and Paul at the top of the list of conservative prospects for 2016.

“Conservative authenticity” is certainly an attribute that leaves out establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush, and of course Marco Rubio’s abandonment of limited government constitutional conservative principles to become the face of the hated “Gang of Eight” Obama – Rubio amnesty for illegal aliens bill has made him anathema to most limited government constitutional conservatives.

In our view, the fact that Palin, Cruz and Paul hold down the top of the list of preferred candidates, with limited government constitutional conservatives like Senator Mike Lee, Dr. Ben Carson and Col. Allen West right behind, shows that the voter’s search for authenticity will be the determining factor in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries. As Senator Ted Cruz’s surge to challenge Governor Palin for the lead this week demonstrated, that search is not over.

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Cruz v. Palin

Palin would certainly be an improvement over the current RINO contenders who are eligible and being pushed by GOP so-called "leadership"---i.e., Christie and Jeb Bush. Also, it would be nice for the GOP to gain the distinction of providing the first female [p]resident since the donkeys, no matter what else happens, will lay claim to the first "black" one. Of course, they will never admit that the usurper presently in place was never eligible and therefore is not a legitimate [p]resident. I really do like Cruz, and I think he's done a good job in the Senate, but when will people learn, he is not eligible?  When will he learn?  The status of Rubio and Jindal is similarly clouded, but with Cruz, his dual citizenship status is much more clear. He was not born on US soil; his US citizen mother merely accompanied her then alien husband to work in Canada---the family was not abroad for any military or diplomatic service such as what qualified McCain. So Ted has decided to renounce Canadian citizenship. Sorry, Ted, but the Constitution calls for natural BORN citizen, and you cannot, by an act taken in 2014 change what you were when born 43 years ago! It's a little bit like voting age. If the election is set for November 5 and you turn 18 on November 6, sorry, you can't vote this time. The difference here is that you can vote in the next election, but in Ted's case, he can never change what he was when he was born. Since he has a legal education and has presumably studied the Constitution, at least somewhat, he should know that. Or is he one of these sleazy lawyer types who will twist and distort the meanings of things to get his way? I hope not, because otherwise I like the guy, and this would change that opinion. He would be eligible to any other cabinet office or to serve as ambassador. If he would promise not to run, I'd do whatever I could to get him appointed to the office of his choice. But he is not now and can never be eligible to the top 2 slots.

Palin Cruz.

When you visit with Laura I. on Monday. Be sure to mention that Cruz and Particularly, Sarah Palin, have dominated the polls from the outset. Laura has difficulty accepting Palin as a legit contender It's very petty and small of her and not like the Laura we know. While she often criticizes others for being beltway elitists, when it comes to Palin, she IS one. I can never forget the mean girl bash she and Coulter pulled on Palin on O'Reilly in 2011. Probably on orders from BOR. She will most likely diss Sarah if 2016 comes up. Please don't let her get away with it. She still sees herself as working for BOR and he has vowed eternal vengeance against Sarah because she wouldn't put up with his obnoxious bullying as a guest on his show. The world needs to know about the undying support Palin has.


Love him but NOT Natural Born Citizen.His mother was an American citizen, BUT, his father was Not a naturalized citizen of the USA, at the time of his birth. I find it amazing how "confused" people seem to be re: NBC. BOTH parent MUST be a citizen whether thru birth in the USA or naturalization (immigrants who have applied for citizenship and have BECOME citizens of the USA known as naturalized citizens). in other words both parents HAVE to be full fledged citizens of the USA, at the time of the birth of their child/children. Then that child is considered a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. I think it's clear as a bell in the US Constitution.