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Tea Party Leading Opposition to War in Syria

No War in Syria Rand Paul
The virtually unanimous sentiment of Tea Party activists appears to be leading public opinion throughout the country in its opposition to American military attacks on Syria reports Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy.

Leahy’s analysis is backed up by National Review’s Andrew Stiles who notes that tea-party-backed Members of Congress,” predominantly from the class of 2010, including Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) and Representatives Justin Amash (R., Mich.) and Thomas Massie (R., Ky.), have been leading the early opposition to the president’s call for action. Representative Scott Rigell (R., Va.), a member of the 2010 class, spearheaded a letter to the president demanding that he seek congressional authorization for any military action in Syria. The conservative group Heritage Action also opposes missile strikes against the Syrian regime” and hasn’t ruled out a “key vote” on force authorization.

Stiles quotes Representative Tim Huelskamp’s  (KS-1) recent statements on war in Syria as indicative of where Tea Party oriented legislators are coming from: “In recent days I have hosted 14 town halls, and the unanimous opinion of Kansans has been clear: Stay out of this quagmire,” he said. “I have seen no evidence of an American national interest in this Syrian civil war.”

On Tuesday, after Speaker John Boehner announced his support for a military strike on Syria following a briefing at the White House, Huelskamp wondered if President Obama could be trusted on the issue. “Since Obama still refuses to tell us the whole truth about Benghazi, why do GOP leaders trust Obama to be truthful about Syria?” he asked on Twitter.

These sentiments were echoed by Mark Kevin Lloyd, a Tea Party activist in Virginia, who told Breitbart’s Leahy that "the Obama administration and some in the Republican leadership seems overly concerned about the president's credibility in the eyes of the world. Both President Obama and Speaker Boehner need to understand they each have the same credibility problems in the eyes of the American people. 

"How can the president be so sure of the situation in Syria, and so clueless about Benghazi? Too many questions, not nearly enough answers."

Republican leaders in Washington, including Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), and Senators McCain (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC), and Corker (R-TN), are supporting President Obama's call for an American attack on Syria, but as Michael Patrick Leahy reported, Tea Party groups around the country are united in their opposition to such military action.

Mark West, founder of the Chattanooga Tea Party in Tennessee told Breitbart News Thursday: "while Americans have come to expect flawed and disastrous foreign policy decisions from the Obama administration, what is alarming is the foolish part that Republicans are playing in embracing and facilitating Obama's latest plan to attack Syria." 

According to West, "what should be painfully obvious to any alert American is that Obama's plan (and now his Republican allies') to launch "limited" attacks into a highly volatile war zone has the strong likelihood of escalating into a broader and protracted war. And if this occurs, Tennesseans will remember the fateful role that Senator Corker and other Republicans played in endorsing another one of Obama's helter-skelter foreign policy initiatives."

On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10 to 7 to support President Obama's call for an American air strike on Syria – with Republicans Robert Corker of Tennessee, John McCain of Arizona, and Jeff Flake of Arizona voting to support Obama. Votes in the full Senate as well as in the House are expected to take place soon. 

Far from being the “extremists” the establishment media likes to portray them as, the reporting of Leahy and Stiles demonstrates that Tea Party activists appear to be leading public opinion throughout the country in its opposition to American military intervention in the Syrian civil war.

With the important votes on military intervention in Syria looming, we urge you to sign our petition to members of the Senate and the House opposing American military involvement in Syria.

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I appreciate the efforts of the t-bags, though I trust you will pardon me if I reveal that I can't help but suspect that they would be opposed to an "Obama war on cancer," and likewise would be in the vanguard of those demanding war with Syria if the election results of 2012 had been different.

War with Syria

Really now, from piece of evidence I've seen and heard, I'm suppose to take the word of those proven to be liars when so much evidence even kept from the citizens by our no longer free press??? I seems much evidence shows the rebels Obama supports behind this use of weapons of mass genocide, and funny it appears that England pulled out, but only after emails were hacked into by two of their defense contractors and made public. These emails were clear of an action taken by the rebels Obama supports, Al queada, as an excuse to blame Assad and give excusse to bring him down. Tell me, where does Obama decide to draw a red line at, he had many chances when the Muslim Brotherhood was in control of Egypt, with Morsi in control who Obama did back regardless of the killing of Christians and those who chose not to be ruled by Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Since our troops have been in Afghanastain supporting that regime, rather than our Constitution, Christians have been murdered to the point that only one percent of the people there, which are Christians, are afraid to speak their faith while NO, yes NO churches or Christian schools remain standing. Those Obama supports are anti Christian and have no problem attacking Christian towns killing anyone Christian, attacking busses and beheading everyone on the bus, 20 passengers of which two were a women and her new born child. While all this goes on, pay attention here in America as he seeks to take those of faith out of our military, and those who own business, such as Hobby Lobby, he seeks to put out of business. If that is not enough, they still cover up the murders on their hands in Benghazi......

hypocrisy on both sides

...but it is nice to see the Republican core buck the neo-cons and go back to traditional values ... like isolationism.

Ironically, this should be a UN matter...or the Mossad and Israeli AF could always do our dirty work. The US though should not be involved directly (Black ops are optional) in the middle anymore

The only argument that is convincing in why we should be involved at all is because the US, France, Germany, Italy etc. brought chemical weapons and WMD to the region (Iraq) in the 80s. As your mom used to say - "Clean up your own mess!"