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Common Core: Another Elite vs. Grassroots Fault Line

Jeb Bush Supports Common Core
The major fault line in politics today is not Republican vs. Democrat. It is big government elite vs. the constitutional conservative grassroots, and few issues define that fault line better than the fight over “Common Core” education standards.

The elite promoters of Common Core, such as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, dismiss the critics of Common Core as “comfortable with mediocrity.”

The parents, taxpayers and conservative educators who oppose Common Core ask if Common Core is so great why was there no public input before the standards were adopted and they are opposed to an approach to education that only looks at children “in terms of tracking, alignment, workforce and human capitol,” as activist Alyson Williams put it.

These local education activists, parents and taxpayers are also opposed to making their local schools part of the Obama surveillance state by contracting out to private companies a vast data mining operation on their children in the name of education.

Local Republican Party organizations and Tea Party groups have now begun to enter the fray and what was a lonely quest by a few concerned parents and conservative educators has begun to gather steam as a great grassroots movement to take back local control of schools from the federal government and their corporate cronies who not only wrote the Common Core standards, but stand to make billions of dollars from their adoption.

In Florida opposition to Common Core means opposition to former Governor Jeb Bush and his powerful allies still in government, but local Republican leaders are one-by-one choosing to oppose Common Core.

According to The Miami Herald, the Republican Party of Sarasota County launched an anti-Common Core petition last month, and individual party leaders, including Leon County GOP Chairman Bradley Maxwell, have added their names to a sharply written letter urging state leaders to dump the national benchmarks.

Now the Miami-Dade Republican Party has just passed a resolution opposing Common Core as an unconstitutional “inappropriate overreach” by the federal government.

Even though that means opposing former Miami-Dade GOP Chairman Jeb Bush.

Activist Pam Evans, who helped propose the resolution (download the resolution here courtesy of The Miami Herald), appealed to Republicans to vote their conscience and buck their party leaders if need be.

“Is party more important than the education of the children of the state of Florida?” she asked. “Is loyalty to its lead promoters – Jeb Bush and the rest of the Republican leadership -- so cemented that we will be whipped into one mindset and put party over principal?”

Emphasizing reading and math are fine, but we don’t think that creating an army of drones for big business is what American education should be all about. 

We agree with Common Core opponents, such as Alyson Williams of Utah and Pam Evans of Florida in their opposition to the State Common Core Standards. 

“Obamacore” is a socialist approach to education, and it is outrageous that the federal government would demand that in order for states to qualify for federal grants they have to comply with standards created without public input by an unelected third party.

We believe that equipping students with the knowledge necessary to become engaged citizens should be the top goal of our education system. Local school authorities setting standards and responding to voter demands for student competence in subjects such as citizenship and American history, as well as reading and math, are the best ways to accomplish that goal.

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Common core

To teach that wrong is right is nothing more than a MARXIST CLAP TRAP! If the kids cant read, write and add, subbtract, multiply and divide, then they will never be independent to make proper decisions and provide for themselves and a family. To say that 4 time three equals eleven is totaly nuts and wrong. What if all the engineers were educated like common core wants then when they sent the men to the moon they would still be in outer space for ever and not on the moon! So DOWN WITH THIS FOOLISH IDEA, and to heck with the BUSH' and all like minded political money boys like Bill Gates and George Soros! All they are looking for is a bunch of dummies for their COTTON FIELDS AGAIN!

Something changed since I was in school here

The kids today view history as stuff that happened and has no value in today's modern society. When this attitude or mindset is backed by the federal government, it is the true prelude to socialism. Everything has already happened, and will repeat itself if allowed. Any good history teacher will tell the students to learn the book in it's entirety, but remind them that history is written by the conquerors. This leaves room for debate, and debate sparks interest from the student. The truth then becomes a true mystery to be solved. The biggest obstacle for modern kids in Florida today is not taking any FDA approved pills. One pill and 99% are hooked for life. This was instrumental not only in the ruination of family businesses, but in the complete takeover of the illegal alien workforce. This strategy was commonly used by the Romans in the far flung reaches of their empire. They would use an enemy as extra army, conquer, then as part of the deal let the invading force live in the occupied land. The loss of culture left the original inhabitants without anything to fight for. They teach the same thing in West Wing today. We need a Boxer Rebellion here.

Great article

Forward to parents I know.