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Chuck Norris Takes On Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio and Chuck Norris
Last week we noted that some of the most interesting data in the CHQ 2016 Presidential Straw Poll was to be found at the lower percentile of the poll where potential candidates who were losing support, like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, drifted and where potential candidates who were rising first showed their strength.

Last week’s CHQ straw poll results were no exception to that rule. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, whose advocacy of the Senate’s hated Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens bill knocked him out of the top level of contention in the CHQ straw poll and national polls, was tied with write-in candidate actor and Second Amendment advocate Chuck Norris with one vote in the week’s balloting.

This is a precipitous fall from grace for Rubio, who once led or shared the top spot in the CHQ poll and the national polls with Senator Rand Paul.

It is worth noting that of the top vote-getters in last week’s CHQ poll, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (38%), Texas Senator Ted Cruz (33%) and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (16%), all oppose the Rubio – Obama amnesty plan.

Indeed it looks like of those who booked more than one vote, only Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has said anything remotely supportive of “a path to citizenship” for illegal aliens – every other potential candidate as far as we can tell opposes the idea of amnesty advocated so vigorously by Senator Rubio, and disliked with equal fervor by the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots base of the Republican Party.

As we’ve said many times; in our view, the fact that Palin, Cruz and Paul hold down the top of the list of preferred candidates, with limited government constitutional conservatives like Senator Mike Lee, Dr. Ben Carson and Col. Allen West right behind, shows that the voter’s search for authenticity will be the determining factor in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries. As Senator Ted Cruz’s weekly battle for the lead with Governor Palin demonstrates, that search is not over.

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Chuck Norris

I love Chuck Norris but what/where in this article does he come in?

Chuck Norris

Evidently in the straw poll, Chuck norris is doing better than Marco Rubio.

2nd Paragraph

Read the second paragraph. Chuck Norris was a write-in candidate. Norris got more votes than several establishment GOP candidates. Pretty funny.