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Petition Urging Congress to Vote Against Involvement in Syria

To: Members of the U.S. Senate and House Republican Conferences

Urgent Petition to Congress
America Has No National Security Interest in the Syrian Civil War

President Obama foolishly declared a “red line” in the Syrian civil war and now he wants to embark on a military adventure in Syria that is more about saving his political credibility than it is about protecting America’s national security.

Obama’s claims that he plans a “limited strike” with no American ground troops involved is simply not credible as Secretary of State John Kerry and war proponents of intervention, such as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have refused to rule out – or in the past even urged – that America put “boots on the ground” in Syria.

What’s more, Secretary of State John Kerry has now revealed that the wealthy, oil-rich Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are willing to pay for us to fight on the side they are backing – even though there is ample evidence that many of the Syrian rebels are radical Islamists aligned with al Qaida.

Far from being a “limited strike” what is likely to happen if America gets into the Syrian civil war is that the neo con’s long-sought U.S. war with Iran will begin, and our “regional allies,” such as such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, will be sitting in their box seats, cheering us on.

We don’t think the United States should contract out its national security decisions to the oil rich Arab states of the Persian Gulf, the United Nations or anyone else – we should make our own decisions and always act to protect our own national security – and the United States does not have any national security interest in Syria’s civil war.

I oppose any resolution authorizing the use of military force or that otherwise gets America involved in the Syrian civil war. I urge you to vote NO, should such a resolution come before you for a vote.


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