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Palin Back in Commanding Lead in CHQ Straw Poll

Notable in their absence from the top tier of potential candidates are the usual establishment Republican suspects – Jeb Bush and Chris Christie -- and Marco Rubio also failed to attract any votes in this week’s voting.

Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz
While the top three vote getters in CHQ’s 2016 Republican presidential straw poll haven’t changed – former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul – occupy the top three spots, Palin has jumped back into a commanding lead in last week’s balloting.

Palin took 41% of the week’s votes, with Cruz dropping back to 30% and Paul taking 17%.

Over the course of the past few weeks the Cruz vote had been growing bringing him to within one point of Palin in the previous week’s balloting.

Rounding out the top tier are two other limited government constitutional conservatives; Dr. Ben Carson and former Senator Jim DeMint, now President of the Heritage Foundation.

Notable in their absence from the top tier of potential candidates are the usual establishment Republican suspects – Jeb Bush and Chris Christie -- and Marco Rubio also failed to attract any votes in this week’s voting.

As we’ve said many times; in our view, the fact that Palin, Cruz and Paul hold down the top of the list of preferred candidates, with limited government constitutional conservatives like Senator Mike Lee, Dr. Ben Carson and former Senator Jim DeMint regularly showing up right behind the leaders, shows that the voters’ search for authenticity and an unshakable commitment to limited government constitutional principles will be the determining factors in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries. As Senator Ted Cruz’s weekly battle for the lead with Governor Palin demonstrates, that search is not over.

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I have been saying since 2008 (or maybe '07)that Sara Palin is the future of politics. Not just the future of Conservative and Republican politics....but ALL OF POLITICS. All of these people polling high up on this poll are part of what "we the people" believe in! You silly Sara-haters need to stop listening to the media or anyone else who claims she isn't smart enough etc... Hillary is the one who has never proven her mental abilities and toughness over all these years. ..and look at the heights she has been pushed to. When Sara has a rally or appears almost anywhere, thousands show up...and MANY thousands of dollars are raised. This is the messege that resonates with a vast majority of people.

Come on folks. Put your

Come on folks. Put your thinking caps on. Palin hasn't a chance with the rest of America. I like her. Conservatives like her but the rest of America can still remember the gaff she made when being interviewed by Katie Couric. She would be great as a Senator. Let's see if we can put her there but not as president. Then we would be guaranteed a loss.
Rand Paul endorsed Mitch McConnell so to me Rand Paul is a RINO.
Ted Cruz looks very good but no as good as
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He brought the state economy back from collapse to growing. He created jobs and a surplus. He stood up to the Unions and he was only the second person in history to be recalled and win the recall.
Pew rated only 11 states as "solid performers" for managing pension obligations. Only Wisconsin had fully funded state employee pension plans. He looks like a winner to me. Scott Walker 2016.


Put any white male up for election as President and see what happens.
Remember this: Definition of a party that can never win - Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Be forewarned!

Now you put your thinking cap on! She's as qualified as any male but you conservative guys will just not read the writing on the wall. Wake up!!!

Fiscally ok. But anti-liberty.

Walker recently encouraged & signed a bill that shut down distribution for small-business craft brewers in the state, as directed to by big corporate Miller-Coors. If anybody cares to check it out, this was the reason why the Republicans formed in Milwaukee against the Whig party in 1830, 20+ years before slavery became a big national issue.

Walker: NO.

P.S. BTW, this business of having TWO Captcha codes and mandatory preview before posting is BS.

New Political Party?

I would really like to end the One-Party System I forsee the Republican Wing breaking off from the Democratic Party and forming a New Republican Party.
We could let Christie, McCain, Snow, Murkowski, and their ilk remain Democrats and elect our own leaders like Palin, Cruz, Lee, Lamborn, Paul, Ryan, and such. The new Republican Party could even accept TEA Party ideas and represent the conservatives in this once great nation.

Skip Ryan

You can put Ryan in with McCain. If you don't think so know you will soon.


What was it that P.T. Barnum said?

Do some research about Palin

She has 20 years of executive experience in the private and public sector.

She has real accomplishments. Unlike Hillary.

Hillary is the P.T. Barnum candidate.

And if she's the 2016 Dem candidate, try running a white male, with or without real accomplishments, and the media will adapt the same playbook they used in 2008:

Vote for the historic candidate!

Be a part of history!

Make history by voting for the first female president!

Be able to tell your kids and grandkids, I voted for the first female president!

Show you're not sexist by voting for the first female president!


Then we need to figure out a way to combat the negatives that you know will be coming from the LSM. you know we have some squishy republican voters and independents that get scared to vote for the right candidate when they start believing the lefts critisism's. that's what needst to be fought. I am for any of the top five. Good to see Jeb Blush, Chrispy Creme and Marco "The Rube" Rubio don't play out.