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YOU Will Pay 80% of ObamaCare Costs for Your Congressman

Bill Pascrel
As much as Democrats and establishment Republicans (but we repeat ourselves) hate to admit it, the crucial issue in resolving the impasse that created the current federal government “slimdown” isn’t about the budget and spending.

It is about the culture of elitism and the granting of special privileges to special interests that has become the hallmark of the Obama years.

Washington under Obama has become the capitol of a Third World country in which the elite don’t have to follow the law – or get a free pass when they break it – and the government itself is the greatest lawbreaker.

The failure to enforce our country’s existing immigration laws, Obama’s regular dismissal of the Constitution and all the carve-outs, subsidies and special favors in ObamaCare are just a few examples.

And the lawmakers – who are among the greatest lawbreakers – lie about it when they are caught or called-out on it.

Witness the appearance last night on FOX News commentator Sean Hannity’s program of New Jersey Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrel.

Hannity opened the segment by saying members of Congress can get a 72 percent subsidy for their health insurance under Obamacare that regular Americans cannot obtain.  (Actually it is 80%) He then asked Pascrel if he wanted to defend the congressional subsidy.

Pascrel said members of Congress get no such subsidy and Hannity shot back in a raised voice, "You're getting special perks and special breaks for yourself, so cut the crap and stop lying to the audience." 

It went downhill, or got better, depending on your point of view, from there. 

(You can see the whole thing on the Fox website through this link.)

However, you don’t have to take Hannity’s word for it about the subsidies for Members of Congress and their staff – but you should probably believe the Chief Administrative Officer of the House.

As The Hill and Cathy Burke of NewsMax reported, Congress members and their staffers will indeed have to go to the Obamacare exchanges to get insured.

The Office of Personnel Management notified Congress to choose from gold-tier plans — the generally more expensive of the options — which are the only ones eligible for government subsidy, The Hill reported Thursday.

Under the gold-tier option, policyholders have to pick up 20 percent of the costs, with 80 percent of the expenses covered by us – America’s taxpayers.

A fact sheet distributed by the Chief Administrative Officer of the House also makes note that, “All Members of Congress, including representatives of U.S. Territories, and their designated staff will be required to purchase health insurance via the DC SHOP in order to receive a Government contribution.”

Here’s the link to the fact sheet courtesy of The Hill.

All of this becomes effective on January 1, 2014, so Pacrel may have been telling the truth in a Bill Clintonish “It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is,” sort of way, since right now today he isn’t getting an ObamaCare subsidy. However, in a few short months he will have 80% of his health care insurance costs covered by the American taxpayers – unless We the People rise up and demand an end to ObamaCare and the carve-outs, special favors for insiders and special interest elitism that are part and parcel of this corrupt law.

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Right now today...

Each congressman, congressional staffer, and White House staffer gets an "employer contribution" toward their premiums identical to the proposed "subsidy" for ACA. They are not asking for anything more than they have now, now will they have different standards than other employees. The proposals being debated are to bring their benefits in line with other American employees not working for the Federal government. This is a bogus argument, refuted time and again, as part of a bogus debate. It's irresponsible to keep repeating this obvious untruth, and it hurts the conservative cause.